Ferrari Challenge Europe – Weiland and Nielsen fastest in second qualifying session

Posted: 17.02.2019
Source: Ferrari

Sakhir, 17 Feb 2019 – James Weiland took pole position for Race-2 of the Coppa Shell, repeating his performance in the first qualifying session on Saturday.

The US driver, supported by Rossocorsa, stopped the clock at 2:04.652, beating Lebanese Tani Hanna (Formula Racing) by 107 thousandths of a second and Christian Kinch (Gohm Motorsport) by 407 thousandths. It was another very hard-fought session behind the top three, with six drivers – from fourth to tenth – placed within one second of each other.

Nielsen in AM. Ernst Kirchmayr (Baron Motorsport) clocked 2:05.748, just 54 thousandths of a second quicker than Eric Cheung while the fastest of the AM category drivers, Per Nielsen (Forza Racing), was a mere 1.545 seconds off the overall pole. Thomas Gostner (Ineco – MP Racing) is in the fourth virtual row in front of another AM driver, Herve Mouly (Modena Motors – Sebàstien Loeb Racing) who enjoyed a podium finish on Saturday. The Frenchman preceded Ken Abe (Formula Racing) and the third fastest of the AM drivers, ‘Boris Gideon’ (Formula Racing), who recorded a time of 2:06.571 and tenth place overall.

Changes to the grid. After yesterday’s disappointment due to the early end of the race, Corinna Gostner (Ineco – MP Racing) was eleventh fastest, a few hundredths of a second ahead of Peter Christensen (Formula Racing), with whom she had come into contact on Saturday. Behind these two, Agata Smolka (Rossocorsa), winner of Race-1, will need to mount a comeback. The starting grid at Sakhir won’t entirely reflect the qualifying times, due to the penalties imposed to boost the thrills and excitement. The winner of Race-1 will lose six positions, the runner-up four and the third-placed driver two. The race sets off at 5:20 pm local time


Scuderia Ferrari Mission Winnow – Barcelona test: Seb to start

Posted: 16.02.2019
Source: Ferrari

Drivers will alternate over four days of testing

Maranello, 16 February 2019 – It will fall to Sebastian Vettel to give the new Scuderia Ferrari Mission Winnow car its track debut, on Monday 18th February. That’s the opening day of the first test that runs until 21 February at the Barcelona circuit.

Alternating. The German, embarking on his fifth season with the Maranello team, will alternate with Charles Leclerc over the four days. Therefore Tuesday sees the Monegasque driver make his pre-season debut, before returning to the cockpit on Thursday, after Vettel drives again on the Wednesday.

Next step. After the first test, all the teams taking part in the Formula 1 World Championship will return to Barcelona for a final run of four days testing, from 26 February to 1 March. Following that, it will be time to think about the first Grand Prix of the season, in Australia on 17 March at the Albert Park circuit.


Ferrari Challenge Europe – Weiland and Smolka mount the top step

Posted: 16.02.2019
Source: Ferrari

The Coppa Shell race, held under the floodlights, started with James Weiland (Rossocorsa) in pole position and Tani Hanna (Formula Racing) at his side. Next came Agata Smolka (Rossocorsa) and Corinna Gostner (Ineco – MP Racing), who overtook Eric Cheung (Formula Racing) author of a cautious start.

First safety car. The Canadian regained fourth with an excellent pass, although many drivers behind him tried to take advantage of the scrap to grab a podium position. This confused situation led to the contact between Corinna Gostner and Peter Christensen (Formula Racing) that put an end to their races and forced the race officials to bring on the safety car because of the debris scattered along the track. The race restarted on lap 5, but an accident at the first turn between Kessel Racing teammates Fons Scheltema and Murat Cuhadaroglu brought the safety car out again.

