General data  
Year/s of production End of 2003 –                                  
Presentation Detroit Auto Show, 05 January 2004
Geneva Motor Show, March 2004, S/N 136337
VIN span –                                                                              
Number produced
Design Pininfarina
Manufactured by Ferrari S.p.A.
Technical specifications  
Chassis F 137 – All-aluminium space frame chassis and bodywork construction
Length 4902 mm
Width 1957 mm
Height 1344 mm
Wheelbase 2950 mm
Front suspension Independent wheel suspension, double delta wishbones, coil springs, electronically controlled aluminium gas dampers – Skyhook-system, anti-roll bar, adaptive set-up
Rear suspension Independent wheel suspension, double a-arms, coil springs electronically controlled aluminium gas dampers – Skyhook-system, anti-roll bar, adaptive set-up
Front track 1688 mm
Rear track 1641 mm
Front tyres 8,5 x 18 in., Speedline monolithic magnesium alloy wheels – 5 spokes design
Tyres: 245/45 ZR 18
Rear tyres 10,5 x 19 in., Speedline monolithic magnesium alloy wheels – 5 spokes design
Tyres: 285/40 ZR 19      
Front brakes Brembo ventilated and drilled disc brakes, 345 mm, Bosch ABS
Rear brakes Brembo ventilated and drilled disc brakes, 330 mm, Bosch ASR
Weight Approx. 1840 kg
Chassis and body weight: Approx. 360 kg
Weight distribution f/r   46% / 54 %
Body material Aluminium
Body type Berlinetta – 2+2 seats
Type F 133F – mid-front layout with the engine mounted behind the front axle, and the gearbox and differential in unit at the rear
Number of cylinders V12– 65°
Displacement 5748 ccm
Bore and stroke 89 x 77 mm
Camshaft 2 overhead per cylinder bank
Valves 4 per cylinder
Compression ratio 11,2:1
Ignition Bosch Motronic ME7
Lubrication Dry sump lubrication, additional oil cooler, approx. 10 litres oil
Maximum power 540 hp – 7.250 rpm, max. 7.600 rpm
Maximum torque 589 Nm – 5.250 rpm
Fuel management Bosch Motronic M 5.2
Engine weight 230 kg
Gearbox The six-speed mechanical gearbox is available with both a manual and a new generation electro-hydraulic set-up, known as the F1A, designed to marry fast manual gear shifting with comfortable automatic use.
CST stability and traction control system
Weight manual gearbox: 92 kg
Weight F1A gearbox: 106 kg
Top speed Approx. 315 km/h


