Ferrari reveals its latest bespoke one-off: The SP 275 rw competizione

Posted: 21.12.2016 Source: Ferrari

Maranello, 21 December 2016 – Designed under the direction of Ferrari’s Styling Centre with the collaboration of Pininfarina, the latest Ferrari one-off model, the SP 275 rw competizione, is built on the chassis of the F12berlinetta but equipped with the more powerful V12 engine and gearbox from the limited-series F12tdf. Drawing inspiration from the 275 GTB, one of the most iconic front-engined V12 berlinettas of the 1960s, the SP 275 rw competizione features a thoroughly modern interpretation of some of the themes that give the 275 GTB its berlinetta connotation, such as the quest for the ultimate balance in proportions and the pure and curvaceous surface treatment. The stance of the car, particularly in the muscular transition from the rear three-quarter panel to the wheelarch was carefully refined with a slightly wider track to express potency over the rear wheels and confer a rakish attitude. The characteristic front engine-bay vents of the 275 GTB are an evident styling cue, as is the adoption of the triple louvres in the three-quarter panel in place of the F12berlinetta’s B-post quarterlights. The louvres on the rear bumper, together with the pronounced nolder on the tail and milled aluminium fuel filler cap, recall instead the special competition-developed 275 GTB (chassis number 06885) that won the GT category in the 1965 Le Mans 24 Hour race, coming home an impressive third overall behind the winning 250 LM. The yellow paint scheme is also a tribute to that 275 GTB, echoing its Ecurie Francorchamps team colour. The front features a closed perimeter Ferrari grille with a prominent yet smoothly integrated bonnet bulge, while the slim, vertically-stacked headlights and forged 20” alloys are unique to this car.  

Ferrari Christmas, a time to look ahead

Posted: 19.12.2016 Source: Ferrari

President Marchionne: “The team is giving its all” Maranello, 19 December – “The team is giving its all and has a great will to win.” The words of President Sergio Marchionne rang out in determined fashion in the room that hosted the usual Christmastime meeting with the press. “We have restructured and I prefer to look to the future in a different way. I don’t regret the choices made, they were well thought out, so there’s no need to change ideas.” At the end of a season that was far from easy, the bosses at the Scuderia are, above all, thinking and looking to the year to come. “There are still many things missing,” added the President, “but the team is the team and it was put in place over a period of years and we’re not about to change it now. Our working practice is already different to what it was back in August, which is when Mattia Binotto took over the reins. The organizational change was also partly made to bring some calm. Put in the work and the results will come.” Team Principal, Maurizio Arrivabene echoed the President’s sentiments. He thanked the Prancing Horse fans – “you have been very patient and we will do our utmost not to disappoint you” –  and in replying to questions from the journalists, he immediately dismissed those who would describe Sebastian Vettel as being “demotivated.” “With Vettel and Raikkonen we have two world champions on our books. Sebastian was here yesterday, working in the simulator and he repeated the fact that he wants to win with Ferrari. It’s up to us to give them a car capable of doing that.” And on the topic of that 2017 car, which will be officially launched on 24th February, it was the turn of the Scuderia’s Chief Technical Officer, Mattia Binotto to say a few words. “There are so many changes to the rules relating to aerodynamics. We will see cars that are much quicker through the corners, under acceleration and in braking. There is nothing to say that we here in Maranello cannot build such a car…It’s just a matter of time. What we lacked on occasions this year was the ability to react quickly. We must be able to introduce new solutions before the others do.” And with that goal, the work does not stop, not even during the holiday period.  

Giovinazzi to be Ferrari’s third driver

Posted: 19.12.2016 Source: Ferrari

Scuderia signs an agreement with 23-year old Italian driver Maranello, 19 December – Scuderia Ferrari announces that it has reached an agreement of cooperation with driver Antonio Giovinazzi. Following such agreement, Giovinazzi will take on the role of Third Driver of the Scuderia in the 2017 season. Giovinazzi was born in Martina Franca (Taranto, Italy) on December 14th, 1993.      

Ferrari 50 Year Anniversary Japan Finale

Posted: 13.12.2016 Source: Ferrari

Special celebration with a Japan-only bespoke model, Ferrari J50 2016 marks the 50th year since the first Ferrari was officially registered in Japan. To celebrate this milestone, a series of special events have been held this year including Ferrari Racing Days, Hokkaido Rally, Osaka Riverside Party and International Cavalcade. To wrap up this momentous year, “Ferrari 50 Year in Japan Anniversary Finale” was held at the New National Art Museum in Tokyo and over 300 passionate VIP guests attended the exclusive event. At the entrance to the venue were displayed a 275GTB , which was the model that this anniversary celebrates the importation in 1966 of, as well as a GTC4Lusso, the latest 12-cylinder model introduced in 2016. Facing them was a row of all the other models in the current lineup that warmly welcomed the guests. The highlight of this Finale event was the unveiling of the J50, a new limited edition model – the first Fuori Serie model developed specifically for Japan. The J50 is said to have been designed with the notion of futuristic, exotic and unique in mind. Among the limited edition models it has unveiled to date, this is clearly the one with the most fresh styling and might serve as the blueprint for future Ferrari designs. This finale event was an appropriate climax to a year packed with special events, and left the audience excited about the future of the brand.  

World Premiere of the Ferrari J50

Posted: 13.12.2016 Source: Ferrari

Tokyo, 13 December 2016 – During a special celebration held at the National Art Center in Tokyo to commemorate the 50th anniversary of Ferrari in Japan, Ferrari revealed  a new strictly limited series of bespoke cars, the J50. The Ferrari J50 is a two-seater, mid-rear-engined roadster that marks a return to the targa body style evocative of several well-loved Ferrari road cars of the 1970s and 1980s. Designed by the Ferrari Styling Centre team in Maranello,  just 10 examples of the J50 will be built and, in the spirit of Ferrari’s fuori serie tradition, each one will be tailored specifically to the customer’s requirements. Based on the 488 Spider, the J50 is powered by a specific 690 cv version of the 3.9-litre V8 that won the overall International Engine of the Year Award this year. The bodywork is all new and heralds a radically futuristic design language, with a highly distinctive personality that suits the tastes of a clientele that seeks the utmost in innovative styling. The design approach was led by the desire to create a very low-slung roadster, encapsulating intrinsic Ferrari values of nimbleness and agility. To achieve this, a strong dynamic was imprinted on the flank of the car by the converging interplay between two main guiding lines: the slanted top edge of the side window, continuous with the windscreen, and the raked black swage line which dramatically rises from the low-set nose until it vanishes in the air intake aft of the doors. While the “helmet visor” effect, which spawns from the window graphic, is reminiscent of Ferrari’s open competition barchettas going as far back as the 1950s, the black dividing line is a novel interpretation of a recurring Ferrari styling cue seen on iconic models such as the GTO, F40 and F50. Circling around the front of the car below knee height, it is a key element which alters the perception of the beltline, setting it at a much lower height than usual, transforming the J50 into a barchetta. The bonnet section is lower at the centre with raised wheelarch crests giving the emphasized muscularity typical of Ferrari mid-engined sports cars. Two carbon-fibre air channels in the front bonnet create an even more diminutive and sharper looking front mass underlined by the full LED headlights that feature a specific and very dynamic profile. The J50 benefits from detailed aerodynamic development with a number of significant functional solutions. Firstly, the radiators have been positioned closer together, and the front bumper has been completely redesigned. The windscreen header rail has been lowered allowing more airflow over the aero foil and thus over the rear spoiler. The sophisticated tail section is dominated by the artful interplay of graphic design themes and three-dimensional elements. The engine is framed by a transparent polycarbonate cover which is intricately shaped to provide a visual extension of the two separate roll hoops protecting the heads of driver and passenger. A transverse aero foil projects as a bridge between the hoops, effectively revisiting one of the most distinctive features of Ferrari sports prototypes of the 1960s. The rear is decidedly aggressive in nature, with the quad taillight design widening the car visually under a high-downforce wing profile. The rear diffuser features an extractor shape inspired by jet engine afterburners, giving the car a powerful stance. 20” forged rims of unique design were crafted specifically for this limited-edition model. Inside the cabin, specific trim adorns the sports seats, echoing the design of the rear bonnet contour to provide a unmistakable signature feature. The carbon-fibre hard targa top is divided into two pieces which stow conveniently behind the seats. The J50 presented at the launch in Tokyo is finished in a special shade of three-layer red with a red-over-black interior trimmed in fine leather and Alcantara.  

Finali Mondiali – A perfect end for the Daytona event

Posted: 04.12.2016 Source: Ferrari

Daytona, 4 December 2016 – The first edition of the Finali Mondiali ever organized in the United States ended with the exhibition of the Scuderia Ferrari drivers, Kimi Raikkonen and Sebastian Vettel. The Daytona track provided a perfect setting and the almost 140 Ferraris that took to the track on the final day made for a unique atmosphere at the legendary Florida circuit. Success for the auction. Celebrations had begun on Saturday evening, when the biggest parade of Ferraris ever seen on an American track took centre stage, with more than 800 cars driven by their owners. This spectacular moment followed the dinner where CEO Sergio Marchionne, after greeting clients and enthusiasts, invited those in attendance to the charity auction for a unique LaFerrari. The car was sold for the record amount of 7 million U.S. Dollars that will be used for a reconstruction project in the area of central Italy that was struck by the earthquake. “This result reveals the generosity of our clients”, commented Sergio Marchionne. The importance of USA. Speaking at the end of the press conference of the two Formula 1 drivers, Chairman Marchionne expressed his satisfaction with the Daytona event: “It is no coincidence that the Finali Mondiali were celebrated in the United States. The U.S. is the single largest market for Ferrari vehicles. It’s about time we came here and celebrated with our American customers and fans. This is a phenomenal set-up at Daytona, a great track. I think we need to find a way to make our presence more permanent here.” Meeting with the journalists, Sergio Marchionne also spoke about Formula 1, analysing the team’s situation: “I think the change in August represents the beginning of the refounding of our sport management. We need to give the guys time: they are working very well and we will see what they bring us, but I believe this is the solution. I have utmost faith in Mattia Binotto, for what he has been able to do in his career with Ferrari and what he is doing now managing the technicians. Remembering 1967. After the meeting with the journalists, Kimi and Sebastian provided a show behind the wheel of the two F60s, demonstrating blinding starts, lightning fast pit stops along with the Scuderia mechanics and of course the traditional burnouts. Before returning to pit lane, the two drove side by side over the finish line in a tribute to the famous parade finish of the three Ferraris at the 1967 24 Hours. The show opened up with a tribute to the Prancing Horse’s other achievement at Daytona in 1998 when the F333 SP was the first to cross the finish line. Seven of these cars paraded on the track to the excitement of the American fans who saw them win so many races in the mid-nineties. Then it was the GT drivers’ turn at the wheel of the 488 and 458 Italia machines in which Christina Nielsen also lapped, newly crowned winner of the IMSA championship in the GT-D class with the 488 GT3. The Challenge. The three Ferrari single-brand world championship titles had already been awarded respectively to Carlos Kauffmann, of team Ferrari of Ft. Lauderdale in the Pirelli Trophy, Sam Smeeth (Stratstone Ferrari) in the Pirelli Pro Trophy and Thomas Loefflad in the Shell Cup (StileF Squadra Corse). The F1 Clienti and Programmi XX clients were also back on the track for the final sessions, once again giving the fans the thrill of seeing in action so many of the single-seaters that have characterized recent years in F1, as well as the powerful FXX K machines, boasting more than one thousand horses and a very sophisticated hybrid technology derived from Formula 1. In 2017, the World Finals will return to Italy at Mugello, but the drivers, enthusiasts and fans will long remember the first American edition of the event organized on the legendary circuit of Daytona.  