Red flag. The position of the two cars and the impossibility of removing them in time to complete the race under the green flag led the race officials to wave the red flag. With three-quarters of the race run, the decision awarded victory to the US driver James Weiland (Rossocorsa), with Tani Hanna (Formula Racing) second and Christian Kinch (Gohm Motorsport) third. In the AM category, after many podium finishes, Agata Smolka clinched a well-deserved first victory in the Ferrari Challenge, becoming the third woman to win in the series after Fabienne Wohlwend and Manuela Gostner. Laurent De Meeus (HR Owen) and Herve Mouly (Modena Motors – Sebàstien Loeb Racing) finished behind the Polish driver.


Ferrari Challenge Europe – Victories for Schirò, Tabacchi, Weiland and Smolka

Posted: 16.02.2019
Source: Ferrari

Sakhir, 16 Feb 2019 – Niccolò Schirò, Emanuele Maria Tabacchi, James Weiland and Agata Smolka all triumphed on the first day of the Ferrari Challenge Europe in Sakhir. It was a clean sweep for Rossocorsa whose drivers celebrated from the top of the podium in all categories.

Trofeo Pirelli. The opening race of the 2019 season of the Prancing Horse one-make competition began at sunset and starred Niccolò Schirò in his series debut. After taking the lead, the Rossocorsa driver easily held off his rivals for a well-deserved win ahead of Sam Smeeth (Baron Motorsport) and Louis Prette (Formula Racing). After setting off from pole, the Briton had a tricky start from which he made an excellent recovery. Meanwhile, Prette fought back convincingly to win a spot on the podium after a qualifying session that had ended in fifth place. The Formula Racing driver first duelled with Emanuele Maria Tabacchi (Rossocorsa), then with Alessandro Bonacini (Kessel Racing) and finally with another rookie, Thomas Neubauer (Charles Pozzi – Courage). The podium battle was very heated with lots of thrills and excitement, even if the positions stayed the same with Schirò winning ahead of Smeeth and Prette.

Pirelli AM. Emanuele Maria Tabacchi won the Pirelli AM category at the end of a race marked by thrilling duels with Prette and Bonacini. Fifth place overall confirmed the competitiveness of the Rossocorsa driver, one of the fastest even during free practice sessions. Behind the Italian came Jack Brown (Ferrari GB – Graypaul Nottingham) ahead of Christian Overgaard (Forza Racing), who fought a steady race, decided in the end by the British driver with a pass executed on the tenth lap. At the foot of the podium the trio of John Dhillon (Ferrari GB – Graypaul Nottingham), Kent Chen (Formula Racing) and Ali Kamyab (Ferrari GB – HR Owen, debuting in the series) were involved in a close fought battle, with never more than a second between them.

Coppa Shell. The night race was affected by the safety car, which came out twice before the red flag brought proceedings to an end. The winner was James Weiland (Rossocorsa), ahead of Tani Hanna (Formula Racing) and Christian Kinch (Gohm Motorsport). At the start, Weiland defended his pole position from the Lebanese driver’s attacks while Agata Smolka took third place overall, later ceded to Eric Cheung (Formula Racing). A violent contact between Corinna Gostner (Ineco – MP Racing) and Peter Christensen (Formula Racing) brought the safety car out for the first time to allow the debris to be cleared from the track. At the restart on lap 5, an accident between Fons Scheltema (Kessel Racing) and Murat Cuhadaroglu (Kessel Racing) brought the safety car back out, before the red flag called a halt to the race with two minutes left on the clock. Weiland triumphed ahead of Hanna and Kinch. Cheung, Thomas Gostner (Ineco – MP Racing) and Ernst Kirchmayr (Baron Motorsport) completed the top six.

