Remembering Enzo Ferrari

Posted: 13.08.2015
Source: Ferrari

Sergio Marchionne and Piero Ferrari remember Enzo Ferrari on the 27th anniversary of his passing

Maranello, August 13th – It was on the 14th of August, 1988 that Enzo Ferrari passed away. 27 years following his death, Ferrari Chairman Sergio Marchionne and Enzo’s son and company Vice Chairman Piero Ferrari made the following remarks.

Sergio Marchionne:
“27 years have passed since Enzo Ferrari left us, but his principles and teachings are as strong and relevant as ever. His determination to face life’s many challenges, courage to take risks and go against the grain, the avid curiosity that lead him to continuously innovate…these are but a few examples of how his spirit still guides the people who work at Ferrari every day. For me, his legacy is a constant point of reference, an impetus to continuously improve.
In the course of my career I have had the privilege of meeting important figures from various worlds, from politics, economics, finance and industry. I have met people who had the strength to persevere , to turn their dreams into reality and witness those dreams become the aspiration of many. All these people shared a special strength, the capability to see beyond the horizons of ordinary people and invent something before others could even conceive it. Enzo Ferrari was one of these very rare, extraordinary people, for whom nothing is impossible.
This is also why I am certain that if he were with us today, Enzo Ferrari would appreciate the effort we are making to create an even more modern Ferrari, and he would share the fighting spirit with which, each day, we work to get the Scuderia back on top. His is an important legacy, but it is by no means a burden when approached with the same passion and desire to excel that characterized the entire life of our founder.”

Piero Ferrari:
“It is never easy to openly share such a personal anniversary as the passing of one’s own father.
Yet still, I always do it gladly, because every day people from all over the world contact me to let know how important Enzo Ferrari was to them. And I am not just referring to clients or fans, but people who never had any dealings Ferrari at all, whose lives have been inspired by my father’s courage and his ability to pursue his objectives. For me he was all that and more. There was a lesser known side to him, reserved for his dear ones, a generous and understanding side that he transmitted to me each moment of our lives. Every day I am proud to be Enzo Ferrari’s son, and with my work and dedication to my family I hope to live up to the precious principles that he taught me.”