The 612 Scaglietti, the new 12-cylinder Ferrari
Copyright: Ferrari

Maranello, 16 October 2003 – Working in Modena right at the start of Enzo Ferrari’s great adventure, Sergio Scaglietti bodied some of the most beautiful cars ever to emerge from Maranello. Scaglietti wasn’t a man who relied on pencil and paper to create his magnificent designs: he worked like a sculptor, fashioning their forms from aluminium. And now Luca di Montezemolo has dedicated the understated yet historically important all-aluminium 612 to the memory of that great designer .The 612 Scaglietti is the perfect marriage of sporty thoroughbred Ferrari berlinetta performance and excellent onboard comfort for four occupants. The replacement for the highly successful 456M, the new model’s own winning combination derives from a roomy interior enhanced by significantly larger dimensions, a 60 kg reduction in weight, and a range of uncompromising design solutions.The 612 Scaglietti’s most significant features include:-All-aluminium space frame chassis and bodywork construction used for the very first time on a Ferrari 12-cylinder and built entirely by Ferrari at the Scaglietti light-alloy technologies facility. The result is a massive 60% increase in overall structural rigidity (rigidity-weight ratio). The 612 Scaglietti’s advanced aluminium construction also translates into improved comfort and handling, in addition to offering maximum occupant protection in the case of a collision.-A mid-front layout with the engine mounted behind the front axle, and the gearbox and differential in unit at the rear ensure that the centre of gravity is kept as far back and as low as possible. This in turn significantly improves the car’s dynamics in terms of performance (0-100 km/h in 4.2 seconds), stability and braking efficiency, as well as delivering much nimbler handling. Excellent weight distribution (46% front, 54% rear) is enhanced by a performance-oriented handling set-up with active damping and the special CST stability and traction control system, used here for the very first time on a Ferrari.-A 65° V12 engine with a displacement of 5748 cc which is rounded off to give the figure 6 (litres) in the 612 model designation. The V12 represents the very pinnacle of Ferrari engine design, thanks in particular to improved fluid dynamic characteristics of the intake and exhaust manifolds, generating a blistering 540 bhp at 7250 rpm. The six-speed mechanical gearbox is available with both a manual and a new generation electro-hydraulic set-up, known as the F1A, designed to marry fast manual gear shifting with comfortable automatic use.-Designed by Pininfarina to epitomise dynamism and elegance, the 612 Scaglietti boasts characteristic scalloped sides that recall the famous 375 MM bodied by the Turin coachbuilder for Rossellini and used by Ingrid Bergman. Its thoroughbred spirit effortlessly combines with outstanding comfort and space on board, from the ease of entry for all four occupants and the notable legroom (helped by an increase in length of 139 mm compared to the 456M), to the excellent rear seating layout with extra headroom. Lastly, the overall roominess of the 612 Scaglietti is complemented by a 240-litre luggage compartment – a full 25% larger than the 456M’s – which can hold a five-piece Ferrari luggage set or two golf bags.-The level of on-board comfort is completed with a range of new generation of ergonomic features: the instrument binnacle and steering wheel-mounted commands designed for maximum driver control, dual-zone climate control, and a Hi-End Bose sound system specifically developed for the 612 Scaglietti’s sophisticated aluminium and leather interior which can, naturally, be fully personalised on request.


Dimensions and weight
Overall length 4902 mm
Overall width 1957 mm
Height 1344 mm
Wheelbase 2950 mm
Front track 1688 mm
Rear track 1641 mm
Weight1840 kg
Front 245/45 – 18”
Rear 285/40 – 19”
Cylinders 65° V12
Bore/stroke 89 x 77 mm
Unit displacement 479 cc
Total displacement 5748 cc
Compression ratio 11.2:1
Max power 540 CV @ 7250 g/min
Max torque 60 Kgm @ 5250 g/min
Top speed >315 km/h
0-62mph acceleration 4.2 s 

In New York, Montezemolo took part in a special soirée for the 612 Scaglietti
Copyright: Ferrari

Maranello, 3 December 2003 – 2004 will mark the fiftieth year of Ferrari activity in the United States. The link with the USA is fundamental for the Prancing Horse as North American is Ferrari’s number one market.A little over a month from this important anniversary (one that will be celebrated with the official presentation of the ‘612 Scaglietti’ at the Detroit Motorshow) Luca di Montezemolo, President of the Ferrari Maserati Group, displayed the new 12 cylinder model in New York to a select number of American clients and VIPs.
Flanked by some historic cars from the past and the F1 World Championship winning F2003-GA, President Montezemolo defined 2004 as a crucial year as it marked a half century of Ferrari presence in the US. ‘The relationship began in the 1950s and got stronger in 1960s, when three Prancing Horse models won at Daytona ahead of the Fords’. This unleashed the passion and enthusiasm of the American public for cars from the Modena. This same enthusiasm will bring 2003 to a good end: it has been a record year for Ferrari in America with a 15% growth in sales compared to 2002. Maserati has also fared well in a sector – that of luxury cars like Porsche and Jaguar – that has shown an overall fall of 20%.
Montezemolo preannounced that 2003 will see total sales for Ferrari in the US of 1,300 with Maserati at 1,000 (thanks to 33 Prancing Horse and 40 Maserati sales points).The ‘612 Scaglietti’, defined by Montezemolo as ‘the fastest 2+2 in the world’, was presented in two liveries: one in Ferrari Red and the other in Ingrid grey. ‘Ingrid’ is the name given to the grey tone requested by the director Roberto Rossellini for the Ferrari given to his partner Ingrid Bergman, famed for her icy grey eyes.President Montezemolo also recalled the emotional rollercoaster that was the last F1 season. It was a win that gave the Scuderia Ferrari a new record, partly secured by the crucial victory at Indianapolis. ‘No-one has ever won five straight consecutive constructors’ titles and four consecutive drivers’ championships. Ferrari is a mid-sized Italian company gifted with passion and enthusiasm, always under the spotlight, but it is just like the hundreds of thousands of other Italian companies that have the same passion. Now we can enjoy the moment but we will keep our feet on the ground.’The North American market continues to acclaim Ferrari: for the fourth time the 360 Modena, one of the best-loved Ferraris in the US, won a prize from the American Automobile Magazine. Two years ago, the same magazine awarded President Montezemolo as ‘Man of the year’. 