Shell AM. Agata Smolka (Rossocorsa) won the Shell AM category and finished seventh overall. With this result, the Pole became the third woman to win a Ferrari Challenge race, something that had only previously been achieved by Fabienne Wohlwend and Manuela Gostner. Agata Smolka crossed the line in front of Belgium’s Laurent De Meeus (Ferrari GB – HR Owen) and France’s Herve Mouly (Modena Motors – Sebàstien Loeb Racing). The Danish Per Nielsen (Forza Racing) and ‘Gideon’ (Formula Racing) finished behind them. The second round takes place on Sunday (at 5.20 pm and 7 pm local time, 3.20 pm and 5 pm CET).


Ferrari Challenge Europe – Winning debut for Schirò

Posted: 16.02.2019
Source: Ferrari

Sakhir, 16 Feb 2019 – Niccolò Schirò won the first race of the 2019 Ferrari Challenge Europe, which counts towards the Trofeo Pirelli. On his series debut, the Rossocorsa driver enjoyed a perfect race, handling each stage with skill.
The first start of the season went off without a hitch with Schirò immediately taking the lead ahead of Neubauer (Charles Pozzi – Courage) and poleman Smeeth (Baron Motorsport). However, in the middle of the group, Manuela Gostner (Ineco – MP Racing) suffered a contact that broke the front left suspension, forcing her to retire. Behind Schirò, who pushed the pace of the race hard, Smeeth passed Neubauer and set off after the Italian. In his wake Bonacini (Kessel Racing) and Louis Prette (Formula Racing) fought for fourth position, followed at a short distance by Emanuele Maria Tabacchi (Rossocorsa) first in the Pirelli AM category.

Prette unstoppable. The duel between Prette and Bonacini was lively and exciting with continual passes and counter-passes. The former eventually prevailed when the Kessel Racing driver went slightly long at the last corner on Lap 6. However, not content with fourth place, Prette set off on the heels of Neubauer. In the Pirelli AM category, Tabacchi held a comfortable lead over his nearest pursuers, Christian Overgaard (Forza Racing) and Jack Brown (Graypaul Nottingham) who enjoyed a private battle. An exciting duel also took place behind them, with Kent Chen (Formula Racing), Ali Kamyab (HR Owen), Martin Nelson (Scuderia Autoropa) and the 17-year-old Frederik Espersen (Forza Racing), bunched within a few tenths of a second of each other.
At the halfway point, Prette was in Neubauer’s wake and began to threaten, forcing the Frenchman into defensive trajectories that slowed down the pace of both drivers. This favoured Tabacchi who, in the meantime, had overtaken Bonacini. After 10 laps Schirò was in first, Smeeth 5 seconds behind him, Neubauer 11.7 seconds further back in third, Prette fourth, 12.3 seconds off first place, and Tabacchi fifth overall, 15.6 seconds behind the leader and first among the Pirelli AM drivers.

Top ten fight. Prette successfully concluded his climb to third place a lap later when he overtook Neubauer after a spectacular duel. However, the French rookie wasn’t entirely out of the woods, as Tabacchi seemed intent on imitating the manoeuvre performed by the Italian of Formula Racing. The positions behind the leaders also saw plenty of tussling for position. Brown took second place in the Pirelli AM after overtaking Overgaard who enjoyed a reassuring advantage over Dhillon. The British driver, on the other hand, was exposed to the attacks of a large group of drivers behind him, with Chen and Kamyab the most aggressive.
The closing stages saw several interesting manoeuvres that didn’t yield any changes of position, so Niccolò Schirò crossed the chequered flag to celebrate his first win in the series ahead of Sam Smeeth and Louis Prette. Thomas Neubauer, Emanuele Maria Tabacchi (first in the Pirelli AM category) and Alessandro Bonacini finished next after an exciting race. Then came Jack Brown and Christian Overgaard, respectively second and third in Pirelli AM, followed by Dhillon, Chen and Kamyab.

The second Trofeo Pirelli race starts on Sunday at 7 pm local time (5 pm CET).


Ferrari Challenge Europe – Weiland fastest in Coppa Shell

Posted: 16.02.2019
Source: Ferrari

Sakhir, 16 Feb 2019 – US driver James Weiland was the fastest in qualifying for Race-1 with a time of 2:04.707. The Rossocorsa driver beat Tani Hanna in a hard-fought session.

