General data  
Year/s of production 1999 – 2004                                            
Presentation Geneva Motor Show, March 1999
VIN span 104376 –
Number produced Approx. 8.800
Design Pininfarina
Manufactured by Scaglietti – Ferrari S.p.A.
Technical specifications  
Chassis F131 – Aluminium spaceframe with extruded and cast components and external panelling in aluminium
Length 4477 mm
Width 1922 mm
Height 1214 mm
Wheelbase 2600 mm
Front suspension Independent wheel suspension, double delta wishbones, coil springs, anti-roll bar, electronically operated Sachs gas-filled shock absorbers – Antidive and Antisquat
Rear suspension Independent wheel suspension, double delta wishbones, coil springs, anti-roll bar, electronically operated Sachs gas-filled shock absorbers
Front track 1669 mm
Rear track 1617 mm
Front tyres 7,5 x 18 in., alloy rims, 5-star design
Tyres: 215/45 ZR 18
Rear tyres 10 x 18 in., alloy rims, 5-star design
Tyres: 275/40 ZR 18
Front brakes Brembo cross-drilled, vented discs, 330 mm, aluminium 4-pod callipers, combined Bosch 5.3 ABS/ASR system ASR options: Normal, Sport und Off, EBD – brake effort distribution, MSR antilock deceleration
Rear brakes Brembo cross-drilled, vented discs, 330 mm, aluminium 4-pod callipers, combined Bosch 5.3 ABS/ASR system ASR options: Normal, Sport und Off, EBD – brake effort distribution, MSR antilock deceleration
Weight Approx. 1390 kg
Weight distribution Front/rear 43% to 57%
Weight/power ratio 3,5 kg/hp
Body material Aluminium
Body type Berlinetta – two seats
Type F 131B – mid-engine – longitudinal installed
Number of cylinders V8 – 90°
Displacement 3586 ccm
Bore and stroke 85 x 79 mm
Camshaft 2 overhead per cylinder bank
Valves 5 per cylinder, variable valve timing on exhaust camshafts, variable length intake ducts with bank compensation
Compression ratio 11:1
Ignition Bosch electronic ignition
Lubrication Dry sump lubrication, approx. 10 litres oil
Maximum power 400 hp – 8.500 rpm
Maximum torque 373 Nm – 4.750 rpm
Fuel management Drive-by- Wire, Bosch Motronic ME 7.3
Gearbox 6 gears + rev., longitudinal installed, limited slip differential 25% locking under acceleration, 45 % on lift-off, hydraulic single plate clutch
0 – 100 km/h 4,5 sec.
0 – 1000 m 22,9 sec.
Fiorano circuit lap time 1 min 30 sec.
Top speed Approx. 295 km/h


Good to know:

The new 360 Modena
Copyright: Ferrari

Maranello, 27th February 1999 – For the 1999 International Geneva Motor Show (Tuesday 9th March – Press Day) Ferrari SpA will unveil one of the most significant sports cars ever to be built at Maranello – the new Ferrari 360 Modena. Styled by Pininfarina, the all-aluminium 360 Modena has been designed to represent the ultimate in performance, lightness and advanced engineering and is the result of four years intensive research and design. This new ‘small’ Ferrari incorporates superb handling due to a revised suspension system, excellent interior space with an exceptionally refined cabin layout. Powered by a normally aspirated, 400 hp, 3.6-litre, 40-valve, 8-cylinder engine the 360 Modena will be available with the second generation of the highly successful F1-type gearbox as well as the conventional six-speed manual transmission. Furthermore, this new car has a significant part to play in the Ferrari model mix and will sit alongside the 550 Maranello, the 456 M and the F355 Spider. Offered as a two-seater sports car, the Ferrari 360 Modena during the next six months replace the highly successful and internationally acclaimed Ferrari F355. However, for the immediate future the F355 Spider will continue in production. This latest addition to the Ferrari range is expected to account for 65% of Ferrari’s annual production of around 3500 cars. The 360 Modena will initially go on sale in some of Ferrari’s 42 key markets by Spring 1999. The car will be available throughout the international Ferrari sales network by the Summer. Many of the technical features and the build processes to create the 360 Modena are unique to Ferrari and this car promises to be one of the fastest and most powerful GT road cars ever to be produced at Maranello. Luca di Montezemolo, President of Ferrari SpA, said: “In the past six years, Ferrari has launched no less than 10 different models and variants. This is a fantastic achievement and reflects Ferrari’s continual efforts to be at the leading edge of technology and engineering design. “The Ferrari 360 Modena again represents a major step forward for us. It incorporates all of the traditional elements of the Ferrari marque but sets new and significant standards for high performance cars. The 360 Modena is one of the most technically advanced cars that we have ever produced.” NB: The Ferrari 360 Modena will be launched to the International Press at 14.00hrs on Tuesday 9th March at the 1999 Geneva Motor Show. 