Ferrari at the NAIAS 2004 in Detroit
Copyright: Ferrari

Detroit, January 5th, 2004 ‘ Ferrari’s presence at the 16th North American International Auto Show in Detroit is particularly important for the Maranello company, not only because of the fact that the American event has been chosen ‘ a first in the company’s history ‘ for the international launch of a new model, the 612 Scaglietti. It is also a important because 2004 marks the fiftieth anniversary of the arrival of the first Ferrari GT in North America, which continues to be the top world market for the Prancing Horse. Half a century of solid sports and commercial cooperation and of a deep passion for the Brand that Ferrari has chosen to share with its US clients not only during the days of the Auto Shows but also through a special initiative which will last the whole year: inside each Ferrari sold in the United States in 2004 there will be a special plaque celebrating the anniversary.From 1954, the year driver Luigi Chinetti imported the first road vehicle to the US, through today, Ferrari has achieved great sports and commercial success in this country, attracting the appreciation of customers and stirring the enthusiasm of Ferrari fans. This success story goes from the side-by-side arrival of the three ‘reds’ at the Daytona finish line in 1967 to Michael Schumacher’s victory last year at Indianapolis, and it covers everything from the records set by a production 550 Maranello at the TRC Ohio circuits in Columbus in 1998, to the numerous awards the most prestigious American publications showered on the Ferrari models in 2003 and again for its 2004 models. However, the year that has just ended marks a new record for Ferrari in North America ‘ the eleventh in a row ‘ also in terms of sales. In 2003, a total of 1,350 Ferraris were delivered to end-customers, for an increase of approximately 13% compared to last year and bucking the trend observed in a market segment that has shown a downswing in the United States. Ferrari’s main markets in North America are California, the Northeast corridor extending from Boston through New York and down to Washington, Florida, Texas and the Midwest, with Chicago and Detroit leading the way.After winning the fifth consecutive world F1 title in 2003 and the fourth in a row with Michael Schumacher, Ferrari is ringing in the new year with its Detroit presentation of the new 2+2 twelve-cylinder model that’s the heir to the 456: the 612 Scaglietti, which will also be displayed on the same day at Maranello’s Galleria Ferrari museum. This innovative model is the perfect combination of the thoroughbred sports performance that is the hallmark of the Ferrari berlinetta and extraordinary onboard comfort for four occupants. This is the very first time that all-aluminum construction has been used on a Ferrari twelve-cylinder model ‘ for everything from the chassis to the bodywork ‘ and the outcome is a 60% increase in the rigidity-weight ratio. The mid-front engine layout guarantees exceptional weight distribution ‘ 46% front and 54% rear ‘ so that the center of gravity has been shifted as far back and as low as possible. This means a significant edge in the car’s dynamics when it comes to performance. The 65° V12 engine unites Ferrari’s state-of-the-art engineering technology with a maximum power of 540 HP at 7250 rpm.Designed by Pininfarina, the 612 has been named in honor of Sergio Scaglietti, the Modena coachbuilder who created some of Maranello’s most stunning cars in the early years of Enzo Ferrari’s extraordinary adventure. Luca di Montezemolo thus decided to dedicate the new model to this low-key but important figure in the history of Ferrari.Back at Maranello, work is being completed on the ‘Formula Uomo’ program to create a new Product Development Center and the new Painting Plant. The two plants, designed respectively by