Smolka first in AM. The Lebanese, one of Formula Racing’s standard bearers in the Coppa Shell, closed the session 133 thousandths of a second off pole. Eric Cheung (Formula Racing), who clocked 2:05.321, will start from the second row alongside Agata Smolka (Rossocorsa), first in the AM category with a time of 2:05.594. The Polish woman finished ahead of a group of drivers bunched within a few thousandths of a second of each other.

Tight group. The first, Christian Kinch (Gohm Motorsport) recorded 2:05.915, a tenth of a second ahead of Murat Cuhadaroglu (Kessel Racing), who in turn was 60 thousandths of a second in front of Ernst Kirchmayr (Baron Motorsport). Thomas Gostner (Ineco – MP Racing) finished eighth, followed by teammate Corinna Gostner who will be joined on the fifth row by Peter Christensen (Formula Racing). With seventeen drivers all within 2.7 seconds of each other, the first Coppa Shell race promises to be lively.


Ferrari Challenge Europe – Smeeth takes first pole of 2019 in Trofeo Pirelli

Posted: 16.02.2019
Source: Ferrari

Sakhir, 16 Feb 2019 – Sam Smeeth was the fastest of the Trofeo Pirelli drivers in the first qualifying session of the 2019 Ferrari Challenge. The Baron Motorsport driver received the Motegi Golden Wheel, traditionally awarded to polemen.

By a whisker. At the end of the thirty-minute session, the British driver stopped the clock at 2:02.893, just 53 thousandths of a second in front of rookie Thomas Neubauer (Charles Pozzi – Courage) and 126 thousandths of a second ahead of Niccolò Schirò (Rossocorsa), also making his debut in the 488 Challenge.

Surprise in the Pirelli Am. The rookie Emanuele Maria Tabacchi (Rossocorsa) was fastest in the Pirelli Am category, finishing an excellent qualifying session in fourth place overall, just 386 thousandths of a second behind the poleman. The third row will see Louis Prette (Formula Racing) who finished four-tenths of a second behind Smeeth, and Alessandro Bonacini (Kessel Racing). Behind them were two Pirelli Am category drivers, Jack Brown (Graypaul Nottingham) with the seventh fastest time and Manuela Gostner (Ineco – MP Racing), the quickest of the Ladies. David Gostner (Ineco – MP Racing) and Kent Chen (Formula Racing) complete the top ten.


Scuderia Ferrari Mission Winnow – Ferrari SF90

Posted: 15.02.2019
Source: Ferrari

The SF90 (design code 670) is the sixty fifth single-seater built by Ferrari to compete in the Formula 1 World Championship. The car has been produced based on the new regulations, which have required various changes compared to the 2018 car. Among the most obvious changes are those to the front and rear wings. The front wing is wider and boasts simpler aerodynamic profiles, while the rear is wider and higher. The bargeboards have been reduced in height, while the front brake duct design has been simplified. The overall weight of the car increases to 743 kilos, including the driver and his kit, which must weigh a minimum of 80 kilos. The fuel allowance for the race increases from 105 to 110 kg. The SF90 is the sixth car built for Formula 1’s current hybrid era, which began in 2014.

Front wing
The front wing is one of the most important components of the car, in that not only does it produce downforce at the front end, it also conditions the quality of airflow over the rear, which is a key factor in delivering effective aerodynamics. The 2019 regulations require a simplification of the front wing. Its width is increased to 2 metres, which is exactly the same as the track of the car, while the number of horizontal elements cannot exceed five. The vertical elements at the extremities of the wing are no longer allowed and the geometry of the endplates has been simplified. The purpose of these changes is to make the cars less sensitive to the outwash effect when following another car.