Ferrari Challenge – Kauffmann, Smeeth and Loefflad world champions

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Daytona, 4 December 2016 – Sunday offered the fans the perfect end for the Ferrari Challenge at the Daytona Finali Mondiali with the two races that decided the world title providing excitement and a show in all three classes. In the end, the titles went to Carlos Kauffmann (Ferrari of Ft. Lauderdale), Sam Smeeth (Stratstone Ferrari) and Thomas Loefflad (StileF Squadra Corse). Trofeo Pirelli. The most exciting race was the Pirelli Trophy, with one surprise after another. Immediately after the start, John Farano triggered an accident that forced race direction to send out the Safety Car. At the restart, Carlos Kauffmann held onto first place, but Bjorn Grossmann and Fabio Leimer wasted no time hunting him down with the 458 Challenge EVO of team Octane 126. About ten minutes from the end, Grossmann managed to overtake Kauffmann and soon afterwards it was Leimer’s turn, although shortly thereafter the Swiss driver was forced to retire by a puncture. In the last lap, the same misfortune befell Grossmann who, already anticipating the taste of champagne, was therefore forced to hand the victory over to Kauffmann. Second place went to Wei Lu, with Ferrari of Vancouver and third to Italian driver Marcello Puglisi (Rossocorsa). Pirelli Am. In the Pirelli Am Trophy, Sam Smeeth completed the job, bringing home the world champion title in addition to the European title. The team Strastone Ferrari by FF Corse English driver was unrivalled and even finished in third place overall. Smeeth finished ahead of the Swede, Martin Nelson (Scuderia Autoropa), who was therefore able to redeem himself after the disappointment caused by the puncture in Race-1 on Friday, and Russian driver, Vladimir Atoev (Motor Service) who confirmed the talent he had already demonstrated in the Sochi and Jerez de la Frontera races. The SMP Academy student denied the satisfaction of the podium to Chinese driver, Huilin Han (CTF Beijing), who still drove a great race. Coppa Shell. There was no lack of excitement in the Shell Cup as well, with a unique show on the 31-degree banked parabolic turns. The race was livened up with a three-way duel between Rick Lovat, European champion Thomas Loefflad and Czech driver Vladimir Hladik. Lovat, Saturday’s winner, tried everything to overtake Hladik until the Baron Service driver succeeded in exploiting a mistake made by Loefflad to pass him. Shortly thereafter, however, Hladik also made a mistake, allowing his rivals to overtake him. At that point, the Czech driver mounted a comeback that led to overtaking Lovat again and move into Loefflad’s slipstream. An accident involving Holger Harmsen forced race direction to send out the Safety Car, ending the race. Rick Lovat won the Gentlemen’s Cup, with the Ladies’ Cup going to Corinna Gostner, in twelfth place overall and as on the ball as ever throughout the weekend.  

Two worlds meet in Daytona

Posted: 04.12.2016 Source: Ferrari

Scuderia Ferrari brings F1 to the most famous tri-oval on the planet Daytona, 4 December – The howl of a Formula 1 engine on the banking (which reaches a maximum incline of 31°) at the World Center of Racing, is something unforgettable. Especially when it’s the first time that these two worlds have come together as part of the Finali Mondiali. For Kimi Raikkonen and Sebastian Vettel, Daytona was a whole new experience. They couldn’t wait to get on with it, looking forward to the fun of taking to the track with their respective F60s. They discussed it first with their GT driver colleagues and then, in almost summery conditions for December in Florida, they went through the usual routine of the season just ended, putting on their gloves and helmet before heading out on track, running around as a pair and then pitting to change tyres. It was a demonstration run for this American crowd that has always been so important to the Ferrari marque. It was a way of bringing to a close among friends, a Formula 1 season which, in all honesty did not live up to expectations. But the groundwork for a comeback is already in place. “We all felt bad about it” admitted Seb. “We wanted to win, but we didn’t reach our goals. However, I have reasons to believe that in 2017, we will have a much stronger package.” According to the Team Principal, the first steps on this comeback trail were taken a few months ago. “Our 2017 began last August with the major change on the technical front” commented Maurizio. “People expect a lot from Ferrari, wins and success, therefore we will do our utmost to achieve that. Ever since the new structure was put in place, with a great engineer like Mattia Binotto in charge, we have seen positive signs, as in Japan and Abu Dhabi. I am not going to make any predictions, but I know the guys are working very hard and all pulling together.” When it came to predictions for 2017, Kimi wasn’t prepared to commit himself either: “There is a change to the regulations next year and it’s hard to say who will make the best of it. We have to concentrate on ourselves, because when you are called Ferrari, the expectations are very high.”  

166 MM Barchetta, Chassis no 006, wins overall “Best in Show”

Posted: 04.12.2016 Source: Ferrari

Inaugural Ferrari Classiche Concours at the Finali Mondiali, Daytona International Speedway 04 December, 2016 – Daytona, Florida. Ferrari was honoured to hold the inaugural Ferrari Classiche Concours at the Daytona International Speedwayduring the Finali Mondiali this weekend – the first time for this incredible event in the USA. With 73 of cars entered into the Classiche Concours, the standards were extremely high under IAC/PFA guidelines, with many very rare and special cars on display, such as a 330 P4 Drogo Spider which won the award for “Most Historically Significant Ferrari”. The award for the “Most Elegant Classiche Certified Ferrari” went to a beautiful 1957 250 GT Cabriolet Pinifarina Spider Series 1, while the award for ” Best of Show Ferrari Classiche Preservation Award” went to an outstanding 1972 365 GTB/4 Daytona. Two different Ferrari 400 Superamericas each won an award: a 1961 Pininfarina Cabriolet won the “Best of Show Ferrari Classiche Road Ferrari” and a truly exceptional Pininfarina Aerodinamico only 400SA alloy body, also of 1961, which won the “Best Concours Prepared Classiche Ferrari”. The “Ferrari Classiche Enzo Ferrari” award for the overall “Best in Show” went to long-time Ferrari collectors, Brian and Kimberley Ross for their pristine and seductive 166 MM Touring Barchetta of 1947, chassis no. 006. And fellow Ferrari collector, Phil Bachmann won the award for “(Spirit of Show”), for having brought an amazing (12) cars from his Ferrari collection.  

Ferrari unveils the 488 Challenge at the World Finals in Daytona

Posted: 04.12.2016 Source: Ferrari

Daytona, 4 December 2016 – The Ferrari World Finals event in Daytona this weekend saw the unveiling of the latest model to join the ranks of Ferrari’s prestigious international Challenge racing series for clients. The 488 Challenge is the sixth model to participate in the one-make series which, in 2017, celebrates its 25th anniversary. Since the announcement of the racing series in 1992, there have already been over 1000 races, with over 1000 drivers taking part in up to three series organised on three continents. Over the years, the Ferrari Challenge has proved to be an ideal platform for drivers looking to compete in international GT and prototype championships, and an impressive number have gone on to win in Grand-Am, IMSA, the FIA World Endurance Championship, ELMS an even the 24 Hours of Le Mans. The 488 Challenge is the first ever turbo-charged model to race and is the most powerful Challenge car ever, powered by the 670 cv 3.9-litre V8 derived from the series production engine that took the overall 2016 International Engine of the Year Award. Thanks to extensive development of the car’s engine, aerodynamics and chassis, the 488 Challenge reaches new levels of performance, chopping a second off the Fiorano lap time of the preceding 458 Challenge EVO for a new record of 1’15.5”. Compared to the production 488 GTB V8, the Challenge’s powertrain features specific engine mapping, optimised for racing performance, and shorter gear ratios providing up to an 11.6% increase in acceleration out of turns compared to the naturally-aspirated 458 Challenge EVO. The F1 DCT transmission features a new racing shift strategy which enables the car to accelerate from a standstill to maximum revs in 4th gear in just six seconds. Further improvements include a reduction in overall powertrain weight, with 19.7 kg being shaved off the engine and a further 8.5 kg off the exhaust system. Ferrari’s patented Slip Slip Angle Control software makes its first ever appearance on a Challenge car, improving the longitudinal acceleration through bends by 4.2%. A further significant development is the decoupling of the manettino function regulating the electronic vehicle dynamic controls. Rather than a single manettino intervening on all aspects of the software, the functions have been separated into two, either side of the steering wheel. The right-hand manettino (TC1) governs the level of intervention required based on the levels of grip, while the left-hand one (TC2) controls the degree of intensity of intervention. The result is a more tailored degree of integration between the driver and the car, governing when and how torque is delivered to the rear wheels and enhancing the performance of the car and the driver’s consistency. The most noticeable changes to the 488 Challenge compared to the production car regard the aerodynamics. To achieve the technical objective of increasing the car’s aero efficiency while respecting the design, the engineers worked closely with the Ferrari Styling Centre. The front radiator layout was reworked, inverting the rake so that they are now inclined towards the rear. This solution improves the air flow over the radiators in racing conditions whilst, at the same time, reducing drag. The new layout required new vents at the bottom of the bumper ahead of the wheels. The front bumper itself has been completely redesigned with a more pronounced splitter and flicks to increase downforce and balance the rear load, for a 7% improvement in efficiency compared to the 458 Challenge EVO. The front bonnet is all new with triple vents and integrated flaps to direct the hot airflow from the radiators rearwards. To increase stability at high speeds, the 488 Challenge features a bigger rear wing, with an air foil similar to that used on the 2016 FIA World Endurance Championship-winning 488 GTE, which alone increases efficiency by 9% compared to the 458 Challenge EVO. The intakes on the rear flanks now take cooling air to the rear brakes, optimising downforce, while the engine air intakes are now positioned laterally under the rear spoiler, taking advantage of the high pressure generated in this area.  

One-of-a-kind LaFerrari raises $7Million to benefit Central Italy

Posted: 04.12.2016 Source: Ferrari

Daytona Beach, FL (4 December 2016) – Last night, a prized LaFerrari was sold at auction for $7 Million to benefit the reconstruction of Central Italy in the aftermath of the devastating earthquakes of 2016. The auction was held in conjunction with RM Sotheby’s and in collaboration with the National Italian American Foundation’s Earthquake Relief Fund. The price achieved represents a record for the most valuable 21st Century automobile ever sold at auction. All proceeds from the auction will go toward the reconstruction efforts in the areas affected by the earthquake. RM Sotheby’s has graciously donated their expertise to raise the highest amount possible. The decision to donate a LaFerrari from the company’s own collection for this cause was announced on August 31st 2016 on the occasion of the bilateral talks between the Italian and German governments that took place at the Ferrari factory in Maranello, Italy. The LaFerrari boasts a unique livery with a distinctly Italian theme: a red exterior with a white dream line on the hood and rear windshield. A small Italian flag on the hood serves as a reminder that this is a gift by Ferrari to its home country. The car will also feature a commemorative plaque.  

Impressive gathering of over 800 Ferraris on track at the Daytona International Speedway

Posted: 04.12.2016 Source: Ferrari

Daytona Beach, FL 4 December 2016 – Last night during the Ferrari Finali Mondiali weekend at the Daytona International Speedway, an impressive parade of Ferraris gathered to add to the already spectacular weekend. Chairman and CEO Sergio Marchionne was present at the start line as a procession of Prancing Horses spanning the decades drove by. From the newest 488 GTBs, F12berlinettas and California Ts to classics and many, many more; 809 to be exact, an impressive range of cars were on display on the iconic 3.56 mile track. Ferraristi from near and far showed their passion and made a statement to punctuate another packed day of racing spectacles thanks to the Ferrari Challenge, XX Programme and F1 Clienti.  

The F333 SPs return “home” – The prototype to start of the Ferrari Show tomorrow

Posted: 03.12.2016 Source: Ferrari

Daytona, 3 December 2016 – The third day of the World Finals underway at Daytona provided new excitement for motorsport history enthusiasts, as well as fans of sport and unique cars like those in the Ferrari XX Programmes. Born American. This car went into production in 1994 and up to 2000 40 units were made. It was Ferrari’s great return to the Prototype Sport world that the Manufacturer from Maranello had bid farewell in 1973. The car was born with the purpose of being sold to client teams and it was never placed on the grid with a factory team. Début. The début took place in America on 17 April 1994 in the Road Atlanta 2 Hours. A win came straight away with Jay Cochran and team Euromotorsport. This roadster brought home wins especially in the United States and its most famous triumph remains that of the 1998 Daytona 24 Hours, taken by Giampiero Moretti, Didier Theys, Mauro Baldi and Arie Luyendyk. The latter three will drive the car at the opening of the Ferrari Show on Sunday. A rich menu. The exhibition will bring together all of Ferrari’s sport activities, in addition to the three that were on centre stage during the four days at the International Speedway. Therefore, behind the 333 SPs, the GT cars will take the track with the newly crowned WEC Manufacturer title winner 488 GTE, and the 458 Italia. Exceptional drivers will be behind the wheel in the cars: James Calado, Davide Rigon, Andrea Bertolini, Giancarlo Fisichella, Toni Vilander, Sam Bird, Christina Nielsen and Alessandro Balzan, 2016 IMSA 2016 champion in the GT-D class. Grand finale. Concluding the show in the most appropriate way possible will be Kimi Raikkonen and Sebastian Vettel who, at the wheel of the two F60s, will entertain fans with a series of extremely fast laps, pit stop demonstrations and exceptional burnouts. A must-see show, especially on a track as legendary as Daytona.  