Massimiliano Fuksas and Marco Visconti for FIAT Engineering, will be inaugurated by the summer of 2004 and will operate alongside the new Mechanical Workshop, which went into operation early last year.In 2004 new opportunities will come from the reinforcement of the Group on the emerging Chinese market and from the entry into the new and important Russian market.Ferrari North America starts its fiftieth year in business in the United States with a staff that has been completely restructured, applying the spirit of the Ferrari Group that, as often emphasized by President Montezemolo, is based on professionalism and a passion for one’s work. Managed for a little over a year by Maurizio Parlato, President and CEO, Ferrari North America has a sales network of 32 dealers in the United States and Canada. Ferrari North America is headquartered in Englewood Cliffs, New Jersey, just a few miles from the place where Luigi Chinetti opened Ferrari’s first US ‘atelier’ back in 1954.To be even closer to its customers and to guarantee that anyone who decides on a pre-owned Ferrari can be confident of purchasing a certified product, Ferrari North America has created the Ferrari Certified Pre-Owned Program for the United States and Canada. This program applies to the Prancing Horse models that Ferrari North America imports to the US and Canada, which must be no more than 12 years old and have less than 60,000 miles on them.This fiftieth anniversary of Ferrari’s presence in North America kicked off on December 2 in New York with a sneak preview of the 612 Scaglietti for the network of dealers in the United States and Canada and Ferrari’s top North American customers. The celebration will begin at the end of January with the traditional Cavallino Classic in Florida, and will continue throughout the year with significant events at each of the major Auto Shows at which Ferrari will be present. They will culminate with the Concours d’Elegance at Pebble Beach in August, where Ferrari will be the Featured Marque. At this time, special events will also be organized in collaboration with the Ferrari Club of America.The year 2004 marking Ferrari’s fiftieth anniversary in the United States also coincides with the eleventh American season of the Ferrari Challenge-Trofeo Pirelli. There are six events scheduled for the 2004 season, with a prologue for historic cars at the traditional Cavallino Classic held in Florida in late January. These events are Sears Point in March, Road Atlanta in May, Montreal in support of the F1 race and Mont Tremblant in June, Lime Rock Park in July and Laguna Seca in August. As last year, the weekends of the Ferrari Challenge in 2004 will again be an opportunity for Ferrari customers to bring their cars to the racetrack during sessions devoted exclusively to them. This is a perfect opportunity for full immersion ‘ in complete safety ‘ in the world of Ferrari racing.For the eighth consecutive season, the Shell Historic Challenge will see historic Ferraris and Maseratis vying at some of the most prestigious American and Canadian racetracks. There are six events, five of which concomitant with the Challenge races: Sears Point, Road Atlanta, Mont Tremblant, Lime Rock and Laguna Seca. The seasonal debut is scheduled for late January at the Moroso racetrack in Florida, at the same time as the Cavallino Classic.Ferrari will also continue a tradition that involved 51 of the most breathtaking cars in Ferrari history at the Rally of the Sierra Nevada in 2003. Thus, in 2004 Ferrari North America will propose two Rallies to its customers to give them a chance to drive their cars along some of the most stunning scenic routes in America. The first one will be held in Canada in June. The second one will be organized in Southern California and will bring Ferrari customers directly to Monterey for a fiftieth-anniversary celebration. 