Front brake ducts
The brake ducts are a very important component on a Formula 1 car. They are designed to cool the carbon brake discs that can reach temperatures of over a thousand degrees Celsius. Over the years, the shape of the front air ducts has become extremely sophisticated and they have evolved to also play an aerodynamic role. In 2019, this is another component that has been simplified in the regulations.

Rear wing
Like the front wing, the rear has also been subjected to rule changes for 2019. It is higher by 70 millimetres, increasing from 800 to 870mm and wider, increasing from the previous 950 to 1050mm. The end plates are 100 mm longer and house the rear lights, which consist of a pair of LEDs at the outer edges of the rear wing, in a solution similar to the one already adopted by the FIA for LMP1 and LMP2 prototype cars. Rule changes also affect the Drag Reduction System (DRS,) which is now more effective.

The bargeboards are the side-mounted vanes that, on a current Formula 1 car help direct air flow to some specific areas of the car. Rules introduced for the 2019 season have limited the design options in this area, by reducing the area available to the designers. The maximum height for the bargeboards drops from 475 millimetres to 350 above the reference plane.

The 2019 Formula 1 regulations see the weight of the car increase by 10 kilos from 733 to 743kg. The fuel allowance for the race increases by 5 kg from 105 to 110. In addition, the minimum weight for a driver, including the equipment and seat is set at 80 kilos. For drivers who do not reach this minimum, their cars must take on ballast, which must be fitted in the cockpit area only.

Engine cover

The engine cover of the new Ferrari to be raced in 2019 is considerably narrower in order to improve the car’s aero efficiency. Work on refining engine components and relocation of some of its ancillaries has led to a reduction in the space taken up, thus allowing for a much more compact bodywork design. This has the advantage of cleaning the airflow to the rear wing. The air intake now has a similar shape to that found on the 2016 car, while work on the fluid-dynamics inside the car means it has the same level of cooling efficiency as the SF71H, while taking up less space.

Power Unit

A Formula 1 Power Unit consists of six components. These are, the internal combustion engine – a 1.6 litre turbocharged V6; two motor generators, the MGU-K (Motor Generator Unit-Kinetic) and the MGU-H (Motor Generator Unit-Heat). The MGU-K is derived directly from the system known as KERS, which recovers kinetic energy under braking and stores that energy, up to a maximum of 4 MJ in the battery pack. As for the MGU-H, it recovers thermal energy from the turbo. Another element is the battery pack, where the recovered energy is stored until it is released. The sixth element is the electronic control unit. For the 2019, Ferrari 064 Power Unit, both the thermal and mechanical efficiency has continued to develop. This was achieved working on engine combustion, energy recovery and fluids. The Power Unit layout has been designed in symbiosis with the overall car design, while Energy Storage system reduced its weight and volume.

Technical Data
Carbon fibre composite chassis, with honeycomb construction, fitted with a halo protection device over the cockpit.
Longitudinally-mounted Ferrari gearbox with 8 speeds plus reverse.
Semi-automatic sequential gear change, electronically controlled with rapid selection.
Hydraulically controlled limited slip differential.
Self-ventilating Brembo carbon disc brakes (front and rear) with electronic control system on rear brakes.
Push-rod front suspension. Pull-rod rear suspension.
Weight with coolant, oil and driver: 743 kg
13” front and rear OZ wheels

Cubic Capacity 1600cc
Maximum rpm 15000
Supercharging Single Turbo
Fuel flow rate 100 kg/hr max
Fuel allowance per race 110 kg
Configuration V6 90°
Bore 80 mm
Stroke 53 mm
Valves 4 per cylinder
Injection Direct, max 500 bar

ERS System
Battery energy 4 MJ
MGU-K power 120 kW
MGU-K max rpm 50.000
MGU-H max rpm 125.000



Ferrari Challenge, all the thrills live and streamed online

Posted: 14.02.2019
Source: Ferrari

Sakhir, 14 Feb 2019 – Once again this year, the exciting races of the Ferrari Challenge will be live-streamed, free of charge, on the Corse Clienti website.

