Hungarian Test – F1 is going on holiday

Posted: 01.08.2018
Source: Ferrari

Kimi brings test to an end: almost 1000 Km over 2 days for the SF71H

Mogyorod, 1 August –Kimi Raikkonen got behind the wheel of the SF71H, while Antonio Giovinazzi, who had driven it yesterday, was having another day of testing, this time in the Alfa Sauber. Temperatures stayed around the 35 degree mark, while the track surface got as hot as 54 during the day.

Kimi had a busy programme to tackle, focused on various set-up solutions and tyre testing looking at five compounds; Medium, Soft, Supersoft, Ultrasoft and one set of experimental and therefore unmarked Pirellis.

By the end of the day and despite several red flag interruptions, Kimi had covered 131 laps, the best of which being a 1’15”649, set on used Hypersoft tyres, that Giovinazzi had run yesterday.

“In the end, it’s not that different to a Friday at a Grand Prix,” commented the driver, “when you try out various solutions. And that’s why, being a test, the lap times don’t mean much.”

Over the two days of testing, the SF71H completed 227 laps, equal to 994 kilometres. Now, the engines on track fall silent and at the end of this week, almost all work within the teams comes to a halt, starting up again a few days before the Belgian GP, on the last weekend of August.


Test T4, Giovinazzi Marathon Man

Posted: 31.07.2018
Source: Ferrari

96 laps and programme completed: “Driving the Ferrari is always special”

Mogyorod, 31 July – Antonio Giovinazzi could have done with just a few more laps, partly to round it up to a hundred, or even 99, which is his favourite number and the one he had on the SF71H today, or maybe just because “driving a Ferrari is always special.” His running was cut short by a sudden and heavy downpour just as the team was preparing to send him out for his final run. However, on this first day of testing at the Hungaroring, the programme was successfully completed and Antonio’s second “rookie day,” after the one in which he took part in Barcelona, ended with a best lap of 1’15”648, set on the Hypersoft tyres and his lap total was 96. Antonio also ran with the Medium, Soft and Supersoft compounds. Tomorrow, Kimi Raikkonen  gets behind the wheel for the final day.


Hungarian Grand Prix – Budapest 29 July

Posted: 29.07.2018
Source: Ferrari

Maurizio Arrivabene: “At a track where overtaking in the race is always difficult, we managed to finish higher up the order than we started, thanks to the efforts of the entire team and a great performance from both drivers. Now we still have one week at work before the summer break, which will allow us to reflect calmly on the races yet to come. There is still a long way to go this season and the important thing is for the team to work in a calm and determined fashion, giving its all during the second half of the season.”

Sebastian Vettel: “Today we were fast in the first stint, but at the end I was a little bit disappointed because I had lost 3 or 4 seconds in the traffic. The pit stop we did was not ideal either, as we lost some time there. Then it was very hard, when I was running close to Valtteri and trying to overtake him. However, at the end I knew I could be faster than him thanks to my tires, which were fresher. However, we tried everything we could and I think second position is the best result we could get today. I think there’s a lot of things we did well and some others not that much, but that’s part of the game. It has been a very hard week for all of us, so I think that having both cars on the podium is a very good result. I am happy to see that the car is fast, it has worked well on every track so far, so I think this is the most important thing. Our car has a big potential, so I feel relaxed, going on holiday, for the races to come.”

Kimi Raikkonen: “The start was ok, I got a tow and I was deciding which side I should go; but then Bottas moved the same side, trying to block me, so I braked earlier and lost the position to Sebastian. After that it was all about trying to get some free air and use the speed I had, giving myself a hard time in trying to to put pressure on the others and not being able to save the tires. The race went by pretty quick, we were pushing through the whole race with decent tires all the time because of the two-strategy stops we had. The fact of not having my drink bottle available was obviously not ideal, but not so much of an issue either. Today we had the speed, but we know that this is a tricky circuit for overtaking. The race was decided yesterday in qualifying, but in the end we managed to get back one place each. Second and third is the maximum we could hope for today; it’s quite an ok result, but it’s not what we want. On the second half of the season we’ll try to turn it around and do a bit better. I know it’s still a long way to go, anything can happen and things can change quickly. We keep pushing, trying to improve on the small details and be consistent, and I’m sure we can get higher podium positions.”


Hungarian Grand Prix – Combative and spectacular

Posted: 29.07.2018
Source: Ferrari

Seb and Kimi fight to the flag: 33 points for the Scuderia

Mogyorod, 29 July  –From second row on the grid to a double podium finish. With Seb second and Kimi third, Scuderia Ferrari probably got the most they could out of a difficult Sunday. However, there has to be a question mark, or maybe regret, about what might have been, but for a moment’s hesitation at the pit stop. Or for that matter, if it hadn’t rained on Saturday afternoon. But the SF71H continues to show it is strong everywhere and Vettel’s overtake on Bottas was the best move of the race.

FILM OF THE RACE. Kimi started from third on the Ultrasoft tyres and behind him, Seb  was the only driver in the top four to opt for Softs, which would offer less performance at the start but would last longer. It was a normal start up to turn 2 when Seb went round the outside of Kimi, from which point on he had to manage his pace.

Raikkonen was the first to pit, coming in on lap 15 for Softs, with Bottas covering the move next time round. After 20 laps, Seb began to step up the pace with the aim of pulling out a big enough lead over Bottas in order to stay ahead after the pit stop. That brought down the gap to Hamilton who pitted on lap 26, fitting the Softs, or the Options if you prefer engineers-speak.

Sebastian continued to gain on Valtteri and therefore stay on track. Kimi was also catching his fellow countryman, having lost a bit of time at the pit stop while tyre debris was cleared out of the brake duct.

After 33 laps, Raikkonen was now in DRS distance of Bottas, but overtaking is not easy here and there are backmarkers to steer clear of and Seb also radioed the pit wall to ask for the blue flags.

On lap 39, the Ferrari mechanics stepped out into the pit lane to fit another set of the yellow banded tyres for Kimi. As planned, Seb went for the Quali tyres, the purple-banded Ultrasofts. But the stop took longer than planned and the SF71H emerged behind Bottas who had significantly upped his pace. The two men duelled on track, while Kimi set a fastest race lap. In fact, now the main concern was not attacking, but not staying too close to the car in front in order to control the brake temperatures.

In the last 20 laps, the number 5 car closed up again before a Virtual Safety Car was needed after Vandoorne stopped on track. As the race resumed, Vettel’s Ultrasofts were still in great condition, but after Monaco, the Hungaroring is the worst track for those who enjoy watching overtaking moves. By now, Kimi had closed right up on these two, which on any other track would have been the prelude to some thrilling action.

Lap 65 and Seb made a bold move down the outside, taking the inside line through turn 2 to go ahead of Bottas, who, in trying to defend his position, hit the Ferrari damaging his front wing, which meant Kimi was able to slip by. The race had turned around but too late to aim for the top position. But nevertheless it was a race in which Ferrari could take pride in its combative nature.


Hungarian Grand Prix – “We have to be positively happy”

Posted: 28.07.2018
Source: Ferrari

Kimi: not so lucky with traffic. Seb: good car for the race

Mogyoròd, July 28 – The lottery of a wet qualifying session resulted in Scuderia Ferrari drivers, Kimi Raikkonen and Sebastian Vettel, taking 3rd and 4th place on the grid respectively. Conditions were tricky throughout the session as rain was falling with variable intensity and some sections of the track were flooded, while you could see semi-dry patches in others, so the call for tyres was always difficult in the first two segments, while the third one saw the Extreme Wet compound being the only sensible choice. The SF71Hs could not capitalize on the performance advantage that had been apparent in the dry P3 session, but both drives are determined to do their best in tomorrow’s 70 lap race, for which dry and particularly hot conditions are currently forecast.

“Overall” Kimi commented “this weekend the car has been really good in any conditions. In qualifying it was a bit tricky, but I enjoyed driving it a lot. The speed was there and the car was working well in wet conditions. Today we were more competitive in the rain than we had been in other places; It was nice, I was pleased because this hadn’t been our strongest point lately. In Q3 with used tires we were fastest of all, but with the new set we were a bit unlucky with the traffic; we got stuck a bit behind another car and with all the spray we could not have a clear lap. There was nothing we could do, as we were limited on time. It’s a pity because there was a lot of grip on the new tires: I’m sure we had the speed and everything else to get the first place, but we have to be positively happy that now we can actually challenge for the front in wet conditions”.

“I don’t think it was an awful session overall”, said Seb; “we were just not quick enough. Conditions were tricky and it was hard to squeeze everything out of the car, but I think my laps were generally fine. In wet conditions, we weren’t so confident as we had been in the dry, so we have some work to do. Today it was not a straightforward session, but I think we managed it well until the end. Obviously, we were missing a bit of something, but that’s how it is. We’ll see what tomorrow brings: the start is important, but the race is 70 laps long and I think we’ll be fine. I’ll move off from the second row, so we’ll focus on what we need to do starting from there. However, we have a good car no matter the conditions, and that’s the main thing”.


Hungarian Grand Prix – Scuderia Ferrari on second row

Posted: 28.07.2018
Source: Ferrari

Qualifying in the rain

Budapest 28 July – At the end of a qualifying session held in the rain, Kimi Raikkonen was third fastest in a time of 1’36”186. His German team-mate Sebastian Vettel posted a 1’36”210 to secure fourth place on the grid. The Scuderia Ferrari drivers used Intermediate, Ultrasoft and full wet tyres  during the session. The red lights go out to start the race at 1510 tomorrow.




Hungarian Grand Prix – Final practice at Hungaroring

Posted: 28.07.2018
Source: Ferrari

Seb 1stKimi 3rd for Ferrari

Budapest, 28 July – At the end of the final free practice session at the Hungaroring circuit, Sebastian Vettel was fastest in 1’16”170. Team-mate Kimi Raikkonen was third quickest this morning in1’16”373. Both drivers followed the same tyre programme, running the purple-banded Ultrasofts for the whole session.

Next up is qualifying at 15h00.



Hungarian Grand Prix – “We have to focus on the job”

Posted: 27.07.2018
Source: Ferrari

Seb and Kimi: not an easy Friday, but “technically one of the best”

Mogyorod – The best way for Scuderia Ferrari to honor the late Sergio Marchionne and endure the tragic events of this week is to focus on the job we have to do this weekend. Both Sebastian Vettel and Kimi Raikkonen are well aware of this and the whole team did their best in the first day of practice at the Hungaroring, an effort resulting in a convincing pace in both the fast laps and the long runs. But it’s only Friday and the real challenge will begin tomorrow on the hot, 4.381 kilometre-long track just a few miles from Budapest.

“I was pretty happy in the afternoon” Seb said “more than in the morning session, as I think the car is performing well also over one lap. We can still improve, but this has been one of the best Fridays so far, technically speaking. Having a great amount of work ahead of us is probably the best thing for keeping our mind busy and getting through the weekend. It’s not easy, but I focused on the job to do. On this track, the qualifying session and the start are very important and can make the difference because overtaking is very difficult. Getting ahead after the first couple of corners is crucial, but there’s a lot of work to do before getting to that point”.

“It was a very normal Friday”, Kimi commented “trying things and learning as much as possible. The conditions were not very easy in many ways, but it’s normal on a Friday. We don’t really pay too much attention to the lap times, they really don’t count in a practice session. For sure we still have some work to do, but it was not too bad and the car worked as we expected. Hopefully tomorrow we’ll have the speed we need”.