Ferrari at the Geneva Auto Show
Copyright: Ferrari

Geneva, March 7th 2007 – Ferrari is displaying both sides of its character to harmonious and complementary effect at this year’s Geneva Auto Show. Its thoroughbred sporty side is represented by the F430 and the F430 Spider, developed using the F1 technology, while two 612 Scagliettis represent its technologically advanced GT side. The two Scagliettis, in fact, are in Geneva to showcase 10 colours selected from the Prancing Horse’s “historic” catalogue as well as interior trims that raise Ferrari’s reputation for luxurious driver enviroments to new levels. In the middle of the stand, sits on a special raised podium the 599 GTB Fiorano, the latest arrival from the Prancing Horse and a stunning link between its Sport and GT sides. The version on display at Geneva boasts an understated Grigio Silverstone livery.All of the models showing at the Ferrari stand include personalisation features that have become a Prancing Horse trademark integrated with new content designed to enhance both their natural elegance and driving-pleasure.The 10 historic colours unveiled at the Show were originally used on models which have become famous amongst collectors for their particularly sophisticated liveries. After meticulous research in the company archive, Ferrari has now relaunched the following stunning and absolutely exclusive colours as part of a unique catalogue: Avorio, Vinaccia, Celeste, Avio, Azzurro, Blu Scozia, Verde Abetone, Grigio Ferro, Grigio Medio, Grigio Scuro.
This new colour range is being offi cially unveiled at the Geneva Motor Show and will be available for the 612 Scaglietti.The Show also provides the backdrop to the launch by the Prancing Horse of Ferrari Financial Services in response to growing demand from its Italian and international clients for a range of integrated bespoke fi nancial solutions designed to make Ferrari purchases as cost-effective and simple as possible. Ferrari Financial Services also offers exclusive fi nancing for historic models, competition cars and even Formula 1 single-seaters.

The Grand Tourer
The cabin of the 612 Scaglietti is even more sumptuous and elegant than ever with meticulous detailing combined with signifi cantly enhanced GT content.A new natural leather by Poltrona Frau available in the 12 colours in the current range has been used to trim the interiors. The process used to produce this particular leather makes it buttery soft and wonderfully elastic – as seductive to the touch as it is to the eye. The handcrafted leather interiors also feature new stitching and a new way of finishing the four seats and door panels. The range of cabin personalisation options has also been further extended. Clients can enhance the atmosphere of luxury and exclusivity in their cars further by selecting from a choice of two different interior confi gurations, each one can be combined with light aluminium, burnished aluminium and leather inserts as well as carbon-fibre trim.Also making its world debut on the 612 Scaglietti is the Bose® 2 DIN radio-navigator: an innovative system combining radio, audio and video DVD, Bluetooth® and satellite radio (on US and Canadian markets) systems. A TV tuner and rear parking camera complete the picture. The system also includes a digital eight-channel surround sound stereo system and was developed specifi cally for the 612 Scaglietti cabin to guarantee absolutely excellent sound quality at all times and under all conditions. In fact, the in-car audio quality is breathtakingly good and on the same level as the best home theatre units. The system also boasts other innovative features including U-Music® which organises and stores hours of music according to the user’s specifi c tastes.Visitors can test out the Bose® 2 DIN system for themselves at the listening stations created especially by Poltrona Frau in the lounge at the Ferrari stand.