First race of the year. The Bahrain weekend will see the opening race of the 2019 Prancing Horse continental series, now in its 27th edition. The first Trofeo Pirelli qualifying session is on Saturday from 2 pm to 2.30 pm (12 pm in Italy), followed at 3.30 pm by the Coppa Shell. The first Trofeo Pirelli race of the year gets the green light at 5.20 pm for Race-1, which last 30 minutes, while the Coppa Shell night race sets off at 7.30 pm.

Another night race. On Sunday, live coverage will start at 1.30 pm (11.30 am in Italy) with the second Coppa Shell qualifying session, while the Trofeo Pirelli time trial begins at 3 pm. The clock for the 30-minute Coppa Shell race will start at 5.20 pm while the Trofeo Pirelli night race sets off at 7 pm.


Ferrari Challenge Europe – Sakhir, a jewel in the dunes

Posted: 14.02.2019
Source: Ferrari

Sakhir, 14 Feb 2019 – The Ferrari Challenge will be paying its first visit to the Bahrain International Circuit, which has also hosted a Formula 1 World Championship race since 2004. Designed by architect Hermann Tilke, the 5.412 km track is on the outskirts of the capital Manama. A special resin is periodically used to treat the areas around the circuit, built among the desert dunes, to prevent sand from blowing onto the asphalt surface and compromising its grip.

Abrasive asphalt. The track’s layout makes it interesting to drive, both due to the variety of turns and to the height differences that work the chassis and tyres. The latter are also put to the test by the somewhat abrasive asphalt that, combined with the ambient temperature, only partly mitigated by the evening start, makes tyre management challenging.

495 light poles. The first part of the track sees long straights and lots of overtaking points, which test the brakes. In the second part, the most challenging, a sequence of differently sized turns gives a chance for the most technically gifted drivers to make a difference. The third and final part, offers a mix of the previous ones, with straights and technical turns that can provide or create opportunities for overtaking. Since its inauguration, the Bahrain International Circuit has stood out for its high quality modern facilities. The lighting system, for example, uses 4500 lamps on 495 light poles connected to over 500 kilometres of wiring.

Anonymous turns. Unusually, this track’s curves don’t have official names, except for Turn 1, the hairpin at the end of the main straight, dedicated to Michael Schumacher since 2014.


Ferrari Racing Days Bahrain – Over sixty Ferraris on track at Sakhir

Posted: 13.02.2019
Source: Ferrari

Maranello, 13 Feb 2019 – The Ferrari Racing Days at the Sakhir circuit in Bahrain from 14 to 17 February, will mark the start of the 2019 Ferrari Challenge Europe season and the activities of the XX and F1 Clienti programmes. More than sixty Ferrari racing cars will take to the 5,412-metre track that the Prancing Horse has made its own with six Formula 1 wins and Alessandro Pier Guidi and James Calado’s conquest of the WEC world title at the wheel of the 488 GTE in 2017. That race that ended with a clean sweep and victory for the twin car crewed by Davide Rigon and Sam Bird. As well as sports activities, the Passione Ferrari and Club Challenge from Wednesday will contribute to creating a real festival that will draw in hundreds of fans from neighbouring Middle Eastern countries.

Challenge Europe. More than thirty-five 488 Challenges will compete in the four classes of the 27th season of the continental one-make series. Drivers representing 16 nations are set to take part, with eleven rookies spread between the Trofeo Pirelli and Coppa Shell. Women will be represented again this year with the sisters Manuela and Corinna Gostner and the Polish Agata Smolka.

F1 Clienti.  F1 Clienti single-seaters will make their first appearance on a track that has hosted 14 editions of the Formula 1 World Championship. The Ferrari F1 Clienti programme takes the Formula 1 cars of the world’s most successful team and makes them available to an exclusive number of owners. One of the single-seaters appearing will be the F2007 that won on this circuit with Felipe Massa in 2007. The reference point for the special F1 Clienti drivers will be Marc Gené and Olivier Beretta, official Competizioni GT driver.