Hungarian Grand Prix – Scuderia Ferrari 1st and 4th

Posted: 27.07.2018
Source: Ferrari

Friday practice comes to an end

Budapest, 27 July – Friday’s F1 track action has come to an end at the Hungaroring and the Scuderia Ferrari drivers ended up first and fourth in the second free practice session. Sebastian Vettel posted a lap in 1’16”834 and Kimi Raikkonen did a 1’17”153. At the start of the session, the Finn ran the Medium tyres, while his German team-mate opted for the Softs. Then, both men were on the same tyre programme, using the purple-banded Ultrasofts, before switching back to the Softs for the long runs.

The final free practice session takes place tomorrow at 12, followed by qualifyin at 15h00.


Hungarian Grand Prix – Free practice begins at Hungaroring

Posted: 27.07.2018
Source: Ferrari

Ferrari 2nd and 4th fastest

Budapest, 27 July– This is the final Formula 1 race weekend prior to the summer break. At the end of the first free practice session, Sebastian Vettel was second quickest in a time of 1’17”692 and his Scuderia Ferrari team-mate Kimi Raikkonen was fourth in 1’17”948. The German used only Ultrasoft tyres, while his Finnish team-mate also used the yellow softs in addition to the purple banded compound. The second practice starts at 15h00.



Hungarian Grand Prix – Budapest 20 years ago

Posted: 24.07.2018
Source: Ferrari

Recalling a special time when there was no summer break

That particular 16th August is now twenty years ago. There was no summer break back then, but there were only sixteen Grands Prix in the season, the Hungaroring was less than four kilometres in length and had only been on the calendar for thirteen years. It was the first season of grooved tyres and narrow track F1 cars, the fifth year of refuelling which had such a major impact on strategy.

The victory on 16th August was one of Michael Schumacher’s best with Scuderia Ferrari, mainly because the win had seemed impossible. It was a brilliant result built on ability, coordination and concentration, the concentration required to switch from a two to a three stop strategy after 43 laps, while building up enough of an advantage to emerge still in the lead. And all that while dealing with the Hungarian circuit’s notorious traffic.

Leap forward twenty years and the F1 cars are nice and wide again, refuelling has gone, the Hungaroring main straight is longer and following the GP and two days of testing on Tuesday 31 July and 1 August, the teams will take a well-deserved break as from the following week. Those who build up the pit garages have not had a day off since Germany, heading from there directly to Budapest. The majority of the race team arrives on Wednesday. It’s been a demanding time for everyone and not just because of the work. As for the race, it’s a well-known fact that the Hungarian track is slow, with Vettel’s 2017 pole lap run at just over 206 km/h and overtaking is not easy. The dry tyres available will again be the Medium, Soft and Ultrasoft, while there are a few question marks over the weather for qualifying and the race.


German Grand Prix – Hockenheim 22 July

Posted: 22.07.2018
Source: Ferrari

Maurizio Arrivabene: “In what was a particularly fraught weekend for the team, it would have been important for us to bring home the win and our car had shown it was up to the job. Unfortunately, things did not go as planned. Kimi drove a great race to make it to the podium. We now head off immediately for Hungary, determined to give it our best shot, just prior to the summer break.”

Kimi Raikkonen: “It was pretty difficult out there today. Surprisingly, in some corners there was decent grip and in some others there was none at all; we could feel the rain especially in Turns 2 and 6. It was hard to tell when to slow down and where the grip was. Obviously, you had to make your decision before the braking zone, knowing that if it happens to be wetter than you expected, there’s not much you can do. It was not easy but we tried to make the best calls and I think we got it right. The most tricky moments were before the safety car came in; it felt like it was raining a lot, somehow we had some decent grip and suddenly quite bad grip. At one point I had a moment with some back-markers and unfortunately I lost second place. In many ways it could have been better today, but this is what we got. I think that we made the most of it, considering the situation.”

Sebastian Vettel: “There’s not much to say: I made a small mistake which had a huge impact on the result. I braked just a tiny bit too late for the corner, locked the front tires and then the rear ones, so that I couldn’t turn the car anymore. I think I had managed everything right before that. We had the pace and we had been in control of the race up to that point. It was my mistake, so I am disappointed, but I don’t think we still have to show what we can do. We’ve shown everywhere that we are competitive, so I am looking forward to Hungary next weekend.”


German Grand Prix – A cold shower

Posted: 22.07.2018
Source: Ferrari

Kimi 3rd but Seb goes off in the wet in an incredible race

Hockenheim, 22 July –A possible win became an open wound. Come the end of a mad race, Scuderia Ferrari brought home a third place courtesy of Kimi Raikkinen. Seb Vettel started from pole and, having been the only driver to score points in every race so far this season, suffered his first retirement of the season, when he made a mistake in the rain at turn 13. It’s been a particularly difficult weekend, following the news about President Marchionne and the final result was a long way off what had been expected. But that’s racing and now we just have to fight back immediately from this black Sunday.

STORY OF THE RACE: Seb got away well from pole, as did Kimi from third. The number 5 Ferrari had the slenderest of leads, while the 7 car fought with Verstappen. Already, there were a few tiny drops of rain appearing on visors. The ideal strategy involved the lead car having an advantage of around 4 seconds or so, but everyone was having to keep an eye on the degradation on the Ultrasofts.

At the end of lap 14, Kimi pitted as scheduled. The Softs were ready for him and a small change was made to his front wing angle. He managed to rejoin ahead of Hamilton, who was working his way up from 14th on the grid.

Raikkonen immediately set the race fastest lap and was ready for a remote battle with Bottas who was yet to pit. Seb had a lead of 5” over Bottas and around 22 on Hamilton, the aim of getting out ahead of the Mercedes. With the Softs fitted, he managed it.

Bottas opted for the same compound, while Ricciardo stopped out on track. Ahead of the Ferrari duo, Verstappen pitted. 30 laps went by and Kimi set the fastest lap. But another factor came into play, as rain was predicted shortly after 4.

On lap 36, Seb was within DRS distance of his team-mate who had blistering on his rear tyres. As they were running different strategies there was no  point in an inter-family duel and on lap 39, Seb got ahead of KImi at the hairpin.

With 24 laps remaining, Hamilton switched to the Ultrasofts, clearly gambling on dry conditions. A few drops began to fall at turn 2 and a light shower hit turn 6. Seb confirmed on the radio that he could still stay out, but a piece came off his front wing. At the time, the data did not show any accompanying loss of downforce.

It looked as though for those opting for rain tyres, the gamble had not paid off, but the rain went and came so that the pit lane was also wet. Some cars spun, others tiptoed around. Backmarker Magnussen pushed Kimi off track and Bottas made the most of it.

And then Seb planted it in the barriers at the entry to the Motodrom. But we still had one car on track and there was no let up. The Safety Car came out and Kimi took the opportunity to pit for Ultrasofts. He was now third on fresher rubber, prior to the restart on lap 58.

Kimi had a ringside seat for the duel between the two Mercedes. There were 7 laps to go and the threat of rain returned. As for Seb, he had returned to the paddock, went to see the guys, hugged Maurizio and spoke with Riccardo, his race engineer, being a team player, even when things do not go as planned.


Ferrari Challenge Europe – Nielsen, Froggatt, Kirchmayr and Nussbaumer win at Brno

Posted: 22.07.2018
Source: Ferrari

Brno, 22 July 2018 – The second races of the fifth round of the Ferrari Challenge Europe were held at Brno, in an atmosphere marked by the sad news about Sergio Marchionne’s health. Nicklas Nielsen and Chris Froggatt notched up further wins in the Trofeo Pirelli and Trofeo Pirelli Am, while Ernst Kirchmayr and Saturday’s winner Alexander Nussbaumer emerged victorious in the Coppa Shell.

Trofeo Pirelli. Nicklas Nielsen, in the 488 Challenge of Formula Racing, made a perfect start for the second consecutive day, thus cushioning himself from the attacks of Bjorn Grossmann (Octane 126). However, the race was soon over for rookie Sean Hudspeth (Formula Racing) and Alessandro Vezzoni (Rossocorsa-Pellin Racing) who came into contact in one of the very first corners. Jens Liebhauser took advantage, with a second successive podium finish presented to him on a platter.

Pirelli Am. The first lap claimed another two victims, with John Dhillon and local hero Jan Danis coming into contact and putting themselves out of the running. Ahead Chris Froggatt (Ferrari GB – HR Owen) quickly pulled away leaving Robert Pergl (Scuderia Praha) and Fabienne Wohlwend (Octane 126) to fight for second. It was Pergl who came out on top in the end. Froggatt is now a whisker away from the title. Before the race Olivier Beretta and the Scuderia Ferrari mechanics brought the allure of Formula 1 to fans in the Czech Republic with scorching accelerations, fast pit stops and the famous celebratory “donuts”.

Coppa Shell. The heavens then opened over the Coppa Shell race at 3.30 pm. Race officials had to bring out the Safety Car and some teams worked too long on the cars so a number of drivers suffered a 25-second penalty. Ernst Kirchmayr was the day’s big star in the 488 Challenge of Baron Motorsport. The Austrian caught and overtook championship leader Eric Cheung (Formula Racing) and Ineco-MP Racing’s Manuela Gostner and Erich Prinoth, who both were then penalised. In the end Kirchmayr finished first, ahead of Cheung, who further stretched his lead in the standings, with wet weather specialist Vladimir Hladik taking the third step of the podium

Shell Am. Formula Racing’s Alexander Nussbaumer pulled off another masterful race in the Coppa Shell Am class. The Austrian driver managed the car in the early stages and then launched an attack in the final part catching Agata Smolka (Rossocorsa) for the win. Third place went to local hero Dusan Palcr (Scuderia Praha), while championship contenders Ingvar Mattsson (Scuderia Autoropa) and Murat Cuhadaroglu (Kessel Racing) were placed fourth and fifth.


Sergio Marchionne has to step down as Ferrari chairman

Posted: 21.07.2018
Source: Ferrari

Maranello (Italy), July 21, 2018 – The Board of Directors of Ferrari NV (“Ferrari”) (NYSE/MTA: RACE) learned with deep sadness during its meeting today that Chairman and CEO Sergio Marchionne will be unable to return to work.

The Board’s thoughts are with Sergio Marchionne and his family and it is grateful for the extraordinary contribution he has made in recent years at the helm of Ferrari.

The Board has named John Elkann as Chairman and will propose to Shareholders, at a meeting to be called in the coming days, that Louis C. Camilleri be named as CEO.

The Board has also given Louis C. Camilleri the necessary powers to ensure continuity of the company’s operation.


German Grand Prix – P1 and P3 at Hockenheimring

Posted: 21.07.2018
Source: Ferrari

Seb’s and Kimi’s comments on today’s qualifying session

Hockenheim, July 21 –  Scuderia Ferrari qualified in pole position for tomorrow’s German Grand Prix, courtesy of Sebastian Vettel. His team-mate Kimi Raikkonen will start the race from P3.