Ferrari Challenge Coppa Shell – Lovat, Hodes and Seto win the last race

Posted: 03.12.2016 Source: Ferrari

Daytona, 3 December 2016 – With the second race of the Coppa Shell, the three Ferrari Challenge one-make series championships were concluded at the Daytona International Speedway. The final race treated fans to plenty of unexpected drama that forced race direction to send out the Safety Car on more than one occasion. Coppa Shell Europe. There were more than forty cars on the grid on the first afternoon at the International Speedway for a race that proved to be a spectacular one with great duels. Performing particularly well was Rick Lovat (Kessel Racing), who unleashed the grit that had earned him victory in January, when the Speedway race was the venue for the Daytona 24 Hours. The Italian-Canadian, who has now taken home the over-55 drivers’ Coppa Gentlemen, beat Vladimir Hladik, in the spotlight again after his win at Le Mans, and Fons Scheltema (Kessel Racing) who, in addition to the third place trophy, also received an Amalgam model of his 458 Challenge EVO as an award for having the best livery of the season, a design that has by now become famous with the shark teeth on the front, always a distinctive trait of “The Shark” in the race. Coppa Shell APAC. With champion Liang Wang absent and Hu Nan substituting for him today in the CTF Beijing car, Japanese driver Ken Seto was the surprise of the day, getting the upper hand in the Asia Pacific championship. The Rosso Scuderia Tokyo driver literally dominated the race, finishing with a gap of more than five seconds ahead of Min Xiao and more than 15 ahead of Hu Nan. Coppa Shell North America. Another somewhat unexpected win was taken by Rob Hodes (Ferrari of Washington), who dominated the scene in a race fraught with accidents ahead of Barry Zekelman (Ferrari of Ontario) and Tim Demore, in his first time participating in the Ferrari Challenge 2016 season. The championships are over and now all the drivers can focus on the last event of the season, the one with the two single races that will decide the 2016 world champions.  

Ferrari Challenge Trofeo Pirelli – Weiland and Jin champions in the final sprint

Posted: 03.12.2016 Source: Ferrari

Daytona, 3 December 2016 – It was the second day of races for the Ferrari Challenge at the Finali Mondiali with the last two titles awarded, in the North America and Asia Pacific Trofeo Pirelli Am. James Weiland (Boardwalk Ferrari) and Xin Jin (Prestige Harbin) are the new continental champions. After the Friday evening show, on Saturday the races were held in the daylight, which was still a fabulous show for the fans in the stands, in the infield and in the Fan Zones of the Daytona track, the site of the first ever Ferrari Finali Mondiali in North America. Trofeo Pirelli Am North America. In the North America Pirelli Am Trophy, the title went to James Weiland who skilfully managed his race strategy. Weiland, who had taken the lead back in Race-1 with a three-point gap ahead of Steve Johnson, decided not to take any risks, opting to stay in his rival’s slipstream for the entire race. Johnson, on the other hand, was unable to put any other rivals between himself and his adversary, who therefore took the title by a single point. The win went to Arthur Romanelli (The Collection) who celebrated on the podium with his brother, Gregory, who was injured at Lime Rock but already well on his way to recovery. Second place went to Marc Muzzo (Ferrari of Ontario). Pirelli Am APAC. The other title that had still not been awarded was the Asian-Pacific Pirelli Am, where Xin Jin started with an advantage. The Chinese Prestige Harbin driver was therefore able to settle for a third place finish, leaving the glory of the win to one of his adversaries, Huilin Han with team CTF Beijing, who finished ahead of his teammate and compatriot, Yanbin Xing. It was a difficult race for Eric Cheung (Auto Italia Hong Kong), who was the third driver in the hunt for the title. The Canadian had an off-track excursion and was forced to drive a comeback race. Pirelli Am Europe. In the European class, fans were treated to another victory by this season’s absolute dominator, Sam Smeeth (Stratstone Ferrari), who put on a spectacular show, making several outside passes on the infield corners. John Farano (Rossocorsa) took second place and third place in the overall standings behind his teammate, Tommaso Rocca. Third and fourth place went to the two Scuderia Autoropa standard-bearers, Henrik Hedman and Martin Nelson. Pirelli North America. The first driver under the chequered flag today was Italy’s Daniel Mancinelli, who was at the wheel of the Gregory Romanelli The Collection car. The Italian driver did an excellent job taking home the win, initially fending off attacks by Cooper MacNeil (Ferrari of Beverly Hills) and Carlos Kauffmann (Ferrari of Ft. Lauderdale) who were then left alone to battle it out for second place. The two overtook one another several times and in the end, the newly crowned North American champion had to settle for a third place finish. Pirelli APAC. In the APAC Ferrari Challenge, Florian Merckx (Baron Service) finished the season with his sixth consecutive win, legitimizing his victory in the championship standings in the best possible way. Steve Wyatt (Barbagallo) stayed in second place for a long time before a spinout forced him to settle for third place behind Renaldi Hutasoit (Ferrari Jakarta). Pirelli Europe. In the European series, fans watched Bjorn Grossmann (Octane 126) rescue his race, having no trouble overcoming the competition after consistent qualifying. The celebration was rounded out by his teammate, Fabio Leimer, who made a great comeback, overtaking Alessandro Vezzoni (Rossocorsa-Pellin Racing), who was still able to take home his third podium of the season after the ones at Le Mans and Jerez de la Frontera.  

Ferrari GTC4 Lusso T Australasian Premiere Sydney, Australia

Posted: 03.12.2016 Source: Ferrari

Ferrari Australasia hosted the Australasian premiere for the new GTC4Lusso T at the renowned Italian restaurant, Bar Machiavelli, in Rushcutters Bay, Sydney. Bar Machiavelli is housed in the historic former tyre factory on Neild Avenue, and is the younger expression of Sydney’s renowned, older and well known Machiavelli Restaurant – owned by the same family. As such, it was a fitting venue to host the Australasian premiere of the GTC4Lusso T – the newest member of the Ferrari family. Tables dressed with hundreds of red roses surrounded the GTC4Lusso T which was parked inside the restaurant. The vehicle had been driven in through a front window and parked in the middle of the restaurant, allowing it to be the centrepiece of the event. Media guests enjoyed an Italian-inspired breakfast while Ferrari clients later enjoyed an intimate lunch specifically designed by the venue. Bar Machiavelli served a classic Italian spread of dishes and drinks, including a rotating selection of antipasti and house made pasta, as well as a selection of wine that expressed the contrasting regionality of Italian viniculture. The launch was attended by influential guests such as award winning architect Kelvin Ho and entrepreneurs Justin Jameson and Tom Waterhouse.  

Impressive FXX K on Daytona’s banks

Posted: 02.12.2016 Source: Ferrari

Daytona, 2 December 2016 – The Finali Mondiali at the Daytona International Speedway are in full swing. If the first day’s queen was Formula 1 – with ten cars running for the first time in public on Daytona’s 31° parabolic curves – today’s attention was all on FXX K. The Queen. The latest creation of the XX Programmes did not fail to monopolise the attention of the viewers: amazing beauty, an extraordinary powerful technology and over 1,000 horsepower, partly provided by the 6-liter V12 engine and partly by the hybrid system directly taken from Formula 1 vehicles. The Others. XX Programmes it’s not only FXX K, that was unveiled during Abu Dhabi’s Finali Mondiali in 2014. There are three more cars related to this activity: the FXX – first of the XX Programmes – the 599XX and the 599XX EVO. Intense Saturday. The special drivers of F1 Clienti and XX Programmes will be back on track on Saturday to inaugurate the day with their own Formula 1 cars. Around mid-morning, it will be the turn of the XX Programmes.  

Ferrari Challenge Coppa Shell – Wins for Loefflad, Keegan and Wang

Posted: 02.12.2016 Source: Ferrari

Daytona, 2 December 2016 – Two champions confirmed and great performance by one of the biggest talents of the Ferrari Challenge North America: this is how the first day of the Coppa Shell races of the Finali Mondiali held in Daytona can be summed up. Coppa Shell Europe. A total of forty-four cars got away under the spotlights of the Daytona International Speedway and immediately put on a number of duels, making clear how competitive Ferrari’s one-make series is. Rick Lovat took the lead at the first corner, also building on January’s successful experience in the North American series. The European champion Thomas Loefflad (StileF Squadra Corse) was, however, stuck to the wheels of the Canadian driver of the Kessel Racing team, and restarting after the second Safety Car he managed to surprise Lovat with a great infield overtake. Third place went to Vladimir Hladik (Baron Service). Coppa Shell APAC. In the Asia-Pacific championship, Liang Wang (CTF Beijing) dominated the race, ahead – although not without suffering – of the winner of this season’s Coppa Gentlemen, the Australian Paul Montague (Barbagallo), as well as the Chinese driver Min Xiao, the other member of CTF Beijing team. Coppa Shell North America. The only series which was not won by the 2016 champion was North America, where Matt Keegan (Ferrari of San Francisco), after a great performance during qualifying, won the race and confirmed his primacy. The winner of the championship, Joe Courtney (Miller Motor Cars), was instead forced to settle with a fourth place, behind a Jean-Claude Saada (Boardwalk Ferrari) in great shape, and a surprising Rob Hodes (Ferrari of Washington).  

Ferrari Challenge Trofeo Pirelli – Kauffmann and Merckx won the title

Posted: 02.12.2016 Source: Ferrari

Daytona, 2 December 2016 – First day of competition for the Ferrari Challenge at the Finali Mondiali held in Daytona, with two titles awarded, the Trofeo Pirelli North America and the Trofeo Pirelli Asia-Pacific. Carlos Kauffmann (Ferrari of Ft Lauderdale) and Florian Merckx (Baron Service) are the new continental champions. Trofeo Pirelli North America. The view of over forty cars at the start was great, with two of the hosts in command of operations. Carlos Kauffmann took the lead over Cooper MacNeil and his Ferrari of Beverly Hills teammate, Martin Fuentes. The Venezuelan driver won the title and the race ahead of MacNeil and Rusty Wallace, the guest star of this year’s Finali Mondiali at his first race on a Prancing Horse car. Trofeo Pirelli APAC. Another title was mathematically awarded in this first day of the Finali Mondiali: that of the APAC series that went to Florian Merckx, driver of the Baron Service team. The Belgian driver led the race from the start, managing to precede Steve Wyatt and the biggest rival for the title, the Indonesian Renaldi Hutasoit. For Merckx, this is the fifth consecutive win after the two victories in Singapore and Fuji. For him it is a well-deserved title, achieved after an overwhelming second part of the championship. Trofeo Pirelli Europe. The European series of the Trofeo Pirelli saw a very heated duel inside the Rossocorsa team. An extraordinary Philipp Baron won the race, overtaking, after finishing off the track in a first attempt, Marcello Puglisi, who seemed destined, after the victory at Le Mans, to also add Daytona to his palmares. The duel for the third place was also great, and was won, right at the finish line, by champion Bjiorn Grossmann (Octane 126). The German was able to catch up the larger number of positions lost due to bad qualifying and get in front of Alessandro Vezzoni (Rossocorsa-Pellin Racing) just when the latter seemed to have reached a third place. Pirelli Am North America. During the Trofeo Pirelli Am North America we have seen the overtake of James Weiland, which ruled the roost by beating the rival Steve Johnson and stepping ahead of him on the scoreboard. Once again, the third place was awarded during the last lap, and went to Joel Weinberger (Continental Autosport) who slipped in front of Arthur Romanelli (The Collection). Pirelli Am APAC. In the Ferrari Challenge APAC, Huilin Han emerged at the wheel of the 458 Challenge EVO (part of the CTF Beijing Team), reopening competition in the championship that will be won either by him, his compatriot Xin Jin (Prestige Harbin) or the veteran Eric Cheung (Auto Italia Hong Kong), now in his 114th race on the 458 Challenge EVO where he arrived third, after going off track early in the race. Pirelli Am Europe. The European series showed us the ninth victory of Sam Smeeth (Stratstone Ferrari), author of a truly perfect season. The British driver rushed ahead of the Swede Henrik Hedman (Scuderia Autoropa) and John Farano, who was great overtaking his teammate in the Rossocorsa team, Tommaso Rocca, in the closing laps. Tomorrow at 12:35 the second and final championship races, before Sunday’s World Final race.  