Every Ferrari built in 2006 was unique

Every single Ferrari delivered to end clients in 2006 featured some personalisation features selected either from the “Carrozzeria Scaglietti” Personalisation Programme or as once-off noncatalogue requests. The latest option to be added to the Personalisation Programme is a new satellite antitheft system integrated with the car alarm supplied as standard and approved by all of the leading international insurance companies. Available for the main European markets, the new system consists of a CPU located in a well-hidden and well-protected area of the car, a GPS antenna and a transponder key.To facilitate the personalisation process for each individual car, Ferrari has developed a very innovative car confi gurator to allow customers make their own simulation using their preferred options from the Carrozzeria Scaglietti Personalisation Programme. The confi gurator is the most complete and comprehensive of its kind, covering every aspect of the Programme right down to the smallest detail. It will be available to clients on-line through the Ferrari Owners’ Site (
The sheer scope of the Programme means there is an almost infinite number of configurations possible for all the models in the range. Particular attention has therefore been paid to creating a user-friendly interface and to ensuring rapid and simple navigation through the many options areas available both for the exterior and interior of the cars.Ferrari is also introducing a number of innovations for this kind of on-line configurator. These include a full-frame zoom function which allows the user to view the cars in high resolution, and another function that enables clients to compare and contrast two different configurations simultaneously.

2006 – An excellent year

2006 was an exceptionally successful year for Ferrari. With Luca di Montezemolo as its President, Jean Todt as CEO and Amedeo Felisa as General Manager, the new Prancing Horse facility delivered a total of 5,671 cars, an increase of 4.8% on 2005. Revenues for the 2006 financial year equalled 1,447 million euro while Ferrari’s trading profit of euro 183 million showed a significant leap of 16.4% over the previous financial year. These results underscore the importance of the Ferrari brand to the Fiat Group which, in the course of the year, also bought back the Prancing Horse shares sold to banks, thereby increasing its stake in the company to 85% (the remaining 15% is divided up as follows: 10% the Ferrari family, 5% Mubadala).The 12.2% increase in Ferrari’s revenues was due in great part to excellent performance in North America and Switzerland (with deliveries up 6% in both), Germany (+8%), and new and developing markets (the Middle East, Eastern Europe and South America) which generated a significant increase in sales volumes. The Chinese market also performed exceptionally well indeed with the number of cars delivered there doubling in just 12 months.
Ferrari continued to expand its brand development activities too, resulting in a increase of 23% in revenues in 2006, thanks both to new licensing contracts and the extension of our retail plan (there are now 13 Ferrari Stores and Shops worldwide).

1947-2007 – Worldwide 60th Anniversary celebrations underway

On May 25th 1947, the very first Ferrari, the 125 S, won the Rome Grand Prix, an amazing feat given that this was only the car’s second foray into competition. Today, with 14 World Drivers’ titles, 14 World Manufacturers’ titles, eight F1 Constructors’ World Championships, six International F1 Constructors’ Cups, nine Le Mans 24 Hour Race wins, eight Mille Miglia victories, seven Targa Florio triumphs, and clients across over 50 markets worldwide to its credit, Ferrari is celebrating its 60th birthday.
To mark this major milestone in our history, we have embarked upon the Ferrari 60 Relay which started on January 29th last from Abu Dhabi, the home of the soon-to-open Ferrari theme park. This tour will take a specially designed relay baton depicting 60 of the most significant events in the Prancing Horse’s extraordinary history, on a massive journey across five continents. The baton will be borne from destination to destination by over 10,000 clients at the wheel of cars of every model and era before the Ferrari 60 Relay draws to a fitting close in Maranello on June 23rd next. The relay baton will soon arrive in the US, having already made its way across the Middle and Far East, Australia, New Zealand and South Africa. Needless to say, it received a spectacularly warm welcome in all of the above countries.

Ferrari in Switzerland: a historic and important market

With 287 cars delivered to clients there in 2006 (+ 6% on 2005), Switzerland is Ferrari’s sixth largest market after the United, States, Germany, the United Kingdom, Italy and France. Importantly, however, it also the largest in terms of cars sold per head of population. The Ferrari regional headquarters, Ferrari Suisse, is situated in Nyon, near Geneva and has been controlled directly by the Prancing Horse since 1993. Headed by Giulio Zauner, Ferrari Suisse operates via a network of 10 dealerships which also offer technical assistance. Many of our Swiss clients compete in the GT, Ferrari Challenge Trofeo Pirelli and Shell Ferrari Historic Challenge Championships. We also have a large group of Swiss historic and Formula 1 car collectors and Ferrari Classiche has received many authentication requests from Swiss clients too. 