Seb: “You always try to do your best every day. Today has been one of those days, the car was fantastic. I could feel it in Q1 already and then in Q3 I knew I could get a good lap. Racing here in Germany means a lot to me and hopefully we can get first place tomorrow. We built a strong car and we know there’s still potential. Also, we know we can still improve race by race, because there’s still some weaknesses, but overall we are competitive and strong. So, it’s up to us to make good use of this potential everywhere we go”.

Kimi: “Today the car was working well and in qualifying I knew there was a lot of lap time in it. On my first try in Q3 I had a good feeling and the lap was looking good, but then I made a mistake and  got sideways. We had the speed to do better, but  I did not want to make any crazy mistake and risk throwing everything away, so on my last try  I took it a little bit easier. Third position is obviously not ideal, but in the end it is a pretty good position to start from. It’s difficult to say what will be the key to the race. So far our car has been good and I expect it to be the same tomorrow, but the conditions might change. As for every race we’ll try to do our maximum and see what it brings in the end. We need to do the best we can.


German Grand Prix – Pole position for Scuderia Ferrari

Posted: 21.07.2018
Source: Ferrari

Sebastian fastest, Kimi third

Hockenheim, 21 July –Sebastian Vettel was fastest in qualifyting today at the Hockenheimring. A lap in 1’11”212 was good enough to secure his 55thpole position, the fifth this year. Team-mate Kimi Raikkonen will start tomorrow’s race from third on the grid having set a best time of 1’11”547. Both Scuderia Ferrari drivers ran the Ultrasoft tyres throughout the session. Tomorrow’s race gets underway at 15h10.




German Grand Prix – P3, all about the rain

Posted: 21.07.2018
Source: Ferrari

Scuderia Ferrari only runs in final minutes

Hockenheim, 21 July – As forecast, the rain began to fall at the Hockenheimring this morning. During the final hour of free practice, visibility and grip were so poor that Scuderia Ferrari, like the majority of teams, only sent its cars out on track in the final minutes of the session, using Full Wet tyres. Sebastian Vettel was fourth fastest in 1’35”573 and Kimi Raikkonen was eighth in 1’37”755. Qualifying is due to start at 15h00 and, at the moment, the weather conditions are not expected to change much.


Ferrari Challenge Europe – Glory in Brno for Nielsen, Froggatt, Hurni and Nussbaumer

Posted: 21.07.2018
Source: Ferrari

Brno, 21 July 2018 – Ferrari 488 Challenge drivers Nicklas Nielsen, Chris Froggatt, Christophe Hurni and Alexander Nussbaumer won the first races of the Brno round of the Ferrari Challenge Europe 2018.

Trofeo Pirelli. The day opened with the Trofeo Pirelli, which saw a breakaway at the start by Danish driver Nicklas Nielsen in pole, who took advantage of the duel between rookie Sean Hudpseth (Formula Racing) and Bjorn Grossmann (Octane 126). Towards mid-race the German driver received a penalty for jumping the start and this opened the way to a Formula Racing clean sweep with podium places for Nielsen, Hudspeth and Jens Liebhauser. Grossmann had to settle for fourth ahead of Alessandro Vezzoni (Rossocorsa-Pellin Racing).

Pirelli Am. Scuderia Praha’s Jan Danis was one of the drivers penalised for jumping the start. The Czech had done really well to use pole position to pull away from his rivals. However, the drive-through relegated him to the back of the field from where he executed an exciting comeback to secure second place after overtaking Martin Nelson (Scuderia Autoropa) and Fabienne Wohlwend (Octane 126).Chris Froggatt won the race, it was the fifth of the season for the Ferrari GB – HR Owen driver.

Coppa Shell. The Coppa Shell race was decided at the start when Christophe Hurni, in the 488 Challenge of Team Zenith Sion-Lausanne, overtook polewoman Manuela Gostner (Ineco-MP Racing) at the first curve. On the second row, her sister Corinna jumped the start and incurred a drive-through penalty. Shortly after, Erich Prinoth overtook Eric Cheung (Formula Racing) to take third. Manuela Gostner kept Hurni under pressure throughout but the Swiss made no mistakes and crossed the finish line with a lead of just under one second. This is Hurni’s second win of 2018, while Gostner is celebrating her second runner-up spot. Prinoth is back on the podium after missing out at Silverstone. Cheung, in fourth, still tops the standings.

Shell Am. In the Coppa Shell Am, Alexander Nussbaumer was the author of a perfect race: starting from pole, the Formula Racing driver took an immediate lead over his rivals, leaving second place to Murat Cuhadaroglu (Kessel Racing). Ingvar Mattsson (Scuderia Autoropa), who entered the weekend leading the championship, made a thrilling late comeback. On the last lap, Dusan Palcr, who had just been overtaken by Mattsson, tried to recover his podium position but hit the Swedish driver’s car and spun out. However, Mattsson resumed immediately to notch up yet another podium in 2018. It’s the same again tomorrow with races at 12.50 pm and 3.35 pm.


Ferrari Challenge Europe – The 488 Challenge debuts in Brno

Posted: 20.07.2018
Source: Ferrari

Brno, 20 July 2018 – The Brno weekend of the Ferrari Challenge Europe, the fifth round of the 2018 championship, has come to life with statements from some of the competitors in the Trofeo Pirelli and Coppa Shell.

Cheung: “Fascinating to race in the forest”. Eric Cheung, Coppa Shell leader in the Ferrari 488 Challenge of Formula Racing, has won three of the last four races but says there is no special secret to his success: “Of course the coach has helped me, but I think I always followed the same routine. It’s a fact that things are going well, however”. Then talking about the Brno race: “I competed here six years ago and it is always very special. The track is demanding, with many ups and downs and curves. In addition, you are immersed in the green, almost like racing in the forest.

Mattsson: “I have my good luck”. It was then the turn of leader of the Coppa Shell Am leader, the Swede of Scuderia Autoropa, Ingvar Mattsson, who has enjoyed a great season so far, picking up three wins plus podiums in all the other races: “I have to admit that everything is really going as well as possible. I have won three races, I also had a bit of luck and I have always been on the podium”. The battle with his Kessel Racing rival, Murat Cuhadaroglu, is very open with only two points separating the two in the standings. Mattsson, however, is confident: “I believe that I will win, also because of my good luck…”.

Hladik: “Le Mans, unforgettable victory”. Making his debut on the Brno track, local driver Vladimir Hladik, of Baron Service, said he expected a good race: “The track here is beautiful and I think I can do well” He added that lately he hasn’t always agreed with the decisions of the race officials, but he’s ready to do his best. With his three career victories in the Ferrari Challenge, he doesn’t doubt himself on this beautiful track: “I think the win at Le Mans is unforgettable: there is so little time to learn the track that it is really difficult not to make mistakes. In 2016, I competed in the best race of my life on that legendary track”.


German Grand Prix – “The car is working well”

Posted: 20.07.2018
Source: Ferrari

Seb and Kimi comment on a ‘normal hot Friday’

Hockenheim, July 20th – This region of Germany is not new to heatwaves, and today temperatures ranged just below and above the 30-degrees mark. In these hot conditions, Scuderia Ferrari drivers managed to progress through the respective run plans, which included using only the Soft tyre in the morning, before switching to different programmes for P2. Both ran on the Ultrasofts before Seb (4th fastest) tried a race simulation on the Mediums, while Kimi (5th) fitted the Softs. The SF71H car responded well through both sessions and now the night will be spent looking for improvements in view of tomorrow’s P3 and qualifying, which may be affected by a different kind of weather.

“The car has been working well today and it’s been a normal Friday”, was Seb’s comment after P2.” Today, we tried a little bit of everything. I think we got along quite well with the tyre selection that we used today. Now we have to find out how we’ve been working compared to the others, but I think that even if we can still improve our lap time, the car is fine. I think the high temperatures we had today could probably have an impact somehow, but we don’t know exactly what the weather will be like. Tomorrow it should rain, but on Sunday we expect it to be dry again. It was very nice to see a lot of Ferrari flags here today and it’s great to see a lot of people supporting us!”

“Friday is the only day that we can use as a test”, Kimi said “trying a lot of things and different solutions. It was a very normal day and later this evening we‘ll analyze what we have learned today and put  things together for qualifying. Tomorrow the conditions might be a bit different from today  and a bit more tricky. On Sunday  if the weather stays warm like it was today, for sure it will be challenging for the tires;  it’s going to  be more similar to Austria, with a limit on the tyres, and whoever makes the best job in managing them is going to have some advantage. So far we have been reasonably strong in most places, we’ll see how it goes here; it looks pretty close”.


German Grand Prix – Friday practice ends

Posted: 20.07.2018
Source: Ferrari

Seb and Kimi ran different programmes 

Hockenheim, 20 July –Sebastian Vettel was fourth fastest in the second free practice session on the German track that’s hosting the eleventh round of this year’s World Championship. He posted a best time of 1’13”310 while team-mate Kimi Raikkonen was fifth in 1’13’427. Vettel used Medium and Ultrasoft tyres and Raikkonen opted for Soft and Ultrasoft. The final free practice session takes place tomorrow at 12h00, with qualifying following on at 15h00.



German Grand Prix – First practice at Hockenheim

Posted: 20.07.2018
Source: Ferrari

Seb 4thand Kimi 6th

Hockenheim, 20 July– Formula 1 is back at the Hockenheimring after a one year break. It’s very hot (28°) and the track surface is still pretty dirty. At the end of the first free practice session, the Scuderia Ferrari drivers were fourth and sixth fastest, with Sebastian Vettel posting a 1’13”796 and Kimi Raikkonen’s best being a 1’14”267. Both drivers used Soft tyres for the whole session, thus saving their stock of Medium and Ultrasoft.

The second session gets underway at 15h00.



German Grand Prix – “it’s nice to be back here”

Posted: 19.07.2018
Source: Ferrari

Homeland for Seb, “interesting” for Kimi: here’s what they think of Hockenheim

Hockenheim, July 19 – Formula 1 is back at the Hockenheimring, after a one year absence. It’s nearly home turf for Heppenheim-born Sebastian Vettel and the other Scuderia Ferrari driver, Kimi Raikkonen, is also looking forward to a good racing weekend.

“Hockenheim” Seb says “is about half an hour’s drive from where I was born. So it’s not exactly like racing in my backyard- I don’t have a backyard that big – but it’s probably the closest you can get! Obviously, we are keen to do well here. The last race in Silverstone was important for us, because we had not been very strong on that track before; but it’s a thing of the past now and we must focus on this one. This is not the easiest track to get everything right, there are many types of corner and long straights, and I think with this generation of cars we’ll be very fast here. Turn 6 looks like a good place to overtake, with the new DRS areas, and since there is another straight after the corner and another braking point at  the end of it, it could become a place for exciting moves. It’s nice to see so many red shirts here, the passion for Ferrari was born in Italy but it spread all over the world and it got to Germany for sure. We should be in fairly good shape here, but let’s see what happens”.

And here’s Kimi’s point of view on the track on which he still holds the race lap record: “We haven’t been to this circuit for a while, and things are a bit different, with the new rules and tires since the last time we came here. It’s hard to know how the Ultrasoft tyre will behave, but  if the conditions stay hot like they are today, I expect big challenges with the tires. It’s nice to be back here, for racing it will probably be a good circuit, where overtaking can be easier than in many other places. It will be an interesting weekend, I think.”