Ferrari and to offer streaming and contents from Finali Mondiali

Posted: 02.12.2016 Source: Ferrari

Daytona, 2 December 2016 – Ferrari and the multimedia company will collaborate for the 2016 Ferrari Finali Mondiali to take place this weekend at the Daytona International Speedway in order to offer fans worldwide a complete coverage of the event. During the long weekend the final races of the three Ferrari Challenge series will take place – Europe, North America and Asia-Pacific – to determine the 2016 champions. Additionally, for the first time in history, F1 cars will run on the 31-degree banking, while on Saturday the greatest Ferrari road car parade will take place giving the fans at the Speedway an sight. Sunday’s trackside festivities includes the Ferrari show, which will feature current F1 stars Kimi Raikkonen and Sebastian Vettel in demonstrations of pit stops, fast laps and shows for the crowd, but also the F333 SP that won the 24 Hours race in 1998 piloted by winning drivers Didier Theys, Arie Luyendyk, Mauro Baldi and the late Giampiero Moretti. Through this collaboration the fans near and far will have the chance to follow the event with day-by-day reports from the track and exclusive video contents like 360 camera views and special interviews with the guest stars that will enjoy the first Finali Mondiali held in North America.

FDA – First steps in GP2 for Leclerc and Fuoco

Posted: 02.12.2016 Source: Ferrari

A three day familiarisation session with the Prema team Maranello, 2 December – The three day GP2 Series test ended today at the Yas Marina circuit. The session in Abu Dhabi marked the debuts of Charle Leclerc and Antonio Fuoco at the wheel of a GP2 car run by the Prema team, for whom both men will drive next year, when they make their debut in the category. Both Fuoco and Leclerc made no mistakes while doing long runs and qualifying simulations. The two Ferrari Driver Academy students completed over 150 laps each over the course of the three days. Leclerc’s best time was a 1.49.092, while Fuoco stopped the clocks in 1.49.345. The session brought the curtain down on the 2016 GP2 and GP3 series. Track action starts up again in February with the first test session in preparation for the 2017 championships.

Finali Mondiali – F1 cars on the Daytona banks for the first time ever

Posted: 01.12.2016 Source: Ferrari

Daytona, 1 December 2016 – Ferrari has written a new page in the history of motorsports: just past 10 am in Florida when the F1 Clienti single-seaters entered the legendary Daytona Speedway for their first public appearance in history. Drivers were initially cautious, but they rapidly became comfortable with the high-speed curves and 31-degree banks. The roar of engines being pushed to the limit filled the speedway as the single-seaters raced along the track, one of the international temples of automobile racing. A four-day event. The unique event officially kicked off the first Finali Mondiali ever hosted in America. Fans and enthusiasts will be fully immersed in the Ferrari universe throughout the four-day event, and will even get a chance to see XX Programme vehicles on the track, including the FXX K and its 1,000 hp engine. The schedule includes a full 10 races for the Ferrari Challenge, including the final rounds of the three series and the two races for World Champion. Kimi and Sebastian. The ultimate event is scheduled for Sunday and will feature Kimi Raikkonen and Sebastian Vettel in a thrilling lunchtime performance. GT vehicles and the F333 SP will build up to the grand finale featuring the Scuderia’s two official drivers. Two Ferrari F60s will be used by Kimi and Sebastian for high-speed laps, pit stop simulations and heat-stopping skids before they commemorate the grand triumph at the 24 Hours in 1967 by parading across the finish line. The Ferrari range on display. Those spending the weekend at the Daytona International Speedway will see vehicles both on the track and in the Fan Zone. The public will practically be within reach of the vehicles and drivers as they admire the many cars on display, including the new LaFerrari Aperta and the Green Jewel version of the 488 GTB; the special green livery is one of the 70 liveries celebrating 70 years of Ferrari. Some of the most iconic vehicles from Maranello will be on display at the Officina Classiche. Exclusive gadgets will also be on sale at the Ferrari Store set up for the event. Last born. On Sunday, the other cars on display will be joined by the new 488 Challenge, which will be unveiled Saturday night at a gala dinner. The sports berlinetta developed for the world’s most famous single-make championship will have a turbo engine and will race alongside the 458 Challenge EVO currently being used for the three series of the championship.  

Finali Mondiali – More than 130 Ferrari cars on track at Daytona from Thursday

Posted: 30.11.2016 Source: Ferrari

Daytona, 30 Nov 2016 – The first Ferrari Finali Mondiali held in the United States opens on Thursday at the legendary track in Daytona. It brings with it four days of exclusivity, passion and motorsport that only Ferrari can offer. Formula 1 on the banking. One of the most anticipated and highly symbolic moments of this edition of the Finali Mondiali is the drive by of Formula 1 cars on the 31-degree inclined parabolic curves. The first of these historic events will take place on Thursday at 10 am, with a session for F1 Clienti, Ferrari’s exclusive activities that allow lucky fans to take to the track in the cars that were driven by champions such as Michael Schumacher, Felipe Massa and Fernando Alonso during their years as official Scuderia drivers. The Kimi and Sebastian show. However, the biggest show will be on Sunday when Kimi Raikkonen and Sebastian Vettel join the party providing thrills and excitement in their lunchtime exhibition. The two official Scuderia drivers take to the track after the GTs and the F333 SPs to bring the Finali Mondiali to its grand finale. The pair, at the wheel of two F60s, will perform fast laps, simulated pit stops, thrilling tyre changes and will cross the finish line in tandem to recall the legendary clean sweep in the 24 Hours of 1967. More than 1000 horses on just four wheels. Also at 12 pm on the first day we will see the cars of the XX Programmes with the FXX, 599XX, 599XX EVO and, above all, the FXX K which packs a punch of over 1000 hp. Customers will receive the exclusive advice of great drivers like Marc Gené, Giancarlo Fisichella and Andrea Bertolini who will help them familiarise themselves with the American track, and its walls, and bring out the best from their extraordinary cars. Free practices. On track aside from the racing part of the event, the 458 Challenge EVOs will take part in a series of practice sessions to familiarise newbies to Daytona, a track that may appear easy but actually has hidden dangers. The 45-minute practice sessions will also allow drivers who already know the circuit to hone their preparation. This is certainly the case for Rusty Wallace, the NASCAR champion making his debut in the Ferrari Challenge, testing himself in the most competitive class, the Trofeo Pirelli. Not only track. The fans at the circuit will enjoy track activities but more besides. As never before, the public can almost touch the cars and drivers when strolling around the beautiful Fan Zone at the Daytona International Speedway. All the cars in the range will be on display, including the newest LaFerrari Aperta and GTC4Lusso T, while the Officina Classiche will offer children and adults the chance to take a dip into the past with a look at some of the cars that have made Ferrari unique. Then of course there’s the store, to make a day at the Finali Mondiali even more special. Last born. On Sunday, the other cars on display will be joined by the new 488 Challenge, which will be unveiled on Saturday night at a gala dinner. The sports berlinetta developed for the world’s most famous single-make championship will have a turbo engine and next season will race alongside the still stunning 458 Challenge EVO.  

Finali Mondiali – The F333 SP back on track at Daytona

Posted: 29.11.2016 Source: Ferrari

Daytona, 29 Nov 2016 – The F333 SP, will be back this weekend in one of the places that made it legendary. This queen of the track won the 24 Hours of Daytona in 1998 and indeed achieved its most prestigious triumphs in America where the first edition of the Finali Mondiali will kick-off on Thursday. Nine specimens. There will be nine of these cars on show, a record contingent that will thrill fans and allow the customers driving them to taste the sensations of that historic victory, which came a little over 30 years after the famous clean sweep of 1967, when Ferrari took all three podium places. The “barchette”, first built in 1994 with the aim of propelling Ferrari customer teams to victory, will also be the stars of the show on Sunday when three of the four triumphant heroes of 1998 will again take to the track. The trio. Three-quarters of the quartet starring in that historic victory 28 years ago will be guests of the Finali Mondiali: Dutchman Arie Luyendyk, who is also a two-time winner of the Indianapolis 500, Belgian Didier Theys and Italian Mauro Baldi, a former Formula 1 driver and the winner of a Sports Prototype World Championship title in 1990. The F333 SP is one of the most successful Ferraris of all time and has a special place in the history of the Prancing Horse, marking Maranello’s return to the prototypes category after a 25-year absence. The car debuted by winning in 2 Hours of Road Atlanta on 17 April 1994 thanks to Jay Cochran and the Euromotorsport team. Intense programme. The American public will enjoy a full and complete show during the four days of Daytona: on the track, on the legendary 31-degree parabolic curves, as well as in the paddock. One of the main attractions is Formula 1, which will hold its first ever race at Daytona. The F1 Clienti cars will be the first out on the Florida asphalt while official Scuderia Ferrari drivers, Sebastian Vettel and Kimi Raikkonen, will star on Sunday, present at the event along with team principal Maurizio Arrivabene and all the other Ferrari drivers. The track will also host the cars of XX Programmes, including the 1000 hp plus FXX K along and the last races of the three series of the Ferrari Challenge, the most famous one-make series in the world. Paddock and Fan Zone. In the paddock however the whole range will be on display, including the GTC4Lusso T and the LaFerrari Aperta, the cars unveiled at the last Paris Motor Show, while the Fan Zone will display some of the livery celebrating 70 years of Ferrari as well as the 488 GTE and GT3. Saturday will see the unveiling of the 488 Challenge, a new turbo car for the single-make series, which will debut in the 25th season of the championship. This memorable day will close with the biggest parade of Ferraris ever seen on an American track.  

Scaramelli’s funeral to be held on Thursday

Posted: 29.11.2016 Source: Ferrari

Scuderia’s celebrated mechanic passed away last night Funeral services for Paolo Scaramelli, Scuderia Ferrari’s former mechanic, will be held tomorrow, Dec, 1st at 10.30 in Corlo near Modena. Scaramelli had worked with Scuderia for many years, clinching the World Championship with Jody Scheckter in 1979. He passed away suddenly in the night of November, 29th, the victim of a heartattack. He was 75. Ferrari’s deepest sympathies go to Paolo’s family.  

Yas Marina Pirelli testing

Posted: 29.11.2016 Source: Ferrari

Raikkonen does 97 laps in the laboratory car Yas Marina, 29 November – Darkness falls on the Abu Dhabi circuit: two days after Sebastian Vettel stood on the podium here, this was the final on-track part of the 2016 season. At the wheel of an SF15-T, modified to simulate next year’s aerodynamic downforce levels, Kimi Raikkonen completed 97 laps, as part of Pirelli’s development programme for 2017. The session ran from 9 in the morning to around 4.30pm and Kimi tried various combinations of tyre compound and construction, ending the session with some longer runs. Also taking part in the test were the Mercedes and Red Bull Racing teams.  

Abu Dhabi Grand Prix – Yas Marina 27 November

Posted: 27.11.2016 Source: Ferrari

Maurizio Arrivabene: “This podium finish is a boost to the motivation of the whole team, for the people back home, who have been working so hard since this summer, and for the ones at the track, who never gave up. It’s clear that we did not reach the targets we had set for ourselves, yet this last race shows that something is moving in the right direction.” Kimi Raikkonen: “It was not an easy race for me, the car was pretty ok, but I suffered with the tires, to make them last. I was constantly trying to keep the fronts alive. After the start I was in a good position, but I struggled with the first set of Softs: at the end of the stint they kind of came back and improved, but we kept losing places. When Seb came close to me, I knew that he was on a different strategy and I let him go. Obviously it has been quite a tricky year, far from what we want as a team, but lately we have been working well, doing the right things. Now we need to keep working this way and hopefully next year, with the new car, we’ll be where we want to be.” Sebastian Vettel: “I think it was an important race for us today: in the final laps, I would have liked to gain two more positions, because the speed was there; but it was difficult to make the move because the car in front also benefited from a tow. Nevertheless as a team we deserve this podium, and I hope it gives some momentum to all of us. It has been a tough year, with lots of up and downs, so I am really happy with this result. About our global performance in 2016, I think we don’t need to find any story or invent something. I think we expected more; but after the first half, where we could have scored more points, I think we showed real strength by coming back. In the last couple of Grand Prix we had very good race pace, always enough to match Red Bull, and probably even a bit quicker: but that was not the case on Saturdays, and that made Sundays more difficult. Overall we showed the stamina that the team has. The spirit is unbroken, and I know that we will work hard, because Ferrari deserves to come back. All in all we learned a lot, we made a lot of progress. Today is Nico’s day, well done to him. I think you don’t win the Championship by luck, and it is a sign of respect to give him this. He is a deserving champion.  