The 360 Modena presented to Mayor Barbolini
Copyright: Ferrari

Modena, 3rd March 1999 –  Ferrari Chairman, Luca di Montezemolo, presented today the new 360 Modena to Mr. Giuliano Barbolini, Mayor of the city of Modena. 

The 360 Modena at the Geneva Motor Show
Copyright: Ferrari

Geneva, 9th March 1999 – The opening day of the Geneva Motor Show saw the official press launch of the new Ferrari Grand Tourer, the 360 Modena. Around fifty journalists attended this afternoon’s press conference given by Ferrari President, Luca di Montezemolo, Managing Director Paolo Marinsek, Enginerr Amedeo Felisa and Sergio Pininfarina. “This is a very important week for us,” commented Montezemolo, “because it marks the start of two new chapters for our company: this year’s Formula 1 World Championship and the 360 Modena. Just as Irvine’s success is a good omen for the coming season, so too I believe that the large number of you journalists present here at this press conference today, is a good sign for the new car.” The President then thanked all those involved in the 360 project for all their efforts. Then, Amedeo Felisa and Sergio Pininfarina went over the technical and styling characteristics of the car. In the afternoon, Michael Schumacher, just back from Australia was a visitor on the Ferrari stand and, accompanied by President Montezemolo, paid particular attention to the three 360 Modena (one in alloy grey, the new colour in the Ferrari range and two red ones.) “I like this car a lot,” said Schumacher. “I drove it recently and found it very light, with handling which is almost like a kart.” Schumacher also spoke about the forthcoming grand prix in Brazil. “We would be surprised if the gap to the McLarens is still the same.” Apart from the 360 Modena, the Maranello firm’s stand showed the other cars in the range: a F355 Spider in red, a blue 456 M Tour de France and a 550 Maranello in the same colour.Equipped with a 400-bhp 90° V8 engine, the 360 Modena and the 360 Spider are a winning concentration of high technology, style and performance. The extruded aluminium chassis, the special attention paid to detail in ensuring a roomy and comfortable interior and, in the 360 Spider, the innovative soft-top opening system are some of the key reasons for the enthusiasm expressed by the magazine’s readers. Enthusiasm that reaches beyond the borders of Germany: in fact, over 125,000 forms were sent by the readers of the 25 national editions published by Auto Motor und Sport all over Europe. 

The Ferrari 360 is a Double Winner in Auto Motor und Sport’s Best Auto Awards
Copyright: Ferrari

Maranello, 8th February 2001- The German magazine Auto Motor und Sport yesterday disclosed the results of the 25th edition of the ‘Die Besten Auto’ Award and announced that the Ferrari 360 Modena had taken first place in the Imported Sports Car category and the 360 Spider in the Imported Sporting Cabrio category. Ferrari also clinched the second place in the Sports Car category with the 550 Maranello, completing a great result achieved in occasion of the Award’s 25th anniversary. Ferrari has won 18 times in the Sport Car category and this is Ferrari’s fourth double win since 1977, the last one being in 1995 with the F355 and the 348 Spider.