Ferrari Challenge Europe – The 488 Challenge debuts in Brno

Posted: 19.07.2018
Source: Ferrari

Brno, 19 July 2018 – The Ferrari Challenge Europe is all set for its fifth round of the season this weekend, returning to the Czech Republic for the first time since 2014. The new 488 Challenge thus makes its debut on one of Europe’s most beautiful and challenging tracks, with its varying gradients, curves and two thrilling accelerations. Three of the four categories are still up for grabs, but this weekend could be key for a number of competitors. For some of them the goal will be to try to wrap things up in Barcelona in September, so they can just focus on winning the world title in the Finali Mondiali at Monza in November.

Trofeo Pirelli. In the Trofeo Pirelli the fight for first place is between the young Nicklas Nielsen, five-time winner this season with the 488 Challenge of Formula Racing, and the experienced Bjorn Grossmann (Octane 126), with two victories in 2018. The German driver previously raced in Brno in 2014 and could make his experience count on such a complex track. Grossman has competed in 141 races and collected 40 wins. The Dane currently leads by 19 points. Third place sees another point-to-point duel, this time between Jens Liebhauser (Formula Racing) on 63 points and Alessandro Vezzoni (Rossocorsa-Pellin Racing) on 60. In the Trofeo Pirelli, Singaporean Sean Hudspeth (Formula Racing) is making his debut at Brno.

Trofeo Pirelli Am. The Am class of the Trofeo Pirelli is the clearest in terms of the standings. Chris Froggatt (Ferrari GB – HR Owen) leads with 144 points against Fabienne Wohlwend (Octane 126) on 87. The British driver can afford to race conservatively, while the woman from Liechtenstein can only attack and indeed has won the last three races. Froggatt’s teammate, John Sawbridge, is just six points behind her. This class also sees the return of Robert Pergl, absent from the series since 2015.

Coppa Shell. The situation is very open in the Coppa Shell where there are three drivers separated by just 16.5 points. Eric Cheung of Formula Racing leads the group, having won three of the last four races. His closest pursuer is Erich Prinoth (Ineco-MP Racing) who, after the one-two in Round 1 at Mugello, has had a few ups and downs with just one podium position, at Silverstone. Swiss driver Christophe Hurni (Team Zenith Sion-Lausanne) is in third, after a win at Silverstone and numerous podiums.

Coppa Shell Am. Just two points separate the two stars of the Coppa Shell Am, Ingvar Mattsson (Scuderia Autoropa) and Murat Cuhadaroglu (Kessel Racing) on 111 and 109 respectively. The Swede has three wins and three podiums under his belt, while the Turk has matched him aside from the zero points in Race 2 at Silverstone. As usual, the races will be held on Saturday and Sunday at 12.50 pm (Trofeo Pirelli) and 3.35 pm (Coppa Shell).


German Grand Prix – Quirky and traditional

Posted: 17.07.2018
Source: Ferrari

Back to historic Hockenheim, a track with many tales to tell

The weekend break is over and, during the next couple of days, the SF71H and part of the equipment is leaving Maranello and heading for Hockenheim. It’s the start of another back-to-back, as one week on from this weekend’s German GP, comes the race in Hungary. Part of the team will stay out until the end of the second of these two races.

Hockenheim is an historic track that has many tales to tell. Some of them are great, such as Berger’s win in ’94 and Irvine’s five years later, and the unbelievable 2000 race when Barrichello won after Schumacher crashed out. Others were tinged with sadness, such as the deaths of Clark and Depailler and Pironi’s career-ending crash. But that was all on the old, uncompromising circuit, of which very little remains. Speed down the straights was everything and, in the pits, even in the Nineties, inventiveness reigned supreme. Teams improvised solutions such as cutting down the pillars of the front laps, so that they ran lower to the ground, or even fitting (in free practice) four front tyres to reduce aerodynamic drag! Then it fell to the driver’s talent to make up for the lack of downforce in the Motodrom , the twistiest and most evocative section of track.
The track first used in 2002 has little of that left: the straights that tore through the forest have gone and today the circuit comes in at under five kilometres in length, but still offers a combination of slow, medium and high speed corners. The last sector is the one that can give the tyres a hard time, while the three DRS zones could make for some interesting data in terms of top speeds. There’s hope of a large crowd for this race, back on the calendar after skipping 2017 and maybe we might even see a return to the large queues of fans, who would wait at the circuit exit late into the night, hoping for a glimpse of the drivers. Legend has it that, back then, some drivers would hide in the boot of the car or wear fake wigs and beards to avoid being mobbed.


FOS – Ferrari shines at Goodwood

Posted: 16.07.2018
Source: Ferrari

Goodwood, 16 July 2018 – Ferrari’s incredible line-up at the 25th Goodwood Festival of Speed included four models which were making their UK dynamic debut at the event. The FXX K EVO, the 812 Superfast, the Ferrari 488 Pista, and the Portofino, all took part in the ever-popular Supercar Run. The FXX K EVO, the FXX and the 599XX were all driven by Ferrari’s GT drivers, Davide Rigon, Olivier Beretta, and 2017 World Endurance Champion, Alessandro Pier Guidi.

The 488 GTE. Alessandro’s WEC team-mate, James Calado was competing in the 488 GTE, which was also celebrated by the debut of the 488 Pista Piloti Ferrari – a unique Tailor Made specification which is exclusively designed for Ferrari owners taking part in the Ferrari Challenge series and in all the GT series in the world. The #52 488 GTE driven at Le Mans by Toni Vilander, Antonio Giovinazzi and Pipo Derani, was accompanied by a Ferrari 488 Challenge which provided a preview of what clients can expect from the dedicated UK Ferrari Challenge series which is under consideration for launch in 2019.

All levels of motorsport. Ferrari is actually the only manufacturer which offers such a wide range of racing cars for clients at all levels of motorsport. Customers can compete in the Ferrari Challenge series with the 488 Challenge, or in the World Endurance Championship or other GT and Endurance racing series with either a 488 GTE or 488 GT3. And, in addition to the XX Programmes, Ferrari also offers clients the chance to drive a Scuderia Ferrari F1 car from the Prancing Horse’s illustrious back catalogue of single-seat racing cars, including the 2009 Ferrari F60 which was driven by Scuderia Ferrari Development Driver, Marc Gené at the event.


FOS – Ferrari to put on a show at Goodwood

Posted: 12.07.2018
Source: Ferrari

London, 12 July 2018 – Ferrari is once again showcasing its incredible product range at the Goodwood Festival of Speed, from 12-15 July 2018. Star attractions from Ferrari Attività Sportive GT will include the incredible range of track-only XX Programmes cars, which are a regular crowd favourite and which demonstrate the company’s commitment to providing clients with the opportunity to become an integral part of the Prancing Horse’s development and testing programme for new technology but also the F1 Clienti single-seaters. On display in the Michelin Supercar Paddock will be an FXX, a 599XX and a FXX K EVO.

Pit stop challenge. A new feature from Ferrari for 2018 is a Ferrari Pit Stop Challenge which is located in the Race Car Paddock: members of the public will have the chance to simulate being part of a Ferrari Challenge pit crew, changing wheels and tyres in a timed environment that replicates race conditions.

Le Mans car. Ferrari Competizioni GT division will also be part of the show with the 488 GTE which was driven at the Le Mans 24 Hours race in 2018 by Toni Vilander, twice winner, Antonio Giovinazzi and Luis Felipe Derani. Various Ferrari works drivers will alternate at the wheel of the cars: James Calado will drive the 488 GTE while David Rigon, Olivier Beretta and Alessandro Pier Guidi will bring the XX Programmes cars up the famous hill. Marc Gené will be driving an F60 Formula 1 single-seater in an exhibition run with the Scuderia Ferrari.

Road range. People will also have the chance to see the new Ferrari 488 Pista and 812 Superfast, both of which are making their UK dynamic debut at the event. The Ferrari 488 Pista is the latest Special Series mid-engined V8 which is sure to become a future classic, just as have its predecessors, the Challenge Stradale, the 430 Scuderia and the 458 Speciale. The 812 Superfast is also the latest a superlative line of front-engined V12 GT cars, with a naturally-aspirated 6.5-litre V12 engine delivering an incredible 800hp.

Awards winner. Also on display in the Michelin Supercar Paddock, and taking part in the Supercar Runs up the famed hillclimb twice each day, are the Ferrari Portofino and the Ferrari GTC4Lusso T – which share a version of the 3.9 litre twin-turbo V8 engine which has won the International Engine of the Year award for the last 3 years, and which also appears in the 488 Pista. The LaFerrari Aperta will also be returning to the event in 2018, after its debut at the company’s 70th Anniversary celebrations last year.


Ferrari takes the “Red Dot: Best of the Best” design award for the fourth year running

Posted: 10.07.2018
Source: Ferrari

The Ferrari Portofino is recognized for its ground-breaking design

Red Dot awards also for the 812 Superfast And the FXX K EVO

Maranello, 10th July 2018 – Ferrari has received the Red Dot: Best of the Best award for the ground-breaking design of the Portofino, Ferrari’s most recent V8-engined GT car. This is the consecutive fourth year that the Prancing Horse receives this prestigious honour for one of its new models.

The Ferrari Portofino is an elegant and versatile convertible which features a retractable hard top together with class-leading performance and luggage space. Its styling impressed the international judging panel which stated: “Embodying an impressive evolutionary advancement, the Ferrari Portofino fascinates with an exciting design language. It comes across as a fascinating sculptural statement. The integration of the retractable hardtop presents an optimal solution. The haunting elegance is further underscored by the uncompromising quality in material and workmanship. The Ferrari Portofino is the perfect embodiment of novel approaches that point to the future.”

During the Gala ceremony on the 9th of July at the Aalto Theater in Essen, Germany, the jury of international designers also assigned two Red Dot awards for outstanding design quality to Ferrari for the 812 Superfast and the FXX K EVO.

The awards are testimony to the unmistakable design and ground-breaking technology that are at the basis of Ferrari’s production. The 812 Superfast redefined the formal language of front-engined V12 Ferraris without altering either the exterior dimensions or interior space. With a distinct fastback sleekness to its silhouette, sharply slanted crease lines and impressively muscular wheelarches imbue the 812 Superfast with the power and aggression warranted by its imposing 6.5-litre V12.

The FXX-K Evo marks a significant evolution of the XX programme launched in 2005 with cars developed specifically to play an active role in this exclusive research and development programme. The FXX-K Evo features an evolved aero package developed by Ferrari’s engineers in synergy with the Ferrari Styling Centre’s designers, to push to the very limit the performance of a model that already represents the state-of-the-art in terms of track-only supercars.


British Grand Prix – Silverstone 8 July

Posted: 08.07.2018
Source: Ferrari

Seb first and Kimi third on rivals’ home turf. Overtaking and strategy make the day

Maurizio Arrivabene: “This was a well deserved win, mainly down to a great job from the team at the track and back in Maranello and I congratulate them. Winning here is not easy as England is home to the Mercedes, Red Bull, McLaren, Force India and Williams and others. That makes winning here all the more special. Sebastian drove a great race, fighting like a lion despite the pain in the neck he has suffered with since Saturday. Kimi also had a strong race proving once again what a fighter he is. The SF71H confirmed its strengths as it has done on other tracks already and the Pirelli tyres were a perfect match for our strategy. Tomorrow we will have our debrief and right from the afternoon we will start preparing for Sebastian’s home race, the German GP.”