Abu Dhabi Grand Prix – Vettel on the podium

Posted: 27.11.2016 Source: Ferrari

Seb third at Yas Marina, Kimi is sixth Yas Marina, 27 November – Sebastian Vettel came third in the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix today at the Yas Marina circuit. The German produced a thrilling performance in the closing stages which saw him take the chequered flag just eight tenths of a second off the winner, Lewis Hamilton. Kimi Raikkonen was sixth, while thanks to finishing second, Nico Rosberg has secured the Drivers’ crown for 2016.

GP3 Series – Leclerc is GP3 Champion

Posted: 26.11.2016 Source: Ferrari

The Monegasque retires from Race 1 but wins the title at Yas Marina Abu Dhabi, 26 November – Charles Leclerc is the 2016 GP3 Champion, clinching the crown with one race to go. The Ferrari Driver Academy student retired from the first race of the weekend at Yas Marina, following a collision with another car four laps from the flag. Leclerc was fighting for third place, but picked up a puncture, which meant he had to stop. An action-packed race also knocked out the youngster’s main rivals, giving him enough of a points lead to claim the title. After a good start, Giuliano Alesi finished eleventh, while Antonio Fuoco took the chequered flag in 16th place, missing out on fighting for a podium finish following a collision just a few corners after the start.  

Abu Dhabi Grand Prix – Yas Marina 26 November

Posted: 26.11.2016 Source: Ferrari

Kimi Raikkonen: “It was a pretty good qualifying, the car has behaved well all day. Today we went a lot faster than we had been in practice, we did our best and it was almost enough for third place, but my last lap was not perfect in some places. It’s hard to say if we’ll be able to fight with the Mercedes tomorrow: usually in race conditions we are a bit closer, but I’m sure they will also be very strong. Tomorrow we can only do our best, we’ll try to make a good start and then we’ll see.” Sebastian Vettel: “I’m not really happy with the result. I was struggling a bit with the balance of the car to start with. In the end it was good, but then in the last lap I had a bit of a messy last sector. I saw a bit of smoke from Verstappen ahead, enough to lose a bit of concentration. After this morning we were expecting a bit more, not really to fight the Mercedes, but to beat Red Bulls. I don’t think we were any slower, but we didn’t get the lap together when it mattered, probably we were a bit on the aggressive side trying to anticipate the track conditions. For tomorrow it should be positive, for tonight it was a bit too much. Otherwise the car feels good, we managed to improve it today. Mercedes are a bit far away, but we hope to get ahead and be in front of Red Bulls tomorrow. We are on the softer compound, which should give us an advantage off the line and for the first lap.”  

Abu Dhabi Grand Prix – Ferrari fourth and fifth on the grid

Posted: 26.11.2016 Source: Ferrari

Kimi fourth, one place ahead of Seb Yas Marina, 26 November – Kimi Raikkonen posted the fourth fastest time of 1.39.604 in qualifying for the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix. The Finn is one place higher up than fifth placed Sebastian Vettel who’s best lap was a 1.39.661. Starting from pole position tomorrow will be Lewis Hamilton in the Mercedes, who set a fastest time of 1.38.755.  

Abu Dhabi Grand Prix – FP3, Ferrari on top

Posted: 26.11.2016 Source: Ferrari

Seb fastest, Kimi 3rd Yas Marina, 26 November – Sebastian Vettel wrapped up the final 60 minutes of free practice for the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix and indeed the season, with the fastest time. In the final hour of track time during which teams make set-up changes in preparation for qualifying and the race, in hot conditions, the German driver took his Ferrari round in 1.40.775 with his second set of Ultrasoft tyres, the choice of all drivers out on track. Just over two tenths slower, with a lap in 1.40.999, Kimi Raikkonen was third quickest in his SF16-H. He also used two sets of the purple-banded tyres, the softest available from Pirelli.  

Abu Dhabi Grand Prix – Yas Marina, 25 November

Posted: 25.11.2016 Source: Ferrari

Kimi Raikkonen: “Today we had a very normal Friday practice, trying different things. The car was working pretty fine: it’s just that I could not put a decent lap together, but overall it was a “basic” day. We had some tire graining, but this is very normal on the first day on track and it was not a big issue, as it’s going to change for the race. Now we just have to work here and there and we should be ok.” Sebastian Vettel: “I am fairly happy with the day. Obviously, it is not ideal to have a gearbox issue on Friday, but I am not worried and it shouldn’t have any impact on the weekend. In general it was a very good Friday. This afternoon P1 was somewhat tricky, as we struggled a bit on the hot track. But during P2 in the evening things calmed down, the car also calmed down, it was quite good and I was happy. In the long run I struggled a bit with the front end, maybe I was a bit too aggressive, but overall the car felt good. To be honest, I think we should have a good pace. Hopefully tomorrow we have a similar feeling in Quali and put the car where it belongs.”  

Abu Dhabi Grand Prix – Ferrari third and sixth

Posted: 25.11.2016 Source: Ferrari

Different compounds used for race simulation Yas Marina, 25 November – The second act of the Abu Dhabi weekend ended with Ferrari in third and sixth places courtesy of Sebastian Vettel (1.41.130) and Kimi Raikkonen (1.41.464). The last of today’s practice sessions at Yas Island was held in more similar conditions to the ones that can be expected for qualifying and the race. The two SF16-H cars were put through their paces over single quick laps on the Ultrasoft compound, while when it came to the long runs, Kimi used Supersofts and Seb used Softs. The German’s session came to a premature end with a few minutes remaining because of a problem with the gearbox, which was at the end of its life and was intended for use solely during free practice.  

Abu Dhabi Grand Prix – A sunny start

Posted: 25.11.2016 Source: Ferrari

Hot as ever at Yas Marina: Seb 5th and Kimi 7th, using Softs only Yas Marina, 25 November– The final Formula 1 Friday of the year started with the first free practice sessions for the eighth running of the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix. At the futuristic Yas Marina facility, Sebastian Vettel set the fifth fastest time of 1.44.005, in his Ferrari after starting the morning doing a whole run with the Halo head protection device due to be introduced in 2018. He and his team-mate Kimi Raikkonen, who was seventh fastest in 1.44.556 ran similar programmes, using two sets of Soft tyres while doing aerodynamic work. Quickest was Lewis Hamilton, who did a 1.42.869 in the Mercedes. The Arabian track was lacking in grip and when the sun sets, the lower temperatures combined with the evolution of the track will have a significant effect on tyre behaviour.  

Abu Dhabi Grand Prix – “Hope to fight for podium here”

Posted: 24.11.2016 Source: Ferrari

Kimi: “I had better year but still suffer with all the team” Abu Dhabi is the last round of the season and it’s difficult to say how the weekend will go. We’ve had some strong moments, even in the last weekends, and some others not so good, so we can only promise that we’ll give our best and hopefully we’ll be in the fight for the podium. If we look at the big picture of the season we cannot be happy: we’ve done our best and obviously it hasn’t been good enough. We didn’t achieve the results that we wanted as Ferrari. The good thing is that we have great people in the team working well together and improving things. For me personally this year has been a bit better than last year, but I suffer as much as the team does when we don’t win races and fight for the Championships. We can only keep working hard and improve.  

Abu Dhabi Grand Prix – “Performance was better than results show”

Posted: 24.11.2016 Source: Ferrari

Seb wraps up the season: Car a “big step forward” from 2015 It’s the last race of the season and I think the most positive thing we can draw from this year is the experience we lived as a team. We were often criticized but I don’t think criticism was always justified. We remained very committed throughout, despite not achieving what we wanted to, due to various reasons and circumstances. This year’s car was a big step from last year, and I think our performance was better than results show. So now our target for next year is quite clear, we have to be ready with the project in view of many regulation changes. If I should name a special moment in 2016, I would recall the podium finish at Monza. We’ve had a difficult season but seeing that the tifosi still believe in us was a big boost for everyone.  

Finali Mondiali – Eighty-nine 458 Challenge EVOs on track at Daytona

Posted: 24.11.2016 Source: Ferrari

Daytona, 24 Nov 2016 – We are now just one week away from the Finali Mondiali, which for the first time will take place in the United States on the legendary Daytona track. The Ferrari Challenge will begin on Friday, with the final two races of the three championships due on Friday and Saturday. Twenty-three titles. Eighty-nine 458 Challenge EVOs will do battle on track with drivers who have a total of 23 titles between them. Five of these have two wins to their name: veteran Eric Cheung, who this season has raced in all three ona-make single, Steve Wyatt, the reigning Trofeo Pirelli APAC champion, Ricardo Perez De Lara, the star of North America series, Bjorn Grossmann, the two-time European champion and Alessandro Vezzoni, reigning world champion in the Trofeo Pirelli Am who moved to the top category in 2016. The veterans. Cheung also boasts the record number of appearances in the 458 Challenge EVO and next season will drive the new 488, due to be unveiled at Daytona. The Canadian has driven it in 113 races. Dutchman Fons Scheltema has started 87 while the star of the North America series, Al Hegyi is on 81, one more than Wyatt, and 10 ahead of of Yanbin Xing, the Chinese ace in the APAC series. Programme. The first Trofeo Pirelli race, valid for all the championships, will be held on Friday at 5:50 pm local time (11:50 pm CET) followed by the Coppa Shell at 7.50 pm (1.50 am CET). On Saturday Race-2 of the Trofeo Pirelli will be at 12:35 pm (4:35 pm CET) while the Coppa Shell will be held at 2:35 pm (8:35 pm CET). Three world titles will be at stake in the two races on Sunday: the Coppa Shell at 9:30 am (3:30 pm CET) and the Trofeo Pirelli at 11.45 am (5:45 pm CET).  

Obrigado Felipe

Posted: 23.11.2016 Source: Ferrari

Maranello, 23 Nov 2016 – The whole of Ferrari sends its greetings to Felipe Massa on his last competitive weekend of Formula 1. Felipe has been connected to the Scuderia for over 10 years including eight as a race driver featuring 11 wins, 15 pole positions, 36 podiums and very nearly the world title in 2008. His competitive qualities and great passion have made him one of the Scuderia drivers most loved by fans around the world. We send a big thanks to you Felipe for these wonderful years together, for the generosity that has always marked you on track and off, and for how you have successfully combined humanity and professionalism in a complex environment such as Formula 1. Obrigado Felipe, good luck for your future projects and a big hug to you and your wonderful family from all of us at Ferrari.  

Abu Dhabi Grand Prix – From day to night

Posted: 22.11.2016 Source: Ferrari

Final round in Abu Dhabi. Kimi: “Overtaking is a challenge” Maranello, 22 November – It’s time for the final and 21st race of the longest ever Formula 1 season. This will be the eighth Abu Dhabi Grand Prix, the race having made its debut on the calendar back in 2009, all of them held at the Yas Marina circuit, around half an hour’s drive from the centre of Abu Dhabi. It is the only twilight race of the season, starting in daylight before the floodlights come on at dusk and the consequent drop in temperature has an effect on tyre performance. Against a spectacular setting, the track layout features long straights and a very twisty section where good traction is the key, while overtaking is difficult. New for this year is the introduction of the Ultrasoft tyre, alongside the Soft and Supersoft. “I like this circuit” says Kimi about Yas Marina. “It has a quite slow last part of the lap but has a great atmosphere as it is the last race of the year. So, obviously it’s a slightly different feeling and it’s in the evening. The lights are very good. Sometimes it can be not that easy with the lights but the driving conditions are not difficult to get the visual right. The sight is more or less the same in the daytime. It’s not a very easy place to overtake but it’s a challenge to do it. It’s about quite long laps and a lot of tricky corners. So, I’ve always enjoyed it there. Maybe it’s because it’s the end of the year and there are many things happening for the people when they come to watch the race.”  

