The new Website

Posted: 15.12.2012

Dear Ferraristi Thank you for deciding to visit Mitorosso, our online magazine which focuses on Ferrari past and present. We are currently working on the implementation of the new website. In the coming months the magazine will grow to over 10,000 pages, including over 30,000 images. We apologize if you are unable to find the information you are looking for at the moment and hope you will visit again soon to check out the latest changes and updates. Best wishes

May 1952

Date Event Mitorosso
03.05. - 04.05.1952 Mille Miglia Read more
18.05.1952 Formula 1 - Grand Prix of Switzerland Read more
30.05.1952 Formula 1 - Indianapolis 500 Read more

June 1952

Date Event Mitorosso
14.06. - 15.06.1952 Le Mans 24 Hours Read more
22.06.1952 Formula 1 - Grand Prix of Belgium Read more

July 1952

Date Event Mitorosso
06.07.1952 Formula 1 - Grand Prix of France Read more
19.07.1952 Formula 1 - Grand Prix of Great Britain Read more

August 1952

Date Event Mitorosso
03.08.1952 Formula 1 - Grand Prix of Germany Read more
17.08.1952 Formula 1 - Grand Prix of the Netherlands Read more

September 1952

Date Event Mitorosso
07.09.1952 Formula 1 - Grand Prix of Italy Read more

November 1952

Date Event Mitorosso
19.11. - 23.11.1952 Carrera Panamericana Read more