Sebastian Vettel: “Every race is a team race, but today it was even more important for us to win here, because the last few years had been very difficult to us. This year we have proved to be strong every time on every track so far. The most important thing is that the car is strong and fast. The new updates that we brought here have worked very well through the whole weekend. In qualifying we were just a little bit slower, but during the race it was just great. Today during the first stint I probably pushed too much on the Soft tires, but during the second one I had everything under control. The Safety Car made everything more exciting, but even more tricky. However, the strategy with the tires was great and at the end we got a fantastic win as a team. I really enjoyed this race and I am happy for me and for the team. Also, the start was very important for us and it was great. Now it’s important to keep working. I say thanks to the whole team for this win!”

Kimi Raikkonen: “My start was not perfect; in turn 3 I locked the inside wheel, lost a bit of grip and couldn’t slow down as much as I wanted. So I ended up touching Lewis’s rear wheel and unfortunately he span. I had to serve a ten seconds penalty and after that my race was a bit messy. Overtaking was difficult, and I fought against the Red Bulls for many laps. When I was on my own the speed was ok, but once I was behind them, their wake seemed to affect my car a lot more than the Mercedes did; I was losing a lot of downforce and that upset the balance of the car. We were quite a bit faster, but it was really tricky for us to follow them. It was a close fight for quite a lot of times, at the beginning and at the end of the race. Finally we managed to pass them and then I overtook one of the Mercedes. It was not an easy day, but I gave my best and made a decent comeback.”


British Grand Prix – A hammer blow

Posted: 08.07.2018
Source: Ferrari

Seb first and Kimi third on rivals’ home turf. Overtaking and strategy make the day

Silverstone, 8 July –The best race of the year so far, ended with a win for Scuderia Ferrari, which sees Seb Vettel increase his lead by 7 points to 8 in the Drivers’ championship and the team extend its advantage by 10 points to 20 in the Constructors’. Despite some neck pain Seb secured his fourth win of the season and team-mate Kimi Raikkonen made a good recovery following a collision shortly after the start. The SF71H proved to be the car to beat, even if that had not seemed the case going into this event.

FILM OF THE RACE. Would the boiling hot tyres give enough grip? Yes would seem to be the answer given the way Seb shot from second on the grid into the lead. Kimi fought with Hamilton and it did not go well, with the Mercedes spinning and the Ferrari continuing in fourth place, before retaking Ricciardo at the end of the opening lap.

In the early stages, Seb’s SF71H was clearly the quickest car on track, while Kimi was right up Verstappen’s exhaust pipes. However, after seven laps, the Stewards hit the Finn with a 10 second penalty for the collision at Turn 3, while the driver was radioing the team asking about suspected front wing damage. They decided to bring him in on lap 13 to change the tyres and take the penalty. He rejoined tenth, between Sainz and Magnussen. He immediately dealt with the Renault and set the fastest lap. The aim was to stay ahead of Hamilton when he too would have to pit.

At one third distance, Kimi had moved up to sixth and Red Bull called in its drivers to avoid finding themselves behind the Ferrari. At the end of lap 20, Seb pitted switching from Soft to Medium tyres. He emerged ahead of Hamilton, as planned. Obviously, at that point, Bottas was told to pit, but Sebastian still found himself leading, by the same margin of 4”4, as before the stop. However, now it was time for tyre management.

Hamilton pitted on lap 26, but surprisingly, Ricciardo hung on for a further five laps before handing fourth place to Kimi. With 20 laps to go, Ericsson crashed into the barriers at the first corner and the safety car came out, which changed the shape of the race. Ferrari pulled off a double pit stop, switching back to Softs, but the Mercedes duo stayed out, so that behind the Safety Car, Bottas led the way, from Vettel, Hamilton, Verstappen and Raikkonen.

At the end of lap 37, the race resumed with Seb maintaining position and Kimi fighting with Verstappen. But almost immediately there was another crash, this time involving Sainz and Grosjean at Copse. So once again the Safety Car appeared, coming back in with ten laps remaining. The first three tore off and behind them, Kimi got the better of Verstappen and set his sights on Hamilton. The next two laps were incredible with four cars fighting it out. Then, on lap 47, Seb concealed his move to the very last moment and dived inside Bottas at turn 6. He was first! And for the second time in this race, those behind switched places. Only three laps left, but there was plenty of excitement still to come. Kimi attacked Bottas and passed him decisively at turn 6. First and third “here at their home” said Seb on the radio.


British Grand Prix – “Congrats to the whole team”

Posted: 07.07.2018
Source: Ferrari

Seb fights a sore neck to get P2, with Kimi right behind him

Silverstone, July 7 – On a day in which five Ferrari engines made the cut into Q3, Scuderia Ferrari confirmed the solid performance already seen on Friday with Seb Vettel in P2 on tomorrow’s grid with Kimi Raikkonen immediately behind him in third. The first three drivers are all within less than a tenth of a second on the 5.8 Km British track. Seb’s result came under difficult circumstances, as he had to fight a neck problem which had troubled him since this morning in P3.

“Today” said Sebastian “the gap to Hamilton was only less than half a tenth, so my lap was almost the same as his. I was happy with my first attempt in Q3, but then on my last run I lost a lot of time on the straight. I don’t know why it happened, otherwise pole would have been there. However, tomorrow we should be ok in the race. Also, the pain in my neck was not nice today, but it should be gone by tomorrow. Even if we couldn’t beat Mercedes today for pole, we made big steps forward as a team, so I wish to congratulate the whole Scuderia because everybody, on track and at home, has done their best. The car is working well and we are faster than last year”.

“On my last run in Q3” Kimi explained “I locked the front wheels a little bit on the second last corner and I definitely lost some time there. It’s difficult to get the perfect lap together, for sure there’s always room to improve, but this is what we have got today. So far it’s been pretty ok with the car and the set-up and things have been running smoothly; let’s hope that tomorrow is an even better day. Third position is not ideal but not too bad, either. It’s impossible to know if the hot  conditions will help us ; yesterday we did some long runs and  after that we had a rough idea, but on Sunday it’s a different story  and the conditions might be slightly different .Tomorrow we’ll do our best and see where we end up. It’s going to be a long race and it will be quite tricky for the tires. We’ll try to make a good start and then make the right decisions”.


British Grand Prix – Ferrari second and third on the grid

Posted: 07.07.2018
Source: Ferrari

Seb ahead of Kimi in qualifying

Silverstone, 7 July – Sebastian Vettel and Kimi Raikkonen will start tomorrow’s British Grand Prix from second and third places respectively on the grid. Sebastian’s best lap was a 1’25”936, while team-mate Kimi did a 1’25”990. Both Scuderia Ferrari drivers ran the Soft and Medium tyres during qualifying. The race gets underway at 14:10 (15:10 CET.)



British Grand Prix – Ferrari 2nd and 4th fastest

Posted: 07.07.2018
Source: Ferrari

As Silverstone free practice ends

Silverstone, 7 July – Kimi Raikkonen was second fastest in the final free practice session for the British Grand Prix with a time of 1’26”815. Team-mate Sebastian Vettel was fourth quickest with a best time of 1’27”851. With 45 minutes of track time remaining, the session was red flagged because of Brendon Hartley’s accident in the Toro Rosso. Seb then chose not to drive in the rest of the session, as he cricked his neck and needed the attentions of his physiotherapist. Both drivers ran the Soft tyres. Track action resumes at 14h00 (15h00 CET) for qualifying.


British Grand Prix – “A very good Friday” for both drivers

Posted: 06.07.2018
Source: Ferrari

Seb and Kimi happy with the car’s pace and development

Silverstone, July 6th – Summer is at its peak in Silverstone and today track temperatures topped 50 degrees in the heat of the afternoon during P2. These unusual – at least for Silverstone – conditions, though, seemed to suit the characteristics of the SF71H very well, proven by the fact it came out on top of the time sheets, while proving strong on race pace. Nevertheless, it’s only Friday and both Seb and Kimi are aware of the work the team has to do in preparation for tomorrow’s qualifying session.

“The situation is difficult to judge – said Seb – “because we haven’t seen much today and mostly collected data, and also because time is limited between the two sessions. But the important thing is that we had a good Friday, everything we put on the car seemed to work, and I felt happy with the balance of the car straight away and managed to find a good rhythm from the beginning. There has been a lot of talk about the third DRS zone: it may be easier to drop the wing for us than for smaller teams, whose cars have probably less downforce, anyway we’ll see what happens in the race. I believe that most of the difference today is due to the new asphalt and… the amazing English summer!”.

“It was a very normal Friday” commented Kimi “We have been trying different things and solutions and learning as much as we could. For sure there’s still some work to be done, but so far everything is ok. The resurfacing of the track made it a bit bumpy, in a few small spots,  but all the time you feel it chattering all around the track. It’s a bit funny, but in the end it’s better than it used to be. This track has many nice parts and the grip has increased  with the new tarmac. I don’t know if the new DRS zone is creating overtaking opportunities: I think it depends on what your car can or can’t do. I closed the wing during practice, I think it’s too tricky to keep it open and it doesn’t really make a big difference in lap time. Now we’ll see what we can do tomorrow.”


British Grand Prix – Friday practice over

Posted: 06.07.2018
Source: Ferrari

Seb fastest, Kimi fourth

Sebastian Vettel was fastest in the second practice session at the English track, with a time of 1’27”552, while in the other SF71H, Kimi Raikkonen was fourth in 1’28”045.

A few minutes into the start of the session, the red flag came out because of Max Verstappen’s accident. Scuderia Ferrari ran Medium and Soft tyres during the session. The afternoon programme focussed first on short runs and then race runs. The third and final practice session takes place tomorrow at 11h00 (12h00 CET.)


British Grand Prix – Free practice underway at Silverstone

Posted: 06.07.2018
Source: Ferrari

Seb 3rd and Kimi 5th

Silverstone, 6 July – The weekend in England brings to a close the run of three races in as many weeks. Come the end of the first free practice session, Scuderia Ferrari drivers were in third and fifth places with Sebastian Vettel and Kimi Raikkonen respectively. The German posted a best time of 1’27”998 and the Finn did a 1’28”218. Both drivers ran the Medium and Soft tyres, while assessing various aerodynamic solution. Second free practice gets underway at 15h00 CET.


British Grand Prix – A warm welcome in Silverstone

Posted: 05.07.2018
Source: Ferrari

Kimi and Seb get ready for the challenge-in unusual weather conditions

Silverstone, July 5 – The British weather is notoriously unpredictable, and actually, very few people could have predicted that the Silverstone event would have started under blue skies and Mallorca-like temperatures. These conditions should last through the weekend and Scuderia Ferrari drivers, Kimi Raikkonen and Sebastian Vettel, are enjoying the sunshine and preparing for battle.
“It’s difficult to know which team will dominate this weekend”, says Kimi. “If you look at the past years our rivals did very well, but I don’t think that we ever had this kind of weather here at Silverstone and this will probably make some difference. The track is supposed to have a new surface; what will it bring, nobody knows. We will find out over the weekend. There are a lot of differences from the past years, so let’s wait and see. Last year we were not too bad here and speed wise we were stronger than in the previous years. We were running in a pretty solid second position before we had a tire issue. Obviously there are many factors that might affect or help us over the weekend. I think that if we can put things where we want them to be and do our best we can score good points”.
For his part, Seb added: “This track may not see us as favourites, but with regard to last year I think our car has more potential: it’s up to us to find the way to get the most out of it. The season so far has been filled with ups and downs, but there’s always the chance to do well. We can’t say yet which way the championship is going on, but, obviously, it all depends on the big steps in terms of performance; we have our plan and we’ve been working very hard”.