In the year of its double World Title win, Ferrari announces that all of its cars will feature
CCM brakes as standard from 2008

Copyright: Ferrari

Bologna, December 5th 2007 – Ferrari has announced to the media and its clients at the Bologna Motor Show 2007 that Brembo brakes featuring carbon ceramic material (CCM) discs will be provided as standard on the entire Prancing Horse range from 2008.
Thanks to technological excellence unparalleled in sports car manufacturing, Ferrari is the world’s first car manufacturer to offer CCM technology as standard across its entire range. The Prancing Horse was also the first manufacturer to introduce CCM brakes five years ago on the Enzo Ferrari model and later began offering them to clients as a personalisation option on other models in the range.
The announcement of this latest development was made today by Ferrari’s General Manager Amedeo Felisa and Brembo Chairman Alberto Bombassei, during the press day at the Bologna Show. Ferrari’s decision comes as a result of the enhanced performance, durability and comfort offered by CCM brakes, their enormous popularity with clients (requests stand at over 85% for certain models), and a desire to underscore its technical leadership.In a year in which Ferrari returned to winning form in F1, taking both the Constructor’s and Driver’s titles, the 430 Scuderia, a special series based on the F430, also makes its Italian debut at Bologna. The new car is an extremely high performance two-seater berlinetta brimming with Formula 1-derived content, and is flanked on the stand by a Scuderia Ferrari Marlboro single-seater to further highlight its close technological ties to the track.
In fact, the 430 Scuderia uses a traction control system (E-Diff + F1-Trac) similar to the F1’s and a gearbox with gearshifting times equal to those of the single-seater of just two years ago. The F430 and the 599 GTB Fiorano, the most powerful production V12 car ever built at Maranello, also grace the Prancing Horse stand. On show too are the F430 Spider, which combines the blistering performance of a thoroughbred sports car with the delights of a drop-top, and the 612 Scaglietti, the current GT flagship which features recently updated cabin and accessories, including the innovative Bose Media System.The Prancing Horse will also be one of the most active protagonists in the Shell Arena, which is devoted to racing and exhibition driving. On Friday 7th December, our test-driver Luca Badoer will be putting a Ferrari Formula 1 car through its paces in a now-traditional exhibition complete with pit-stop simulations. The Ferrari Challenge Trofeo Pirelli cars will also be out on the track on Sunday for the now-classic culmination of its sporting calendar.Braking system with Carbon Ceramic Material (CCM) discsBraking systems that use carbon-ceramic material discs offer a host of advantages in terms of improved performance, durability and comfort, and are now considered an essential piece of kit for the kind of very high performance cars built by the Prancing Horse.Brakes featuring CCM discs offer much more responsive braking as well as consistently excellent performance in intensive use. One of the most obvious advantages to adopting them is their exceptional fade resistance – fade in fact compromises the driver’s feeling of control when it comes to the pressure required on the brake pedal and responsiveness.
The CCM discs have a longer life under normal conditions, a fact that has clear financial advantages. Furthermore, even with continual track use, CCM brakes offer greater resistance to wear for better durability on track. The CCM braking system also cuts around 15 kg off the car’s total weight which not only improves overall performance but also reduces unsprung mass and thus improves vehicle dynamics and ride comfort.
On the 430 Scuderia in particular, the CCM braking system is specifically designed for the car and has unique brake dimensions which are aligned with the car’s extreme performance characteristics. The diameter of the front discs has been increased (+18 mm vs the F430) which offers an improved effective radius and thus more efficient braking. Combined with specific 6-pot callipers, the front brake discs dissipate the extra heat created by the higher performance delivered by the 430 Scuderia .Ferrari 430 ScuderiaSeven-times World Champion Michael Schumacher also contributed to the development of the 430 Scuderia which makes the most advanced Ferrari Formula 1 technologies available to our sportiest and most passionate clients.
