General data  
Year/s of production 1950                          
Presentation Geneva Motor Show, March 1950
VIN 057/S
Number produced 1
Design Nuccio Bertone
Manufactured by Nuccio Bertone
Technical specifications  
Chassis 166i – Steel tubular frame, oval cross section, cross beams
Wheelbase 2420 mm
Front suspension Independent wheel suspension, a-arms, transverse leaf springs, Houdaille shock absorbers
Rear suspension Rigid axle, half elliptical longitudinal leaf springs, double trailing links, Houdaille shock absorbers
Front track 1270 mm
Rear track 1250 mm
Front tyres 5.50 x 15 in., Borrani wheels with wired spokes and central locking
Rear tyres 5.50 x 15 in., Borrani wheels with wired spokes and central locking
Front brakes Hydraulically operated aluminium drum brakes
Rear brakes Hydraulically operated aluminium drum brakes
Weight 800 – 900 kg
Body material Aluminium
Body type Cabriolet – two seats
Type 166S – Colombo front engine
Number of cylinders V12 – 60°
Displacement 1995,02 ccm
Bore and stroke 60 x 58,8 mm
Camshaft 1 overhead per cylinder bank
Valves 2 per cylinder
Compression ratio 8,5:1
Ignition Single ignition
Lubrication Forced feed lubrication
Maximum power Approx. 110 hp – 6.000 rpm
Maximum torque
Carburettor 1 Weber carburettor, type  32 DCF or 36 DCF
Gearbox 5 gears + rev.
Top speed Approx. 180 km/h


Good to know

General Information
Year of production 1950
Original exterior color blue
Original interior Color  
Technical Information
Chassis number (S/N , VIN) 0057/S
Chassis type 166i
Coachbuilder Bertone
Body type Cabriolet
Body number  
Assembly number  
Engine type 166S – Colombo front engine
Engine number 0057S
Engine internal number  
Steering RHD
Brief History
March 1950 Show car Geneva Motor Show
1951 Show car Turin Motor Show
1951 A.I.C.A.R. Milan


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S/N 0057/S
166 Inter Cabriolet Bertone