Finali Mondiali – NASCAR star Rusty Wallace races in the Challenge

Posted: 20.11.2016 Source: Ferrari

Maranello, 20 Nov 2016 – NASCAR and Ferrari will combine for a great show on the legendary Daytona track. From 1 to 4 December, the famous Florida tri-oval will be the site of the final act of the Ferrari season. Almost 150 Prancing Horse cars are expected on the track, including 13 Formula 1 cars, 36 cars of the XX Programmes and 87 458 Challenge EVOs for six races in the one-make races. NASCAR star. An exceptional guest will take the wheel of a Ferrari of Houston team car: the 1989 NASCAR Sprint Cup champion, Rusty Wallace, a driver who fired up American crowds and who is still a testimonial for the series and, in particular, the Daytona track. Wallace has accepted the most difficult challenge of all. He will race in the North America series of the Ferrari Challenge Trofeo Pirelli, which features the best drivers in the US single-make competition. Intense programme. The American public will enjoy a full and complete show during the four days of Daytona: on the track, on the legendary 31-degree parabolic curves, as well as in the paddock. One of the main attractions is Formula 1, which will hold its first ever race at Daytona. The F1 Clienti cars will be the first out on the Florida asphalt while official Scuderia Ferrari drivers, Sebastian Vettel and Kimi Raikkonen, will star on Sunday, present at the event along with team principal Maurizio Arrivabene and all the other Ferrari drivers. The track will also host the cars of XX Programmes, including the 1000 hp plus FXX K along with nine F333 SPs, the “barchetta” built by Ferrari in the mid nineties to return to victory among the prototypes and that in 1998 triumphed in the legendary 24 hours of Daytona, 31 years after the clean sweep of 1967. Paddock and Fan Zone. In the paddock however the whole range will be on display, including the GTC4Lusso T and the LaFerrari Aperta, the cars unveiled at the last Paris Motor Show, while the Fan Zone will display some of the livery celebrating 70 years of Ferrari as well as the 488 GTE and GT3. Saturday will see the unveiling of the 488 Challenge, a new turbo car for the single-make series, which will debut in the 25th season of the championship. This memorable day will close with the biggest parade of Ferraris ever seen on an American track.  

Ferrari 488 Spider Wins ‘Premium Performance Convertible’ at the Arab Wheels Awards 2016

Posted: 16.11.2016 Source: Ferrari

16 November, Dubai UAE – This week the coveted Ferrari 488 Spider took home the coveted ‘Premium Performance Convertible’ accolade at the prestigious Arab Wheels Awards 2016, taking place in a glamourous ceremony at the Meydan Hotel, Dubai. Following the success of the inaugural event in 2015, the awards celebrate the selection of new models and other products launched into the market over the past 12 months. A panel of judges, car aficionados and readers of the Arab Wheels magazine contribute their votes to decide the ultimate winner.  

Brazilian Grand Prix – São Paulo, 13 November

Posted: 13.11.2016 Source: Ferrari

Maurizio Arrivabene: “Maybe we could have achieved more, both yesterday and today, but no room for complaining now. Kimi’s accident was a shame, while Seb had a great comeback after spinning off track. Now let’s focus onto Abu Dhabi: it’s the last race of the season but, as we always say, we’re not giving up till the end.” Kimi Raikkonen: “The conditions today were not the easiest ones: it was very tricky, and when you do many laps behind the Safety Car it gets even more difficult. It was not raining heavily, but there was a lot of standing water. The biggest problem was the aquaplaning and I got it in a place where I was not expecting it: I spun off on the straight! I almost got the car back, but then I went off in a pretty bad place. The Wet tires are very vulnerable, easy to aquaplaning. It obviously depends on the circuit and on many other things, but comparing to some years ago, those tires could handle this kind of water with no issues of aquaplaning.” Sebastian Vettel: “Obviously, today it was not ideal: in the first part of the race I span, I had some aquaplaning but I wasn’t the only one. I think it was a good recovering in the end, it was difficult to come back, and I struggled to get past Sainz: I don’t know why it took me a lot of laps before I really started to feel well in the car, and then it was too late. About the duel with Verstappen, I think I was racing side by side to him and he saw me. I still had a little bit of my nose ahead, he was much faster so it was about making the corner and he got past. Not a difficult passing manoeuver, but I don’t think it was fully correct. But I wouldn’t complain about anything today: I think I was not the only one who got caught out by the aquaplaning, but luckily I didn’t crash.”  

Brazilian Grand Prix – Fifth place for the Scuderia

Posted: 13.11.2016 Source: Ferrari

Seb in the points, Kimi retires Sao Paulo, 13 November – Sebastian Vettel finished today’s Brazilian Grand Prix at Interlagos in fifth place. It rained heavily throughout and the race was twice red flagged. Kimi Raikkonen’s race lasted just 19 laps, as he spun on the main straight shortly after the end of the second Safety Car period, crashing heavily into the barriers. Lewis Hamilton stood on the top step of the podium, winning for Mercedes.  

Brazilian Grand Prix – São Paulo 12 November

Posted: 12.11.2016 Source: Ferrari

Kimi Raikkonen: “Today everything felt a bit more normal than yesterday and I was happier with the car. Overall it was easier for everybody, the cooler temperatures helped, yesterday the track was very hot. To be honest the feeling in the last lap was not so good, the front was sliding in the first two corners and I struggled a bit in the middle sector to put the lap together. I knew that it was better than the previous one but I thought it wouldn’t be enough because it was not an ideal one; It was good enough to be third and I’m positively surprised. Mercedes was too far but today it worked out pretty well and we can be happy with this result. There is potential in the car, we are getting where we should be. Tomorrow we can only do our best, with weather conditions you never know and things can quickly change.” Sebastian Vettel: “Today my last run in Q3 was not ideal: I think third position was possible, but I was probably a bit conservative around the last corner. All in all, though, I think it was a good session: the car was behaving well, but maybe in the end I could have pulled out a little bit more out of it. Yesterday on a single lap we were not particularly strong, we struggled a bit, but I think that in the long run we were quite good: so for tomorrow, if it’s dry, we should be in reasonable shape. Mercedes looked very fast also yesterday in the long runs, so obviously we’ll try to stay with them but our main rival I guess will be Red Bull, which had similar pace to us today. In the race I think we’re usually a little bit faster, so hopefully we can get the job done tomorrow. If it rains it will be the first time for everyone this weekend: but it is what it is, I think we have enough rain tires…”  

Brazilian Grand Prix – Ferrari on the second and third row

Posted: 12.11.2016 Source: Ferrari

Kimi third in qualifying, Sebastian fifth Sao Paulo, 12 November – Come the end of this afternoon’s qualifying session for the Brazilian Grand Prix at the Autodromo Carlos Pace in Sao Paulo, Kimi Raikkonen found himself in third place with a time of 1.11.404, while Sebastian Vettel was two places behind his team-mate, fifth in 1.11.495. Lewis Hamilton will start tomorrow’s race from pole position having taken his Mercedes round in a time of 1.10.736.  

Brazilian Grand Prix – FP3, the weather plays its part

Posted: 12.11.2016 Source: Ferrari

Cold and damp for Saturday free practice. Seb 3rd, Kimi 4th Sao Paulo, 12 November – Conditions were completely different at the Interlagos circuit today, with temperatures only just making the 20 °C mark and rain clouds hovering overhead, whereas yesterday’s early track action for the Brazilian Grand Prix had taken place in warm, dry weather. The third free practice session got underway on a damp track that dried out quite quickly after the installation laps. Sebastian Vettel and Kimi Raikkonen needed only a single run on Wet tyres, before both Ferraris used two sets of Softs each to work on qualifying set-up. Vettel did 14 laps, the best in 1.11.959, while team-mate Raikkonen was right behind with a 1.12.027.  

Brazilian Grand Prix – São Paulo 11 November

Posted: 11.11.2016 Source: Ferrari

Kimi Raikkonen: “It was a pretty normal Friday: we tried different things to make it better for tomorrow. It was a bit tricky to find the balance, the set-up is not ideal yet, but we are going in the right direction. I only did a few laps with the Soft, it felt pretty ok and obviously it has the best grip. Unfortunately at the end of the second session we had an issue with one visor which obstructed the cooling duct: the brakes overheated and I had to stop.” Sebastian Vettel: “I think it was a tricky day. The track was very slippery, the temperature hot, and I think everybody was struggling with the tires. It was a bit difficult to find the rhythm. The long run was a bit better for us: I haven’t seen what the others were doing, but I felt a bit more confident with more time and more laps in the car. So in total we tried a lot of things, and now we need to go and see what actually was best. Towards the end of the day it seemed to calm down a bit more, finding the rhythm, which wasn’t the case for the short run, for the fast lap, where I wasn’t very happy. The good news today are that the gaps were very close. Mercedes for sure, as expected, is a bit up front: but other than that, if it stays like this, it bodes well for tomorrow.”  

Brazilian Grand Prix – Free Practice 2: all tyre compounds come into play

Posted: 11.11.2016 Source: Ferrari

Seb 7th, Kimi 8th, a lot of race simulation work Sao Paulo, 11 November – First impressions from the Interlagos circuit, where the second free practice session for the Brazilian Grand Prix has just come to an end. Sebastian Vettel and Kimi Raikkonen both ran Soft tyres on their Ferraris for a qualifying simulation. Then, when it came to working on race pace, they chose different paths. Vettel ran one set of Mediums, setting the seventh quickest time of 1.13.002, ahead of Raikkonen, who started and finished on Hard tyres, setting a 1.13.047, to secure eighth place. Towards, the end, Kimi’s session was disrupted by a problem with the left rear brake, after a tear-off visor from another driver blocked the cooling duct. Lewis Hamilton was quickest for Mercedes in 1.12.271.  

Brazilian Grand Prix – The whole session on Mediums

Posted: 11.11.2016 Source: Ferrari

Seb and Kimi ninth and tenth in FP1 Sao Paulo, 11 November – The three days of action at the Brazilian Grand Prix got underway with the first free practice session at the circuit named in memory of José Carlos Pace in Sao Paulo. It is the 44th edition of this race. The Ferraris are ninth and tenth on the time sheet, separated by just two thousandths of a second with Sebastian Vettel posting a time of 1.13.567 to finish ahead of Kimi Raikkonen who did a 1.13.569. Both Ferrari men used two sets of Medium tyres, working on a programme that featured the use of data acquisition sensors. Kimi also tried a Halo system on his installation lap. Quickest in the session was Mercedes driver Lewis Hamilton with a time of 1.11.895.  

Ferrari Unleashes a Spectrum of Emotions With The Launch of The 488 Passione Rossa

Posted: 11.11.2016 Source: Ferrari

Dubai, 11 November 2016 – Ferrari reaffirms its ability to unleash an unparalleled spectrum of emotions in people with the release of its 488 Passione Rossa video this month. Inspired by the passion, adrenaline and pure joy associated with the 488 range, the footage showcases the agility, responsiveness and breathless exhilaration of the 488GTB and 488 Spider, seen through the eyes of its guests experiencing a very special moment. On a cool night at the Yas Marina Circuit in Abu Dhabi, UAE, Legendary Formula 1 Ferrari driver Giancarlo Fisichella takes a lucky group of Ferrari enthusiasts on an exhilarating track drive under the floodlights of the F1 venue. As he demonstrates the unrivalled power, speed and exhilaration that the Ferrari 488 is capable of, we see the passionate emotional response that only Ferrari can give, etched in the face of his passengers. Their expressions change rapidly from happiness to excitement to sheer disbelief, as they are left with a sense of wonder that lasts far beyond their latest driving session as the engine cools and the lights of the racetrack fade to black. The Ferrari 488 is the latest chapter in Maranello’s ongoing history of open-top V8 sports cars and is Ferrari’s most powerful ever mid-rear-engined V8 car to date. It combines supreme elegance with innovative technological advancement that renders it fast, agile and dynamic. No other car in the world unleashes such an emotional response from the driver, underlining the iconic status of the Prancing Horse stable. A true Passione Rossa. #Ferrari #FerrariMEI #488PassioneRossa #488GTB #488Spider  

Ferrari Owners Club Singapore Drive of the Year 2016

Posted: 13.11.2016 Source: Ferrari

In the spirit of camaraderie formed around the passion of the Prancing Horse, members of the Ferrari Owners Club Singapore (FOCS) came together for the 2016 Drive of the Year to Phuket, Thailand. Gathering together over 20 owners, two convoys of a range of Ferraris, took to the highways and B-roads for the journey north. Departing from Singapore via the Tuas causeway link to Malaysia, the convoys which consisted of models from the modern, lifestyle California T, to the sportier 488 GTB, F12berlinetta and even a couple of 599 F1s, covered a series of open road, delightful local cuisine and experienced gorgeous seaside resorts on the drive which was the longest distance to date for the club. Covering over 3,000 km over a variety of road and weather conditions put each Ferrari and driver to the test, creating a most memorable experience of bonding with their cars and each other. Sharing his thoughts on the Drive of the Year, FOCS President, Gregory Teo, said, “Every activity in the event was arranged to intensify togetherness and broaden driving insights of our members. We are very thankful for the support of the Singapore official distributor, Ital Auto, without which this drive would not have been possible.” “We are always happy to support FOCS in their drives. Ferrari cars are a reflection of great passion and emotion,” said Nick Syn, Director at Ital Auto, “and we are always delighted to know that Ferrari owners are able to come together to share this passion and experiences with each other”.  