A dry weight of 1250 Kg and the 510 hp punched out at 8500 rpm by its naturally aspirated V8 engine guarantee the 430 Scuderia an absolutely extraordinary power-weight ratio of just 2.45 Kg/hp which in turn means that it can accelerate from 0 to 100 Km/h in a mere 3.6 seconds. The 430 Scuderia has a similar lap time at Fiorano to the Enzo, the Ferrari model that has come to epitomise the Prancing Horse’s philosophy of transferring Formula 1 technology to its road cars.
Thanks to its sophisticated aerodynamics, F1 SuperFast2 gearbox, and E-Diff combined with the sophisticated F1-Trac traction control system, this sporty new mid-rear engined berlinetta effortlessly combines superb handling with blistering performance, resulting in exceptional driving pleasure and handling both on the road and on the track. The integrated E-Diff and F1-Trac systems offers 40% more acceleration coming out of corners than a traditional traction and stability control system.
The 430 Scuderia also boasts the new Racing manettino which puts the emphasis firmly on track-specific sporty driving, giving the driver even more choice in terms of the traction control and vehicle dynamics set-up.The “Carrozzeria Scaglietti” Personalisation ProgrammeLaunched in 1997, the “Carrozzeria Scaglietti” Personalisation Programme allows Ferrari clients to enhance their car to suit their own personal tastes and requirements, making each one truly unique. There are four distinct personalisation areas: Racing and Track, Exteriors and Colours, Interiors and Materials, Equipment and Travel.
However, clients are also welcome to make “off-catalogue” requests. Since the days when Sergio Scaglietti himself first began collaborating with the Prancing Horse, our cars have been tailored to meet clients’ individual needs and nowadays almost 100% of Ferrari production include some personalisation options requested by their owners. The Personalisation Programme was recently further extended to include the 430 Scuderia’s personality. The Racing and Track area in particular boasts carbon-fibre kits which help enhance the new model’s lightness and nimbleness. The headlamp body, boot lid, front spoiler, sill kick panels and diffuser are all available in this high tech material. Wheel rims in the colour now used in Formula 1 are also available and a carbon-fibre helmet specially designed for the model is also available to order.Ferrari ClassicheFounded in 2005 to provide owners of classic Prancing Horse cars with a range of restoration, maintenance and technical assistance services as well as to issue authenticity certificates, Ferrari Classiche has thus far completed certification examinations on over 500 cars, using meticulous research methods and the original designs of the Prancing Horse’s historic cars themselves.Ferrari Financial ServicesSince its launch in early 2007 Ferrari Financial Services has been providing a series of services designed specifically to meet the diverse needs of owners of Ferraris of all kinds from those in the current range to historic and competition cars, including former F1 single-seaters. As a result our clients can now avail of personalised financing services which include, in the case of the 430 Scuderia package, driving courses designed in collaboration with Michael Schumacher who also contributed to the development of the car itself.A year of success and celebration2007 was a particularly important year for Ferrari. Not only did it bring the Company its 15th Formula World Championship Driver’s and Constructor’s titles but also marked the anniversary of its 60th year in business. Fittingly during this Anniversary year, Ferrari was also voted “Best Place to Work in Europe 2007”. End-of-year financial figures records also indicate a record 6,000-plus cars delivered and an operating result in the region of 15% revenues.To put Ferrari’s performance in Formula 1 into context, the Prancing Horse has won no less than seven Constructors’ World titles in the last nine years and six Drivers’ titles in the last eight.2007 was also an important year for the Company’s Brand Development activities with Ferrari Stores opened in Los Angeles, Barcelona, Al Kobar and Abu Dhabi. Further openings are planned for Singapore, Macao and Honolulu in early 2008. With regard to licensing, in addition to excellent performances by our consolidated partners, new agreements have also been signed with Dynastar and Lange (skis and ski boots) and Biciclo (bicycles for men, women and children in collaboration with Colnago).