British Grand Prix – A warm welcome in Silverstone

Posted: 03.07.2018
Source: Ferrari

Beach weather predicted for the most northerly race on the calendar

The British event brings to an end a triptych of races that has made Formula 1 history: from Paul Ricard to Silverstone via Spielberg. It’s been a logistical marathon which, for some team members, has involved being on the road permanently, while others returned to base before setting off again, at the very latest, two and a half days later. This time the race cars did not return home to be overhauled and the work was done on site.

If you want to amaze your friends who are into racing, then you could always ask them which is the most northerly GP venue on the calendar. The majority reply “Canada,” but actually the most northern is the one in Northamptonshire, which is currently experiencing a major heatwave. It seems that hot weather (up to 26 degrees) and an absence of rain is likely to be the order of the day this weekend.

The track, a former wartime airfield, was the first to host a world championship Grand Prix and, over time, it has undergone many changes. The superfast track of the early years gradually made way for a more sinuous outline, until the final layout was created in 2010, with new facilities completed the following year. Many purists turned up their noses, but while the Arena section, aimed at improving visibility for fans and overtaking for drivers, might leave the nostalgic disappointed, there is much to appreciate when it comes to some other changes. The old grass paddock might have had a garden party atmosphere, enhanced with the smell of barbecues, but the boggy car parks were a nightmare. Today however, other tracks could learn from the way things are done here.

The track is still very technical, with fast corners and a track surface that gives the tyres a hard time. For the third and final time this season, the tread depth will be reduced. But the best part of the setting, as at all the classic tracks, comes from the spectators themselves…


Record number of Dinos flock to Maranello

Posted: 02.07.2018
Source: Ferrari

Celebration of 50th anniversary of road debut on Saturday

Maranello, 2 July 2018 – More than 150 Dinos and over 300 customers from all over the world flocked to Maranello and Ferrari on Saturday 30 June for an event celebrating the 50th anniversary of the road debut of the first production car. The Dino, one of the world’s best-loved and biggest selling Ferraris, had a rather long gestation. Fitted with a six-cylinder engine designed by Enzo Ferrari’s son, the saloon was first presented as a prototype at the Paris Motor Show in October 1965. A year later it went on display at the Turin Motor Show but was only officially launched at the Frankfurt Motor Show the following November.

Thus, the car’s 50th anniversary should really have been marked in 2017, but any commemorative event would have been overshadowed by the Ferrari 70th anniversary celebrations. Hence the decision to celebrate the half-century of another special event, the road debut of the first model in March 1968.On Saturday, the first cars arrived in the forecourt of the Maranello Museum at 8:30 am and then headed to the Fiorano track.

An hour later a second group of customers followed the same route. The cars paraded all together on the track before gathering on the steering pad for a wonderful souvenir photo. At midday, the Dinos drove into the factory where the customers were given a special tour. Then at the end of the afternoon a memorable day closed with the traditional drive, one car at a time, under the arch of the historical entrance on Via Abetone Inferiore. This spectacular parade attracted many fans of this much-loved Ferrari.


Austrian Grand Prix – Spierberg 1st July

Posted: 01.07.2018
Source: Ferrari

Maurizio Arrivabene: ” The real story today is that there are six Ferrari power units in the top ten on the race result sheet. And, apart from that, we are leading both the Drivers’ and Constructors’ championships. Today’s result was not ideal, but it is definitely useful. The team did a great job, at every level, to make up for a difficult Saturday. During the race, the handling of the car, the perfect management of the tyres, the strategy and reliability, all made the difference. On paper, next weekend at Silverstone looks difficult for us, partly because it’s a home race for our main rivals. But we will tackle it with our usual level headedness and determination.”

Kimi Raikkonen: ”At the start I had a good getaway, but I found myself between two cars and I had to lift off to avoid them squeezing me, while I hoped they would see me. I lost momentum, speed and the chance to challenge them in the first corner. It’s a pity, because without that, I think I could have been in the lead. The first lap was quite hectic, then the situation calmed down for a while. Tyre management played a big part today: it was hard to know when to go flat out and be on the safe side at the same time. The beginning of both stints was a bit tricky; we struggled a bit to get the grip and to make the tyres work, but then it got better and in the end we had very good tyre. We were obviously hoping to catch Max, but by then it was perhaps a bit too late. Today we had the speed, but there just weren’t enough laps left in the race… Of course we wanted to win, we tried very hard, giving our best, but it was not enough. The good thing is that, as a team, we did a solid job. It was a strong weekend.”

Sebastian Vettel: “We did a good job and a good race. I had a very solid start, but in Turn 1 things got a bit messy. I tried to recover, but there was no room and lost some positions in Turn 3. From them on, I had to fight with Renault and Haas and lost some time. However, the car was very good, we had a very good pace and we didn’t have any issues with the tyres; in fact, the car was very good on them, even if I had to manage the Softs for a long stint, which again proves we have made good progress since Barcelona. Obviously, I am happy with the points that we’ve got and the podium, but I am not satisfied 100 per cent, because I think there would have been more up for grabs today, if I hadn’t got the penalty. We were the only cars that could be there with the Mercedes in terms of pace, but in the end, we proved more consistent.”


Austrian Grand Prix – Both on podium and back in the lead

Posted: 01.07.2018
Source: Ferrari

Kimi second Seb third and back in championship lead

Spielberg – It looked like being a tough race, what with penalties and problems at the start, but it ended with both Scuderia Ferrari men on the podium. Kimi finishing second ahead of Seb was not something that would have been predicted going into the race. The result was down to the drivers of course, but also to a great job from the team, a well planned strategy and an SF71H which seemed particularly good at managing its tyres.

Kimi was third on the grid on the left hand side. Sebastian had been given a three place grid penalty after qualifying and was sixth. Both men were running the Ultrasofts, as track temperature came close to 50 degrees, the hottest it had been all weekend.

Kimi attacked to move up to second, but ran wide at turn 3 and then was hit from behind by a Red Bull to find himself back in fourth. Seb also had to run wide to avoid an incident at the first corner and lost ground. But he quickly retook Magnussen to go seventh, before dealing with Grosjean with a brilliant pass.
Both Ferraris picked up the pace a bit. On lap 12, Hulkenberg’s engine let go, spraying oil onto the track at turn 1. Kimi set the fastest lap, under the 1m 9s mark. Two laps later, Bottas parked at the side of the track and the Virtual Safety Car came out. The team therefore called in both cars and fitted the hardest tyre (the Softs.) Red Bull covered the move, but Kimi managed to rejoin ahead of Ricciardo.

When the race restarted, Vettel overtook Magnussen again. The two SF70Hs were now third and fifth, but Kimi locked up under braking and Ricciardo went past. Hamilton pitted on lap 25 and emerged between Kimi and Seb. Verstappen now led, with his four pursuers covered by 4 seconds. Kimi, following Ricciardo and Hamilton behind the Ferrari, could use DRS, for attacking and defending.

With half the race completed, Kimi could see from the cockpit that the left rear on Ricciardo’s Red Bull was blistered. The remote garage back in Maranello was also on the case. Meanwhile, Seb was closing on Hamilton in the DRS zone and so began the duels: Kimi attacked on the outside of the climb and then passed Ricciardo who pitted. On lap 39, Seb passed Hamilton!

Ferrari were now second and third. It was time to look after the tyres. The gap between Seb and Lewis moved like an elastic band, while ahead of them, Kimi seemed comfortable. On lap 53, Hamilton had to pit again, this time swapping the Softs for Supersofts. He rejoined behind Ricciardo, but the Red Bull immediately parked at the side of the track on the pit straight.
The Ferraris did not drop their pace with Kimi nibbling at the gap to Verstappen. With 7 laps remaining there was more drama as Hamilton retired. Raikkonen upped his pace, setting the fastest lap on lap 66. It was not enough to win, but it proved that “never give up” is more than a slogan.


Austrian Grand Prix – “Let’s focus on the race now”

Posted: 30.06.2018
Source: Ferrari

Seb will serve a grid penalty, Kimi to start from 3rd.

Spielberg, June 30 – Third and fourth place for Seb and Kimi on tomorrow’s starting grid had been the result of a tense qualifying session for the Austrian Grand Prix. However, Seb involuntarily impeded Carlo Sainz in the Renault during Q2 and the Stewards imposed a three place grid penalty on the Ferrari driver. It means that Kimi is promoted to P3 on the grid.

“Obviously, it’s not the ideal result, but it’s a rather decent one,” Kimi commented. “It has been a pretty straightforward and consistent day. I struggled a little bit with understeer in the last few corners to get the car to turn and carry the speed into the corner, but apart from that it was ok. For sure there are always things to improve and you can always go faster; today we did our best, but it was not enough. Tomorrow is a different day, we know that sometimes qualifying is different from the race. We’ll start on different tires to our competitors, so it will be interesting to see how it pans out. This is quite a special circuit, lap time is very short so we expect everybody to be very close. As for overtaking, it’s supposed to be easier with an additional DRS zone.  Let’s hope we have a stronger day on Sunday”.

“I’m sorry for Carlos” said Seb, “it was never my intention to ruin his lap. You can’t see well straight back in the mirrors, with the rear wing and everything, and this time I was not told that he was coming. As for my qualifying, I think I had another tenth in my pocket today, but probably not enough to become a threat. In my first run in Q3 I knew I had to ramp it up, so I pushed very hard and made a small mistake that turned into a big snap, so I tried to recover concentration for my last attempt, which is always difficult, and probably held something back a little bit. Now let’s focus on the race tomorrow”.


Austrian Grand Prix – Ferrari on second row

Posted: 30.06.2018
Source: Ferrari

Spielberg qualifying

Spielberg, 30 June – It will be an all red second row for the start of the Austrian Grand Prix tomorrow. Come the end of qualifying, Sebastian Vettel was third fastest in 1’03”464, one place ahead of his Finnish team-mate Kimi Raikkonen who had a best lap of 1’03”660. Both Scuderia Ferrari men ran the same tyre strategy, using the Supersofts in Q1 and Ultrasofts for the next two sessions. Tomorrow’s race gets underway at 15.10



Austrian Grand Prix – “We should be well prepared”

Posted: 29.06.2018
Source: Ferrari

Seb and Kimi comment on a solid Friday session

Spielberg, June 29 – The rain never came, except for a few harmless drops  and the two SF71Hs in the hands of Seb and Kimi managed to have a good run through both Friday sessions. All the three available compounds were tried out,  and although the last attempt at a fast lap was cut short for Seb by a red flag caused by Gasly’s Toro Rosso, the two Scuderia Ferrari drivers managed to cover a fair distance also in race trim.

“We can always improve, but today I’m happy”, said Seb. “The car was pretty good, so we’ll see what we can do tomorrow. On this track it is true that the kerbs can be “aggressive” somehow, but today we didn’t have any issues and hopefully we won’t have problems tomorrow and in the race. We did a lot of laps, which is good, and usually on Saturday we can make a good step forward, so we should be well prepared for tomorrow and for Sunday”.

