General data  
Year/s of production 1957
VINs 0666 and 0704 TR
Number produced 2
Design Scaglietti
Manufactured by Scaglietti
Technical specifications  
Chassis 525
Length 3959 mm
Width 1523 mm
Height 964 mm
Wheelbase 2350 mm
Front suspension Independent wheel suspension, double wishbones, coil springs, Houdaille shock absorbers
Rear suspension De Dion rear axle, transverse leaf springs, Houdaille lever-type shock absorbers
Front track 1308 mm
Rear track 1294 mm
Front tyres 5,5 x 16 in., Borrani wheels with wired spokes and central locking
Rear tyres 6,0 x 16 in., Borrani wheels with wired spokes and central locking
Front brakes Hydraulically operated aluminium drum brakes
Rear brakes Hydraulically operated aluminium drum brakes
Kerb weight Approx. 800 kg
Body material Aluminium
Body type Ponton-Spyder
Type Colombo front engine
Number of cylinders V12 – 60°
Displacement 2953,21 ccm
Bore and stroke 73 x 58,8 mm
Camshaft 1 overhead per cylinder bank
Valves 2 per cylinder
Compression ratio 9,8:1
Ignition Single ignition
Lubrication Forced feed lubrication
Maximum power 300 hp – 7.000 rpm
Maximum torque Approx. 380 Nm – 5.500 rpm
Carburettor 6 Weber twin carburettors, type 38 DCN or 6 Solex twin carburettors
Gearbox 4 gears + rev.
Top speed Approx. 270 km/h


Record numbers for a “classicissima” Ferrari

Posted: 05.02.2014
Source: Ferrari

Maranello, 5 February –Investment in classic cars seems to be paying off even more these days. This can be seen from yet more records set at special auctions and sales between private collectors. That is definitely the case if the car is a Ferrari. It’s not by chance that today, the record sum of 28.99 million Euros was paid between collectors for an amazing 250 Testa Rossa, one of the most symbolic cars in the history of the Prancing Horse. The car, with the chassis number 0704, has a pretty impressive racing pedigree, given that it took the Anglo-American driver duo of Peter Collins and Phil Hill in the Buenos Aires 1000 Kilometres and the Sebring 12 Hours. Once its life as an official Scuderia car came to an end, the 250 TR was acquired by an American who used it successfully in other races, before donating it in 1967 to the Henry Ford Museum in Dearborn near Detroit. The Dutch collector, Eric Heerema was the seller today and clearly showed great acuity over the years, as it was also his 250 GTO which was sold in June 2012 for the figure of 26.2 million Euro.