Brazilian Grand Prix – “A nice place to race”

Posted: 08.11.2016 Source: Ferrari

Kimi Raikkonen gives his view of Interlagos Maranello, 8 November – For the penultimate act on this long calendar, this weekend the Formula World Championship touches down in Brazil, at the Autodromo José Carlos Pace, in a suburb of Sao Paulo. The circuit has hosted 33 Brazilian Grands Prix, with the other ten in the race’s history held at the Jacarepagua circuit, to the southwest of Rio de Janeiro. The Interlagos circuit lies between two artificial lakes, Guarapiranga and Billings and features a tight and twisty section mixed with high speed parts. Its fifteen corners are a tricky challenge, to which can be added the fact the track sits at 800 metres above sea level. Furthermore, along with Austin, Singapore and Abu Dhabi, it is one of the few circuits that runs anti-clockwise. “It’s a good place to go” reckons Kimi Raikkonen, speaking prior to tackling his 13th weekend at Interlagos, the track where he clinched the World Championship title with the Scuderia in 2007. “It’s a different and “old”, traditional circuit. It’s about short laps and not so many corners, but it’s hard to make a very good lap time and the grid is always very tight there. To lose one tenth means losing a lot of places. Also, there aren’t so many circuits going in an anti-clockwise direction, so it’s always different. Obviously it has been resurfaced many times, and it always goes very well at first. But then year by year it becomes more and more bumpy and it makes it more difficult. They changed the kerbs a bit, so the flow of the circuit also changed a bit. However, it’s one of those circuits where it’s difficult to go fast even if it might not be so tricky to drive.”  

Concorso d’Eleganza Villa d’Este 2017: From the beginnings of automobile construction to the concepts of tomorrow.

Posted: 07.11.2016 Source: BMW

Munich/Cernobbio. BMW Group Classic and the Grand Hotel Villa d’Este will present the world’s most exclusive and traditional heritage beauty contest for historic vehicles from 26 to 28 May 2017 +++ The motto will be: “Around the World in 80 Days – Voyage through an Era of Records” +++ Selecting Committee defines the first five classes.
From 20 – 22 May 2016 historic vehicles of exceptional class and with fascinating stories to tell willcompete for the favour of the high-calibre jury and the approval of the public in the northern Italian town of Cernobbio on Lake Como. Every year, the Selecting Committee for the Concorso d’EleganzaVilla d’Este draws up a spread of categories highlighting different aspects of car-building history in this ongoing retrospective. And now another two classes of competition have been finalised for the2016 event. The category headed “GT Man is back – The golden era of sportscar design, 1950 – 1975” will bring together exclusive representatives of the Gran Turismo genre of carspopular above all in Europe. The “Driven by excess – Cars of the Studio 54 era, 1975 – 1986” class, meanwhile, takes us back to the days when disco ruled, shining the spotlight on models defined by extravagance in both technology and design. This category is the preserve of comparatively young candidates and sees the Selecting Committee once again broadening the spectrum of cars presented at the Concorso d’Eleganza Villa d’Este to appeal to both new entrants and fresh audiences. Munich/Cernobbio. The world’s most exclusive and traditional heritage event for historic automobiles and motorcycles will be held once more on the shores of Lake Como, Italy, in 2017. The most beautiful classic vehicles will be presented at Cernobbio in Northern Italy from 26 to 28 May 2017 in the Concorso d’Eleganza Villa d’Este. The motto “Around the World in 80 Days – Voyage through an Era of Records” will take the story of automobile production from the early years to the present day, and will even extend the trajectory into the future. This is because apart from award classes for the rarities from the past, the vehicle class for Concept Cars and Prototypes also presents a vision for the automobiles of the future. Over many years, this classic weekend has enjoyed a unique position among beauty contests for classic automobiles and motorcycles thanks to the elegance of the event, the unforgettable atmosphere, and the small, exclusive field of participants. The Selecting Committee made up of international experts has already defined five of the planned nine vehicle classes: 1. Speed Demons: Endurance Pioneers of the Golden Age This class features pre-war sports and record cars combining Old World style with rugged performance. 2. Faster, Quieter, Smoother: Heroes of the Jet Age Beautiful automobiles from the 1950s and beyond that continue to define their raison d’être by long-distance feats. 3. Travelling in Style: Around the World in 40 Years If Phileas Fogg, the hero of Jules Verne’s iconic novel, had embarked on his epic journey around the world 40 years later, how would he have motored? Help him choose from the best in Edwardian luxury. 4. The Grand Tour Continues: The Next 40 Years Would Fogg‘s descendants have followed in his intrepid footsteps? And would their taste in motor cars have been as impeccable as Great-Uncle Phileas‘? Unquestionably. Here‘s how they would have travelled between 1946 and 1986. 5. Racers on the Road: Playboys’ Toys The road-converted racing machines in this category are loud, unsuitable for the public highway and wholly impractical. In short, the perfect match for their exuberant first owners, the playboys of their era. However, the Concorso d’Eleganza Villa d’Este is not simply a snapshot of the glittering past of automobile construction. The show also looks at the future of the sector. The class of Concept Cars and Prototypes presents automobile studies and concepts which showcase the automobiles of tomorrow. No other classic event in the world looks at the sector from this perspective. The class features cars penned by the most prestigious designers of our time. These visions for the automobile design of tomorrow provide an enticing contrast to the retrospective show of important historic vehicles and their epochs. The vehicles in all award classes are judged by a distinguished Expert Jury. However, the participants also have to appeal to the public because their votes – as in the case of Concept Cars and Prototypes – decide on the winners of several special prizes. Historic two-wheelers and a milestone for mobility. An outstanding field of participants also awaits friends of classic two-wheelers. The Concorso di Motociclette is one of the high points on the second event day. In 2017, the convoy of rare motorcycles will once again go on an outing along public roads to reach Villa d’Este and Villa Erba. In many ways, the motto of the Concorso d’Eleganza Villa d’Este in 2017 connects the cars of the present to the cars in history. In 1873, the novel written by Jules Verne was published for the first time. This was also the year when Villa d’Este opened its doors as the Grand Hotel. Even today, the wonderful parkland, grounds and gardens bear witness to the glamour of this era and this is where the competing vehicles will be presented. The era famous for travel around the world also marked a milestone in the mobility of humanity. This was the first time that people other than sailors, missionaries or scientists were able to embark on a journey – it became possible for all those passengers who embarked on steamships or travelled by train. This was an era when a system of global transport was being created together with its network structures. During this time, ground-breaking inventions like telegraphy and the telephone were dramatically changing the world. The Concorso d’Eleganza Villa d’Este was held for the first time in 1929 – at the time it was still a show for new launches in the automobile sector. In 1999, the BMW Group took over as patron, and since 2005 BMW Group Classic has been working together with the Grand Hotel Villa d’Este as the organiser of the pageant of illustrious rare vehicles. Every year, thousands of enthusiasts and participants from all over the world come to the Concorso. Registrations Owners of rare historic automobiles and motorcycles can still register their vehicle at The international Selecting Committee then decides on the final approval for this illustrious contest.  

Ferrari in the land of the rising sun

Posted: 07.11.2016 Source: Ferrari

Over 70 Ferraris set off to discover exquisite Japan during the International Cavalcade Kyoto, 7 November 2016 – From 10 November until 14 November, the international edition of Cavalcade, Ferrari’s prestigious driving event, will take place in Japan. To celebrate 50 years of Ferrari in Japan, the event will be organised in the former imperial capital city of Kyoto in collaboration with the City of Kyoto and the Kyoto Convention and Visitors Bureau (KCVB). Approximately 70 Ferraris driven by clients hailing from more than 24 nations will participate in the rally which sets off every day from the city, and they will enjoy the historical and aesthetic destinations that are painted in the colors of autumn. All current range Ferraris will be represented in the three-day rally, including the limited edition F12tdf and the hybrid supercar LaFerrari. In addition there will be a few examples of past Ferrari legends such as the Enzo Ferrari, F40 and 599 GTB. Since 2012 Ferrari Cavalcade has become the annual not to be missed rendezvous for Ferrari’s most important clients. Conceived to celebrate the joy of driving combined with magnificent scenery and culture, the event takes place in a different part of Italy every year. In addition, as of last year, Ferrari has also introduced an international rendition of the Cavalcade designed to take clients beyond Italy to explore a new part of the world every year. The first International Cavalcade took place in 2015 in Northern California, while this year’s edition travels to Kyoto. The event promises to deliver the unmistakable excitement, beauty and camaraderie that only Ferrari Cavalcade can offer. The fleet will start out from the Jingu-michi alongside the beautiful red-lacquered Heian Shrine. On the first day, Ferraristi will head to Awaji Island crossing the engineering marvel that is the Akashi Kaikyo Bridge, test the power and agility of their cars on Central Circuit and drive through the rural landscape of Sasayama. The second day pays homage to the magical area around Lake Biwa and includes Hieizan Enryakuji which is one of the UNESCO sites, as well as a drive amidst the majestic Sequoia trees of Takashima and a stop by the Castle of Hikone. On the third and final driving day, the group will head to south and explore the ancient capital of Nara, where the guests will stop to visit the Todai-ji Temple, the remains of Heijo Imperial Palace and the summit of Mt. Wakakusa, and visit Osaka, passing through Midosuji and stopping at the Castle. The International Cavalcade is just one in a series of events to celebrate Ferrari’s 50th anniversary in Japan. It also coincides with the 150th anniversary of Japan and Italy’s trade relations.  

Ferrari Racing Days – A grand finale at Homestead

Posted: 06.11.2016 Source: Ferrari

Homestead, 6 November 2016 – The Ferrari Racing Days at Homestead, near Miami closed with a day of excitement and entertainment. Fans enjoyed a show from a handful of F1 Clienti cars and around 20 cars of the XX Programmes, including the wonderful FXX K and more than thirty 458 Challenge EVOs which battled it out on the Florida speedway. Formula 1 and more. The F1 Clienti cars offered a spectacle that as usual aroused adrenaline, wonder and curiosity. The adrenaline came through seeing these cars live after having followed them from home on tracks around the world. To listen to the live sound of the 12 cylinder Formula 1 engine, mounted in this case on the 412 T1 and T2 of 1994 and 1995 is a fantastic experience for fans of the category. Then along with the single-seaters we also saw one of the most successful Ferraris in history, the F333 SP “barchetta” of 1998 that won so much in America and also secured the Prancing Horse its last overall win in the legendary 24 Hours of Daytona. Technological jewels. As usual, the cars of the XX Programmes attracted the eye of the public and enthusiasts. The show included all three cars that have marked the history of this very special Corse Clienti activity. These vehicles are only approved for use only on track, but are made with total design freedom, as they don’t compete in any championship. They are entrusted to a highly select group of customers who also act as testers for Maranello helping the engineers by collecting telemetry data for the design of the Ferraris of the future. Motorsport. The fans were also treated to competitive races. Sunday, like the previous day, saw two races of the penultimate round of the Ferrari Challenge North America. Then there was no shortage of opportunities for gathering in the paddock including of course the display of the range of road cars glittering proudly under the Miami sun. The sadness that came at the end of each event of the Ferrari Racing Days at Homestead was mitigated by the fact that in less than a month there will be an extraordinary opportunity to see a similar Ferrari show. Indeed, from 1 to 4 December the legendary Daytona track will host the Finali Mondiali, the first ever organised in America.  