XX Programmes.  Twenty-one cars of the XX Programmes will appear at the Bahrain International Circuit, brought to the track by tester customers and backed by the experience of professional technicians and drivers for an unparalleled driving experience. Nine FXX-K Evos will be there, ready to exploit the 1000-plus horsepower produced by the 6-litre V12 and the Hy-Kers hybrid system, accompanied by three FXX-Ks, which unlike the Evos don’t sport the aerodynamic kit. There will also be other cars that have contributed to the success of the programme: six 599XXs and 599XX Evos, and three FXXs.


Ferrari wins Best Cabrio title at Bestcars 2019 Awards

Posted: 13.02.2019
Source: Ferrari

The Ferrari Portofino named Best Convertible for second consecutive year

Maranello, 13 February 2019 – Ferrari was presented with the Best Cabrio 2019 Award for its most recent V8 GT, the Ferrari Portofino, during the Bestcars 2019 Awards ceremony which took place at Madrid’s Santiago Bernabéu Stadium.

This was the second consecutive year that readers of the Spanish magazines Automovil, Autopista, Autovia and  Coche Actual bestowed this prestigious recognition on the Portofino.

The Ferrari Portofino is an elegant, versatile convertible with a retractable hard top that combines extraordinary performance with superb style. Its striking design captivated the international jury who declared: “The result of an impressive evolutionary process, the Ferrari Portofino fascinates with its exciting design language. The integration of a retractable hard top is an optimal solution. Its evocative elegance is further enhanced by the absolute quality of the materials and finishes. The Ferrari Portofino is the physical encapsulation of commitment to future-focused innovation”.


Scuderia Ferrari Mission Winnow – Seat fitting for Seb

Posted: 08.02.2019
Source: Ferrari

Maranello, 8 February 2019 –This morning, Sebastian Vettel came to the Gestione Sportiva for a seat fitting in the 2019 Scuderia Ferrari Mission Winnow car. The German, who has won 13 races in Maranello colours, making him the third most successful Ferrari driver after Michael Schumacher and Niki Lauda, thus sat, for the first time, in the car with which he will tackle the world championship, that gets underway on 17 March with the Australian GP.

With the team. Just as Charles Leclerc did on Thursday, Sebastian met with Team Principal and Managing Director, Mattia Binotto, as well the engineers, with whom he had preliminary talks about the upcoming season, prior to the test sessions that get the track action underway in Barcelona from 18 to 21 February and again from 26 February to 1 March.

Seven days to launch. Exactly a week to go now until the launch of this year’s Scuderia Ferrari Mission Winnow car. The event will take place in Maranello on Friday 15, at 10.45 CET and the entire launch will be live streamed on the Ferrari website, while the key moments of the unveiling will also be available on the Scuderia’s social media platforms.


Scuderia Ferrari Mission Winnow – Seat fitting for Charles

Posted: 07.02.2019
Source: Ferrari

Maranello, 7 February 2019 –Today, for the first time, Charles Leclerc sat in the Scuderia Ferrari Mission Winnow car that he will drive during the 2019 season. This morning, the Monegasque driver had a fitting to finalise the shape of the made-to-measure seat of his Formula 1 car.

In the factory. While he was at the Gestione Sportiva, Charles took the opportunity to meet Director and Team Principal, Mattia Binotto and say hello to the rest of the team, with whom he will work for the first time at the forthcoming Barcelona test from 18 to 21 February. Leclerc will be the first driver from Monaco to race in Formula 1 for Scuderia Ferrari.

Unveiling. In fact, it’s not long now, just over a week, before the new car is launched. The event takes place at Maranello, on Friday 15 February at 10:45 and the launch will be live streamed on the Ferrari website. The unveiling can also be watched on the Scuderia’s social media channels.