“It was a normal Friday session”, commented Kimi. “Obviously, we have some work to do to find the right set-up for tomorrow, like at any other race. It’s hard to judge our performance compared to other teams, because we don’t know what the other were doing, but in general it was not too bad. Tomorrow we’ll see where we are”.


Austrian Grand Prix – Friday practice completed

Posted: 29.06.2018
Source: Ferrari

Vettel 3rd, Raikkonen 6th

Spielberg, 29 June – In the second free practice session, Sebastian Vettel was third fastest, taking his Ferrari round in 1’04”815, while Kimi Raikkonen was sixth with a best lap of 1’05″265. With 52 minutes remaining, the session was red flagged because of an incident involving Pierre Gasly’s Toro Rosso. In this second session the Scuderia Ferrari drivers ran different tyre programmes: the Finn used the Supersoft and Ultrasoft compounds, while his German team-mate went for the Softs and Ultrasofts. The last practice session takes place tomorrow at 11:00, before qualifying gets underway at 15:00.


Austrian Grand Prix – Free practice 1 given over to testing

Posted: 29.06.2018
Source: Ferrari

Seb 4th and Kimi 6th in Spielberg

Spielberg, 29 June – Just a few days on from the French GP, the engines were fired up again for the Austrian Grand Prix at Spielberg. The Scuderia Ferrari drivers were fourth and sixth fastest in the first free practice session, with Sebastian Vettel posting a 1’05”180 and Kimi Raikkonen doing a 1’05”776. The German got on with the usual Friday checks, while Kimi had to come back briefly to the pits after flat-spotting a tyre at turn 3.

Both men used two sets of Ultrasoft tyres.


Austrian Grand Prix – “A great feeling in Austria”

Posted: 28.06.2018
Source: Ferrari

Kimi and Seb enjoy both the track and the atmosphere

Spielberg, June 28 – A rainy morning welcomed the Formula One teams ahead of the Austrian Grand Prix, Just a few days after the French event. Scuderia Ferrari drivers Kimi Raikkonen and Sebastian Vettel are all geared up for the challenge to come.

“It’s a great feeling to be back in Austria”, says Kimi. “This is a very nice track , I have always enjoyed coming here, the atmosphere is great and the people have always been very welcoming to us. This circuit looks easy on paper, but it’s still difficult to go fast and put a good lap together. Usually, we’re all very close here, because the lap is quite a short one and in qualifying you seem to be fighting everyone and the traffic because the smallest delay can make a big difference on lap time. It’s impossible to know now how our car will perform on this track; I don’t see any reason why we shouldn’t be strong, but how strong we’ll have to wait to find out. The end result depends also on small things, we need to make everything right and tidy up a few things on Saturday to make our life a little bit easier on Sunday. Hopefully we’ll have a smooth weekend and be up there…”.

Seb took some time to reflect on the events of the last race: “If we consider the whole weekend, France was a much better one than Barcelona, and there are similarities between the two circuits in terms of asphalt and because we had the same tyres. Our pace was good, but there’s no point now in looking back too much, it was what it was. As for Austria, I always enjoy coming down here, both in winter for skiing and now for the Grand Prix. Our car is strong and this track should suit us in principle, although now it’s impossible to predict how competitive we will be, with the weather and all the variables of a racing weekend”.


Austrian Grand Prix – The great race

Posted: 26.06.2018
Source: Ferrari

A GP within a GP, even on the logistics front

As far as race fans are concerned, a race weekend ends on a Sunday night and another one starts on a Thursday morning. But for a Formula 1 team, the race never ends. Last Sunday night, the Scuderia Ferrari trucks set off on the tortuous roads that run down the hill from Paul Ricard, jammed with traffic, to get back to Maranello in time for the race cars and equipment to be overhauled.

Meanwhile, part of the team headed straight for Austria to set up the garage and paddock facilities. The rest of the crew will arrive in Spielberg over the coming days. It’s now the height of summer and the race in Styria has always been one of the classic events of the holiday season, with the odd exception such as the ’97 race, which was held in late September. It’s yet another reason to expect a good crowd, in an area famous for its natural beauty and the welcome it provides.

There’s enough accommodation in the area, but it’s mainly guest houses, so that the F1 folk are scattered all around the villages in the area. The track has been modified over the years: the original one made use of the local airfield and was only 3.2 km in length and all it had in common with the current format was the very short lap time. Last year in qualifying, cars were lapping in around the 1m 4s mark and one could speculate that this year, with the Soft, Supersoft and Ultrasoft compounds on offer, we will see them crack the one minute barrier: weather permitting of course because at the moment the forecast says there’s a chance of thunderstorms, at least up until Friday.


French Grand Prix – Paul Ricard 24 June

Posted: 24.06.2018
Source: Ferrari

Maurizio Arrivabene: ”It was a shame about the accident at the start, which meant we couldn’t show what we could really do. But on a track that is not best suited to the SF71H, it proved to be very competitive in tenms of its race pace. That was evident from the great fight back up the order, featuring overtaking moves from Kimi and Sebastian. The team gave its all, making the right strategy calls to give the drivers every chance to get the best result possible in the circumstances. With such a tight calendar, we are already looking ahead to the Austrian GP, which gets underway in a few days and we have to focus on making up the lost ground.”

Kimi Raikkonen: “At the start we lost two places; I was on the outside and then the accident at the first corner happened, and it was a quite messy situation. I tried to stay out of trouble but chose the wrong side of the track. After that I was able lo recover. I had a good feeling with the car, especially after we had our pit stop and put the Supersoft tires on. We had a good speed through the whole race. We decided to do a very long stint with the first set and it lasted very well; only towards the end it got a bit tricky. Then, with the new tires, the car was very good and I could race and actually pass other drivers; it was a lot more fun than the last two races!”

Sebastian Vettel: ”I think my start was good, perhaps even too good, as I found myself very close to Lewis in front and, when I tried to brake, I had absolutely no grip and there wasn’t much space where I could go: Valtteri on my right was trying to get his position back and Max was also trying to come round on the outside. It’s a shame for Vattteri because he did nothing wrong and it’s a shame for us, because we could have obtained a better result. Fortunately, we could continue racing, we had a good car in the race, but the outcome was not wnat we wanted. It was my fault, but now let’s move on and think about the next weekend.”


French Grand Prix – Never give up

Posted: 24.06.2018
Source: Ferrari

Disaster at the start, then Kimi on the podium with Seb 5th, thanks to guts and strategy

Le Castellet, 24 June –An accident at the start, duels on the track and a well thought out strategy which delivered a third and a fifth place for Kimi Raikkonen and Sebastian Vettel. Scuderia Ferrari thus made the best of what turned into a bad situation right from the start. Seb limited the damage, with Hamilton now heading him in the championship by 14 points.

STORY OF THE RACE. “Nose damage” shouted Seb: just moments from the start, a collision with Bottas at Turn 1 produced damage that was clear to see. The Safety Car came out immediately because of a collision between Ocon and Gasly and the number 5 Ferrari pitted for a new nose, while Bottas also came in with a puncture. Seb took on Softs, the hardest tyre, in order to rejig the race strategy. Kimi was now seventh after also having a moment braking into the first corner.

5 laps later and the race was on again. Seb went round the outside of Alonso, who spun and Kimi got the better of Leclerc. Vettel gained a further two places before use of DRS was authorised. Raikkonen passed Magnussen to go fifth. Seb had just passed Vandoorne to close in on the points zone when the stewards handed him a 5 second penalty for the earlier collision. Further up the order, Kimi showed that the SF71H had a strong race pace as he next passed Sainz.

On lap 12, Vettel pulled a great passing move on Hulkenberg to go tenth and next on his list was Perez, followed by Grosjean. On lap 16, Kimi set the fastest lap, as Seb now passed Leclerc and Magnussen for sixth place.

Lap 20 and Seb got past Sainz, braking from 330 km/h at the chicane and he was clear of traffic. The aim was to get ahead of Verstappen when the Red Bull would pit, but was there was the added variable of the lurking threat of rain. Seb asked which sector was costing him the most time. Verstappen pitted at the end of lap 25 and Seb stuck right with him down the straight but also had to look after his tyres at the halfway point.

At the start of lap 30, Ricciardo pitted and this time Sebastian managed to stay ahead, without counting the penalty. With 20 laps to go, Hamilton pitted, which meant Kimi was leading, before he too pitted to change tyres, going from Ultra to Supersoft. On fresher tyres, Ricciardo managed to get ahead of Seb who now found himself ahead of his team-mate. Then Raikkonen put in a super lap in 1’34”819 and soon after Seb left the way clear for his team-mate who was racing Bottas. Indeed, it was Valtteri who came in for Supersofts but it was a slow stop. Ferrari reacted, bringing Vettel in for Ultrasofts, sitting there for longer to take the penalty too, comfortably maintaining his position.

Last few laps: Raikkonen was very quick and had Ricciardo in his sights, but there were backmarkers to be dealt with. The first scrap came at the start of lap 47 and then Kimi made the decisive move at the chicane and was in a podium position. Right at the end the Virtual Safety Car was used after Stroll went off. Scuderia Ferrari picked up 25 points, which one minute into the race had seemed an impossibility. It was down to the determination of the drivers and the cool headed approach of the guys on the pit wall.


French Grand Prix – A day of mixed feelings

Posted: 23.06.2018
Source: Ferrari

Seb happy with 3rd, while Kimi looks ahead to “a challenging day”

Le Castellet, June 23 – It was a rain-free qualifying session at the Paul Ricard circuit today, but a day of mixed feelings for Scuderia Ferrari drivers Sebastian Vettel and Kimi Raikkonen. While the former secured third place on tomorrow’s starting grid, the latter could do no better than sixth, due to a few mistakes on his last run. Anyway, the race pace of the SF71H looked encouraging during Friday’s long runs and the race may have some surprises in store for our drivers. Meanwhile, it’s worth noting that five out of six Ferrari Power Units made it to Q3 in today’s qualifying.

“During the session”, Seb explained “it was getting better and better and I was more confident. So, I think today we can be happy with the third place. My last run was not spectacular, though, and I don’t think it was good enough to put me n the front row. After my first attempt in Q3, I had thought I could be closer to Mercedes and hoped to improve. But, unfortunately, in my last fast run I pushed a bit too much and made some mistakes here and there. Anyway, the car is good and we proved it. Let’s see what happens tomorrow, as we start with different tyre strategies. I think the car should be strong in the race”.

Kimi, on the other hand, was less than happy with his result: “My car was working well today and it was a pretty straightforward qualifying until my last run. I was not able to put a timed lap together in the whole of Q3. The first run was pretty decent, but then I went a bit sideways in turn 11, and lost time. After that I was not able to improve my lap time. For tomorrow we chose the strategy that we think is the best for us, but we have to wait and see. In other races we have seen people starting with different tires and it did not change things from night to day. For sure tomorrow will be a challenging day”.


French Grand Prix – Qualifying ends at Paul Ricard

Posted: 23.06.2018
Source: Ferrari

Seb third and Kimi sixth

Le Castellet, 23 June – After the final free practice session had been pretty much wiped out by rain, the clouds parted just enough to let a pallid sun shine through for qualifying. Scuderia Ferrari got its cars into third and sixth places on the grid for Sebastian Vettel and Kimi Raikkonen respectively with the German lapping in 1’30”400 and the Finn posting a 1’31”057.