Ferrari Challenge NA – Courtney wins Coppa Shell championship

Posted: 06.11.2016 Source: Ferrari

Homestead, 6 November 2016 – A weekend of exciting races full of overtaking and tight duels at the Ferrari Challenge North America saw the award of the first of the three titles at stake in the series. Joe Courtney (Ferrari of San Francisco) ensured we wouldn’t have to wait until the Finali Mondiali at Daytona to find the successor to Jean-Claude Saada in the Coppa Shell roll of fame. He now commands an insurmountable lead of 57 points over Chris Cagnazzi (Ferrari of Long Island). However, there is all still to play for in the other categories with Carlos Kauffmann closing in on the Trofeo Pirelli title, while just two points separate Steve Johnson and James Weiland. Coppa Shell. The day began with the Coppa Shell, as usual packed with twists and turns and wheel-to-wheel duels. Matt Keegan and Karl Williams again took centre stage. At the end of a long battle Keegan (Ferrari of San Francisco) scored his second successive win, with his Ferrari of Beverly Hills rival finishing second just like Saturday. After a disappointing Race-1, Courtney did the necessary, notching up a good third place, which combined with a fifth for Cagnazzi, secured him the title. Trofeo Pirelli. The Trofeo Pirelli at Homestead was once again dominated by guest stars attracted by the location and the fact that they could drive a performance car like the 458 Challenge EVO. Daniel Mancinelli grabbed a second successive victory at the wheel of the car normally driven for The Collection by the injured Gregory Romanelli. Just like Saturday he finished ahead of Cooper MacNeil and Martin Fuentes of Ferrari of Beverly Hills (Scuderia Corsa). Championship leader Carlos Kauffmann drove the car of Ferrari of Fort Lauderdale to an important fourth place that only leaves Emmanuel Anassis (Ferrari of Quebec) with a mathematical chance of catching him. However, the latter has missed all the recent rounds. Trofeo Pirelli Am. In contrast the winner of the Trofeo Pirelli Am will only be decided at the Finali Mondiali from 1 to 4 December on the legendary Daytona track. There are still four potential champions although Steve Johnson and James Weiland are favourites, with just three points between them. Marc Muzzo (Ferrari of Ontario) triumphed in Race-2 and is now 36 points off top spot. Second place went once again to James Weiland (Boardwalk Ferrari) ahead of Steve Johnson (Ferrari of Fort Lauderdale) who had climbed above him on Saturday. Now there are only three points between them, but there is also a fourth driver who is still in with a shout. Arthur Romanelli (The Collection) has moved into fourth place and is now 41 points in arrears. Now we just have to wait for the two races of the Ferrari Challenge North America on for 2 and 3 December at Daytona.  

Ferrari Challenge North America – A perfect day for Mancinelli, Johnson and Keegan

Posted: 05.11.2016 Source: Ferrari

Homestead, 5 November 2016 – It was a Saturday to remember at the Ferrari Racing Days in Homestead, where the first two races of the penultimate round of the Ferrari Challenge North America were held. The races, which were full of exciting and audacious overtakes, left the three remaining championship races wide open, with just the two races on Sunday and the World Finals to wait for at the end of the season. Trofeo Pirelli. The Trofeo Pirelli race, held under the hot Miami sun, saw the guest stars of the weekend take centre stage. The overall victory went to Daniel Mancinelli, who was replacing the injured Gregory Romanelli in this event. The Italian driver for The Collection, who had already taken part in the Italian GT Championship in the 488 GT3 by Easy Race, put paid to the competition by winning ahead of the two drivers starting this weekend for Ferrari of Beverly Hills (Scuderia Corsa) team, Cooper MacNeil, and the fresh Pirelli World Challenge GTA champion Martin Fuentes. Kauffmann (Ferrari of Fort Lauderdale), the leader in class, only managed to secure fifth place, after a race that was blighted by a number of issues from the very start. The Venezuelan driver, aided by the withdrawal of Emmanuel Anassis, is still leading the standings. Trofeo Pirelli Am. The Trofeo Pirelli Am was also an extremely tight race, with Steve Johnson (Ferrari of Fort Lauderdale) successfully overtaking classification leader James Weiland. The two drivers took the top two places in the race, confirming the rivalry ignited at the start of the season. With third place in the race and in the championship, Arthur Romanelli (The Collection) managed to keep behind Marc Muzzo, in a gripping, intense duel. Elsewhere, Francisco Longo (Ferrari of Beverly Hills) took sixth place in his first race of the season. Coppa Shell. Coppa Shell offered another exciting, eventful race, which saw Matt Keegan (Ferrari of San Francisco) secure his third win of the season, provisionally ushering Jean-Claude Saada (who came third in the race on the Boardwalk Ferrari’s 458 Challenge EVO) into third place in the standings. Second place went to Karl Williams (Ferrari of Beverly Hills), who succeeded in making life difficult for the winner of the day. No great shakes in the race for championship leader Joe Courtney, who finished sixth, two places behind his biggest rival in the classification, Chris Cagnazzi (Ferrari of Long Island). However, Courtney nonetheless maintains a reassuring lead in the championship. Tomorrow they do it again, with the Coppa Shell and Trofeo Pirelli second races at 2pm and 3pm local time (7pm and 8pm CET).  

Ferrari Racing Days – Seventy Ferrari cars on track at Homestead

Posted: 04.11.2016 Source: Ferrari

Homestead, 4 November 2016 – The Ferrari Racing Days take place this weekend at Homestead, near Miami, with 70 Ferraris on track in the various activities organised by Corse Clienti. The drivers of the Ferrari Challenge North America will do battle on the infield of Miami Speedway, in the last act before the Finali Mondiali in just under a month at Daytona, but there will also be the cars of F1 Clienti and the XX Programmes, with all three of its vehicles represented, from the FXX of 2005 to the FXX K, the latest with over 1000 hp. Infinite power. The FXX Ks are most eagerly awaited along the track’s 15 bends. Nine of these cars will be at Homestead, driven by the special customer-testers who at each session help Ferrari to understand the car better and thus design its next models. This hybrid car will also be driven by Jean-Claude Saada, one of the leading competitors at the Ferrari Challenge North America in the Coppa Shell class. In addition to the FXX K there will be the extraordinary 599XX and 599XX EVO, with their downforce particularly effective on a track like Homestead. The FXX of 2005, the founder car of the XX Programmes, will also be there showing how these cars never lose charm or performance. F1 Clienti. Miami Speedway will see the cars of F1 Clienti cars that made the history of the category, and that thanks to an event that only Ferrari could put on, return to thrill the fans on tracks around the world in the hands of a few lucky customers. The models that will lap in this edition of the Ferrari Racing Days will span 16 years of history. They range from the 412 T1 of 1994, the car that thanks to Gerhard Berger at Hockenheim brought the Scuderia victory after three barren years, to the 412 T2 of 1995, the last Ferrari Formula 1 with a 12-cylinder engine. The sound of this car is intoxicating and is universally recognised as one of the most exciting of all time. The fans will then see two queens of the track, the F2003-GA and the F2004, cars that dominated Formula 1 in the golden era of Michael Schumacher. Also of note is the presence of the F150° Italia of 2011, the car that won the British Grand Prix with Fernando Alonso. Along with the F1 cars there will also be a prototype, an extraordinary F333 SP prototype of 1994, the last car to win an overall victory for Ferrari at the 24 Hours of Daytona in 1998. Challenge. Homestead is also the scene of the sixth round of the Ferrari Challenge Europe, with 38 drivers raring to go at the wheels of their 458 Challenge EVOs in the last two races before the Finali Mondiali of Daytona. The rankings are very open so it is bound to be quite a show. The track activities kick off on Friday at 9 am local time (2 pm CET) with the Esperienza Challenge, the Challenge North America and the first sessions of the F1 Clienti and XX Programmes. Saturday and Sunday get going at 9 am with, in addition to the F1 Clienti and XX Programmes sessions, the two races of the Challenge, at 3 pm and 4 pm on Saturday and at 2 pm and 3 pm on Sunday. The show at Homestead is thus really something not to be missed.  

Ferrari Challenge NA – Championship goes to Homestead for 6th round

Posted: 04.11.2016 Source: Ferrari

Homestead, 4 November 2016 – The grand finale of the Ferrari Challenge North America gets underway this weekend with the sixth round of the world’s most famous one-make series as part of the Ferrari Racing Days at Homestead. It takes place less than a month from the final act of the season, the Finali Mondiali in Daytona from 1 to 4 December. The rankings are all very open but Homestead could prove to be a springboard to the title. Trofeo Pirelli. Carlos Kauffmann tops the standings in the Trofeo Pirelli with the Ferrari of Ft. Lauderdale team. After winning five podiums in the first eight races of the season, he launched an assault on top spot at Lime Rock with two victories that took him above Emmanuel Anassis (Ferrari Quebec). The fight for the title is now between these two drivers after Gregory Romanelli, third in the standings, pulled out injured. The Italian-American who races for The Collection team, won’t be there but his car will be driven by Daniel Mancinelli, who Romanelli partnered in the Italian GT Championship in a 488 GT3 for Easy Race team. Besides Mancinelli, there is also Wei Lu, fourth in the standings, and the two Scuderia Corsa drivers, Cooper MacNeil and especially Martin Fuentes, the Mexican phenomenon fresh from victory in the GTA class of the Pirelli World Challenge. Trofeo Pirelli Am. The battle in the Am class of the Trofeo Pirelli is wide open. Four title contenders will be on the track at Homestead. James Weiland (Boardwalk Ferrari) and Steve Johnson (Ferrari of Ft. Lauderdale) have a 138-point lead at the top of the standings. Weiland, also competing in the Challenge Europe and the Asia-Pacific, boasts four victories (the two races at COTA and Montreal) against the three for Johnson but, besides Race-1 in Sonoma, his two wins came in the first round of the season at Daytona, where he will return in December. If Johnson doesn’t cede too many points to Weiland at Homestead he could arrive at the Finali Mondiali in a position to turn things around. There are two other awkward customers: Arthur Romanelli (The Collection), fresh from victory in Race-1 at Lime Rock, on 109 points, and Marc Muzzo (Ferrari of Ontario) whose win in Race-2 at Lime Rock has put him on 105 points. Coppa Shell. The Coppa Shell also sees a two-man fight for the title, although in this case there is a favourite: Joe Courtney, who has won six races out of 10 at the wheel of the 458 Challenge EVO of Mille Motor Cars. The US driver will have to guard against the attacks of Chris Cagnazzi (Ferrari of Long Island) whose strongpoint is consistency and who is still battling for the title. Also in with a shout is defending champion Jean-Claude Saada (Boardwalk Ferrari), as well as Matt Keegan (Ferrari of San Francisco) and Rick Lovat (Ferrari of Ontario), with two wins each so far. Programme. Four races are scheduled for the weekend for the Trofeo Pirelli and Coppa Shell. After testing on Friday, qualifying for the Trofeo Pirelli is at 11:25 am local time (4:25 pm) with Race-1 at 3pm (8 pm CET), while Coppa Shell qualifying is at 11:50 am (4:50 pm CET) and Race-1 at 4 pm (9 pm CET). On Sunday qualifying is at 10.50 am and 11:15 am (4:50 pm and 5:15 pm CET) with Race-2 of the Coppa Shell at 2 pm (8 pm CET) and the Trofeo Pirelli at 3 pm (9 pm CET).  

Finali Mondiali – Vettel and Raikkonen on track at Daytona

Posted: 02.11.2016 Source: Ferrari

Maranello, 2 Nov – Sebastian Vettel and Kimi Raikkonen will drive Ferrari’s Formula 1 cars on the parabolic curves of the legendary Daytona track at the Finali Mondiali. Unforgettable show. Sebastian and Kimi will be among the stars of the Ferrari Show on the Sunday, when the Scuderia will perform pit stops, lightning accelerations and thrilling laps on the 31-degree parabolic curves. Scuderia Ferrari Team Principal Maurizio Arrivabene, will also be there along with other official Ferrari drivers, testers and the competitors in the most important European and American GT championships. Global event. This year’s Ferrari Finali Mondiali will take place in America from December 1 – 4th for the first time after previously being held in Italy, Valencia and Abu Dhabi. The event, which closes the Ferrari sporting season, will also include the last races of the three Ferrari Challenge series and the awarding of the continental and world titles, as well as the entertainment offered by F1 Clienti and XX Programmes whose FXX K offers an output of more than 1000 hp. A show not to be missed in one of Ferrari’s favourite countries.