Scuderia Ferrari Mission Winnow – New car minus 9!

Posted: 06.02.2019
Source: Ferrari

Maranello, 6 February – There are just nine days to go until the launch of Scuderia Ferrari Mission Winnow’s new Formula 1 car, which will take place in Maranello at 10.45 (CET) on 15 February.

Live. All fans and enthusiasts can follow the whole event via live streaming on Ferrari’s website and the unveiling on the Scuderia’s social channels.




Scuderia Ferrari Mission Winnow – Four drivers for Scuderia Ferrari simulator

Posted: 04.02.2019
Source: Ferrari

Maranello, 4 February 2019 – Four drivers will work in the Scuderia Ferrari Mission Winnow simulator during the 2019 season, thus contributing, alongside the race drivers, to the development of the car. They are 24 year old Pascal Wehrlein, Brendon Hartley 29, Antonio Fuoco, 22, and Davide Rigon, 32.

Currently driving in Formula E for the Mahindra team, Pascal Wehrlein competed in Formula 1 in the 2016 and 2017 seasons having been crowned DTM champion in 2015.

Brendon Hartley comes to Maranello after racing for Scuderia Toro Rosso in Formula 1 from the 2017 US GP until the end of the 2018 season. Brendon also has a solid background in endurance racing: he has been FIA WEC World Champion twice (2015 and 2017) and also won the 2017 24 Hours of Le Mans.

Antonio Fuoco has been part of the Ferrari family for his entire career through his time in the Ferrari Driver Academy and joins the simulator team after an excellent season in F2 that included a superb win in Abu Dhabi.

Davide Rigon is a Ferrari simulator veteran. He has been driving the simulator since 2014 in addition to his work as an official driver in GT competitions. Amongst other categories, he has been racing for AF Corse Ferrari in the FIA WEC for many years and has won four world championship races with the team.

Mattia Binotto, Scuderia Ferrari Team Principal: “Our team has taken on four undoubtedly talented drivers, who possess innate feeling, with a strong understanding of race cars and tracks. These are exactly the qualities required in the skilful role of driving in a simulator, one of the vital pieces of equipment in the Formula 1 of today”.


Intercontinental GT Challenge – The Ferrari 488 GT3 of Spirit of Race wins Pro-Am class

Posted: 03.02.2019
Source: Ferrari

Mount Panorama, 3 February 2019 – The Ferrari 488 GT3 of Spirit of Race, crewed by Paul Dalla Lana, Mathias Lauda and Pedro Lamy won the Pro-Am class in the 2019 edition of the Bathurst 12 Hours, the first round of the SRO International GT Challenge championship.

Extreme race. The value of Ferrari’s victory in the hard-fought professional and gentlemen drivers’ class is all the greater given the extreme weather conditions. Starting at dawn in Australia, the race quickly turned into a marathon for men and vehicles, with very few neutralisations (over 100 laps and seven hours with no Safety Car) and very high temperatures of up 43 degrees centigrade. Paul Dalla Lana, Mathias Lauda and Pedro Lamy put in a flawless performance, making up 24 positions on the qualifying session to finish in ninth place. The advantage of almost two laps over their nearest pursuers, Hazelwood-Lago-Russell in the Audi of Matt Stone Racing’s, also says a lot about the quality of the performance of the Spirit of Race team.

HubAuto Corsa. On the other side, the HubAuto Corsa crew of Nick Foster, Tim Slade and Nick Percat in the other Ferrari, had a trickier race right from the off. The 488 GT3 no. 27 was in fact involved in an accident with a slower car before the two-hour mark. The time taken to recover and repair the car knocked the HubAuto Corsa crew out of the running. After restarting they eventually they crossed the line in 18th. The overall victory went to the Porsche of Earl Bamber Motorsport with Werner-Olsen-Campbell.