The session was red flagged with seven minutes remaining, because of Romain Grosjean’s crash. Both Scuderia Ferrari drivers ran the same tyre programme, using the purple Ultrasoft throughout the sessions. The race starts tomorrow at 16:10.


French Grand Prix – Rain wipes out P3

Posted: 23.06.2018
Source: Ferrari

Very few laps for Seb and Kimi

Le Castellet, 23 June – The third free practice session saw hardly any running as rain and poor visibility meant the cars stayed in the garage for most of the session. Sebastian Vettel posted a best lap of 1’36”756 while Kimi Raikkonen did a 1’49’’711 as they tackled an exploratory lap of the track on dry tyres when the track was damp in several places. Qualifying is next on the agenda, at 16h00.




French Grand Prix – Potential to be unlocked

Posted: 22.06.2018
Source: Ferrari

Kimi, Seb “reasonably happy” but feel they can find more performance for tomorrow

Le Castellet, June 22 – The Paul Ricard Circuit may be “new” to the youngest generation of fans, but for Scuderia Ferrari drivers Kimi Raikkonen and Sebastian Vettel it was just “another hot day at the office” as they progressed through the planned sequence of laps in Friday’s free practice, using different tyre compounds track that saw temperatures shoot over the 50 degree mark, while testing new solutions on their SF71Hs. The day ended with Kimi and Seb setting P4 and P5 respectively, before switching to a race simulation which produced encouraging pace.

“It was a good day” commented Kimi “and it’s fun to be in a new place, I enjoyed it as it’s something different. In the afternoon session, the weather conditions made it quite tricky. It was not the easiest situation on track, but overall it was ok. From the tyre point of view I think it was also pretty ok. Obviously we cannot compare what we saw today with the past, as this is a new track for everyone, but I think that we had no particular issues.”

Sebastian’s wrap-up of the day sounded quite similar: “The long-runs felt pretty OK, quite consistent, although I haven’t seen much of what the other teams did. I think the car has more potential here, especially on the fast laps, which we need to unlock for tomorrow and then we’ll be fine. The wind was quite an issue at the beginning of the session, but then it calmed down and it all started to come together. In the end I was reasonably happy with today’s run”.


French Grand Prix – Friday testing ends

Posted: 22.06.2018
Source: Ferrari

Kimi ahead of Seb

Le Castellet, 22 June –Just like Practice 1, the second session was also interrupted by a red flag and again Kimi Raikkonen and Sebastian Vettel were fourth and fifth respectively. The Finn posted a best lap of 1’33”426 while his German team-mate did a 1’33”689. Kimi ran the Soft and Ultrasoft tyres, while Sebasitan used the Supersoft and Ultrasoft. The final free practice session takes place tomorrow at 13h00, with qualifying at 16h00.




French Grand Prix – First session completed

Posted: 22.06.2018
Source: Ferrari

Kimi and Seb fourth and fifth in free practice 

Le Castellet, 22 June –The Formula 1 World Championship has returned to the Paul Ricard circuit for the eighth round of the season and for the first time in 28 years. At the end of the first practice session, which was red flagged with just a few minutes remaining, after Ericsson crashed in his Alfa Sauber, Scuderia Ferrari were fourth and fifth fastest with Kimi Raikkonen (1’33”003) and Sebastian Vettel (1’33”172) respectively. Both Scuderia Ferrari men ran the Ultrasoft tyres. Second practice gets underway at 16h00.


French Grand Prix – The great comeback

Posted: 21.06.2018
Source: Ferrari

“No reason why we shouldn’t be doing well here”

La Castellet, June 21 – We’re back to Europe after Canada, back to France after an absence of ten years and back to the Paul Ricard circuit which had hosted its last F1 Grand Prix in 1990. Seb Vettel was three years old then but he knows about the history of the sport and remembers “that Ferrari won with twice as many cylinders as we have today”.

“The car has worked everywhere so far”, says the winner of the Canadian Grand Prix, “and we are very happy about it. It’s more difficult to know what to expect here than on any other track, as we’ve never been properly here with the other teams at the same time and on the same circuit layout. We’ll see how it will be, I don’t see any reason why we should struggle and I think we should be doing fine here, but we don’t know exactly what to expect, the asphalt is new and the track is also new to a certain extent. The fact that we’ve been competitive so far in most of the recent races makes us quite confident for the next ones. We’ll focus on the next races always going step by step. I’m looking forward to racing here!”

For his part, Kimi Raikkonen is keen to re-discover the French track. “I think it’s nice to have a new place for racing”, says Kimi. “This is not a brand new track, I had driven here some years ago and we did a tyre test in 2016, but obviously racing is different. The layout of the track was different then, but it hasn’t really changed that much; it’s a bit wider in a few places, but the last part is always the same. As on any Thursday, it’s hard to know what to expect, but the weather is pretty warm and for sure it will play a part in many ways. What will happen and how the tyres will behave, nobody really knows. Let’s see how it is tomorrow and hopefully the circuit will provide some exciting racing. As for us, we’ll go through our normal program and see how the weekend will go, hoping this weekend is more straightforward than the last one”.


Ferrari Cavalcade 2018 – The Cavalcade climbs Mont Blanc

Posted: 21.06.2018
Source: Ferrari

Maranello, 21 June 2018 – The Ferrari Cavalcade 2018 that starts today and ends on 25 June will pass through a decidedly new landscape. The seventh edition of the special event for Prancing Horse customers is the first to take place in an area at the crossroads of historic transalpine routes between Italy, France and Switzerland.

More than 100 Ferraris will climb the Alpine passes and valleys, through scenery full of monuments as well as still snowy hairpin bends that bring out the best in the cars and provide plenty of thrills at the wheel. Based in the famous Saint-Vincent, the Cavalcade climbs to high altitude from day one, with regularity tests on the Colle del Piccolo San Bernardo at Courchevel 1850. In the evening, the Ferraris will parade through Piazza Chanoux in Aosta, from where they will depart for Issogne Castle.

The second day pays homage to Europe’s highest mountain, Mont Blanc, which participants will reach by way of Chamonix, before ascending its peaks in the Skyway cable car. The weekend will begin with skill tests on the track of the Balocco Experimental Centre, a challenge that will push the cars near to their performance limits. On Sunday, the route will run alongside the Place Moulin dam to end in Aosta, with a gala dinner at the Roman Theatre.

The over 30 nationalities among the customers taking part in the Cavalcade reflect Ferrari’s worldwide popularity, with many people coming from outside Europe, including the US, China, Japan, Australia and the Middle East. Ferraris from the current range, such as the GTC4Lusso, Portofino, 812 Superfast and 488 GTB make up the majority of the models taking part. Of course, there are also special limited series such as the F40, F50, F12tdf, LaFerrari and LaFerrari Aperta, as well as many Tailor Made cars, which their owners have customised to the maximum.



French Grand Prix – Time for the “triple header”

Posted: 19.06.2018
Source: Ferrari

Le Castellet hosts the first of three GPs on consecutive weekends

The doyen of all Grands Prix returns to the calendar after an absence of ten years. The first race to be called a Grand Prix was held in France, 112 years ago at Le Mans. Back then, the track was triangular and measured 103 kilometres, of which 12 laps were required to make up the race distance. It was won by the Hungarian, Ferenc Szisz in a Renault, at a respectable average speed of 101.19 km/h.

Many years later, F1 as we know it began and the French GP moved around various circuits: Reims, Le Mans, Rouen, Clermont-Ferrand and Dijon. Then, before the Magny-Cours facility was built, the lion’s share of races took place at the Le Castellet Circuit, otherwise known as Paul Ricard. The last race was held there in 1990 and was won by Alain Prost driving a Ferrari 641. From then on, the track was used for testing, with facilities for watering the track, but with no permanent grandstands.

So now, the race returns to Provence with a race that kicks off F1’s first ever triple-header, with three GPs- France, Austria, Great Britain – one weekend apart, followed by a weekend off before two back-to-backs at Hockenheim and the Hungaroring. It makes for a very demanding schedule in the run up to the August break.

Planning for three events, with one of them at what is effectively a brand new venue, is no easy logistical task. However, after Sunday’s race, our cars and a good part of the personnel, will return to Maranello. This will be a weekend of discovery on the 5.861 km long track, where the tyres available will be the Soft, Supersoft and Ultrasoft, with a construction similar to that used in Spain a month ago.


24 Hours of Le Mans – Two Ferrari customer teams on the podium in the La Sarthe classic

Posted: 17.06.2018 / Source: Ferrari

Le Mans, 17 June 2018 – The 86th edition of the 24 Hours of Le Mans won’t be remembered with any fondness by Ferrari crews in the GTE-Pro class. A large dose of bad luck, along with the impossibility of fighting on equal terms with other manufacturers due to an unhelpful Balance of Performance (BOP), kept the 488 GTEs of AF Corse off the podium. It was better in the GTE-Am class with two podium finishes thanks to Spirit of Race and Keating Motorsports-Risi Competizione.

GTE-Pro. The race of the Ferrari crews in GTE-Pro class was immediately affected by incidents. A puncture during the third hour forced James Calado to limp from the Michelin chicane to the pits, losing practically a lap. The first Safety Car phase then split the group into three sections, with Porsche no. 92 out on its own behind Safety Car A, all the rest of the GT cars stuck behind Safety Car B car and no. 51 behind the third Safety Car. This cut world champions Calado and Pier Guidi along with Daniel Serra out of the leading group. During the following neutralisation, car no. 71 found itself with a damaged front splitter due to debris from another car and lost a few laps for repairs. The 488 GTE stayed in the race and crossed the finish line in tenth place, earning championship points. Antonio Giovinazzi, Pipo Derani and Toni Vilander in car no. 52 benefited from the Safety Car, moving up into second. During the night Calado, Pier Guidi and Serra lapped like metronomes rising to sixth position before dropping back to eighth due to a shock absorber problem. However, this finish was worth fifth place in terms of points, as only cars entered in the FIA World Endurance Championship are elegible for. Car no. 52, on the other hand, suffered three stops&go’s for speeding in the slow zone and the pits but finished in sixth. Victory went to Christensen-Estre-Vanthoor in the Porsche no. 92.

GTE-Am. As usual, Ferrari customer teams played a leading role in the GTE-Am. In this class too, Porsche made the most of the favourable configuration imposed by the regulations, but Spirit of Race, Keating Motorsport-Risi Competizione and JMW Motorsport teams, later delayed by a series of problems, were in the fight. Giancarlo Fisichella started out like a lion and even led for a time before having to content himself with a fight for a podium place when car no. 77 of Campbell-Ried-Andlauer took a decisive lead. After a difficult start the Keating Motorsports crew pulled off a perfect comeback thanks to solid stints from Ben Keating, Jeroen Bleekemolen and Lucas Stolz. In the final stage Keating’s mistake gave Flohr, Castellacci and Fisichella second position but a podium was never in doubt. The Ferrari of JMW Motorsport (MacNeil-Griffin-Segal) finished fifth while the car of Clearwater Racing (Griffin-Mok-Sawa) was eighth, ahead of the 488 GTE of MR Racing (Ishikawa-Beretta-Cheever III). The overall win went to the Toyota of Alonso-Nakajima-Buemi.