General data
Grand Prix season/s 2007
Racing drivers Felipe Massa, Kimi Raikkönen
Race numbers Felipe Massa: 5 Kimi Raikkönen: 6
VIN span 260? – 264
Number produced 4?
Presentation 14 January 2007, Pista di Fiorano – Press presentation 15 January 2007, Pista di Fiorano – First test drive by Felipe Massa
Technical Specifications
Chassis Carbon-fibre and honeycomb composite structure
Length 4545 mm
Width 1796 mm
Height 959 mm
Wheelbase 3135 mm
Front track 1470 mm
Rear track 1405 mm
Front suspension Independent suspension, push-rod activated torsion springs
Rear suspension Independent suspension, push-rod activated torsion springs
Front tyres 13“
Rear tyres 13“
Tyres Bridgestone Potenza slicks with 4 grooves
Wheels BBS light alloy wheels
Front brakes Brembo ventilated carbon-fibre disc brakes, 6-pod aluminium callipers
Rear brakes Brembo ventilated carbon-fibre disc brakes, 6-pod aluminium callipers
Weight 605 kg, including oil, water and driver
Fuel tank
Body material Carbon-fibre
Type 056
Number of cylinders V8 – 90°
Displacement 2398 ccm
Bohrung 98 mm
Camshaft 2 overhead per cylinderbank
Valves 4 per cylinder
Valve control Pneumatical
Compression ratio
Lubrication Dry sump
Ignition Magneti Marelli electronic coil ignition
Fuel management Magneti Marelli digital electronic injection
Fuel Shell V-Power ULG 62
Lubricant Shell SL-0977
Maximum rpm 19.000 rpm
Gearbox 7 gears + rev., semiautomatic sequential electronically controlled gearbox, activated by steering wheel paddles, longitudinal installed, Traction and launch control Gearbox material: Titan and Carbon-fibre Gear change in approx. 0,04 sec.
Clutch AP and Sachs carbon-fibre multi disc clutch, activated with button on steering wheel
Engine weight >95 kg
Sporting Director Stefano Domenicali
Technical Director Mario Almondo
Head of the Chassis Department Aldo Costa
Head of the Engine Department Gilles Simon
Consultant Michael Schumacher
260, 261, 262, 263, 264
Good to know:

  • 1st Drivers World Championship titel for Kimi Raikkonen

Ferrari Press releases:
Source: Ferrari

F 2007 – Description and technical specifications

Maranello, 14th January 2007 – The F2007 is the fifty third single-seater built by Ferrari specifically to compete in the Formula 1 World Championship. The project, known internally as the 658, represents the Scuderia’s interpretation of the technical regulations that apply for 2007, with changes principally concerning safety, through the introduction of more stringent front and rear crash tests and the addition of a composite material structure to provide lateral protection to the sides of the driver. These modifications have led to a significant increase in the weight of the car, in the region of just under ten kilogrammes. The F2007 chassis has been significantly modified when compared to the 248 F1. The design was revised to accommodate a new front suspension that represents a major conceptual innovation, mainly in terms of aerodynamics. The shape of the side-pods and their openings are also revised, based on modifications to the cooling system, which also implies exits for the radiators on the upper part of the bodywork, while the engine air intake is also substantially different. The car has a longer wheelbase than its predecessor. The rear of the car is much narrower, taking advantage of the more sculpted shape of the gearbox housing, which again this year is made from carbon fibre. The gearbox itself, which is still mounted longitudinally, is fitted with an innovative quick-shift system (seven plus reverse). The rear suspension is similar to that on the 248 F1, but a significant development programme is planned in this area, in order to get the most out of the system, based on making progress in understanding the behaviour of the 2007 tyres. The front and rear aerodynamic configuration is also expected to change considerably before the start of the World Championship. The position of the rear view mirrors seen on the 2006 car remains unchanged and the same goes for the exhaust system. In accordance with the regulations that come into force this year, the basic structure of the engine remains the same as the one homologated at the end of last season. Therefore, the 056 engine continues as a load bearing member and is again mounted longitudinally. Based on what is permitted in the regulations, the following modifications have been carried out to the engine signed off with the FIA in October 2006: · the combustion chamber, the valves, the inlet and exhaust chambers, all aimed at optimising the torque curve, given the engine rev limit of 19,000 rpm; · the piston, the piston pin and the piston cooling jets to aim for the best possible reliability when running at the limit of 19,000 rpm; · the fluid systems (water and oil) and components to facilitate the integration of the 056 into the new car.
As usual, during the design and development phase of the complete car, the technical partners played an important role. A significant part was played by Shell in terms of fuel and lubricants, by the Fiat Research Centre in the use of simulation systems and by Brembo in developing the braking system. As is now traditional, a great deal of attention was paid to the performance and optimisation of the materials used, to the design stage and to quality control, striving to maximise the performance level and to ensure the highest possible standard of safety.
CHASSIS Carbon-fibre and honeycomb composite structure
Ferrari longitudinal gearbox Limited-slip differential
Semiautomatic sequential electronically controlled gearbox – quick shift
Number of gears: 7 +Reverse
Ventilated carbon-fibre disc brakes
Independent suspension, push-rod activated torsion springs front and rear Length: 4545 mm
Width: 1796 mm
Height: 959 mm
Wheelbase: 3135 mm
Front track: 1470 mm
Rear track: 1405 mm
Weight with water, lubricant and driver: 600 kg
Wheels (front and rear): 13″
ENGINE Type: 056
Number of cylinders: 8
Cylinder block in cast aluminium: V 90°
Number of valves: 32
Pneumatic distribution
Total displacement: 2398 cm3
Piston bore: 98 mm
Weight: > 95 kg
Magneti Marelli digital electronic injection
Magneti Marelli static electronic ignition
Fuel: Shell V-Power ULG 62
Lubricant: Shell SL-0977

Preview New Ferrari F2007 – Press Conference with Aldo Costa and Gilles Simon

Maranello, 14th January 2007 – Aldo Costa, Head of the Chassis Department of the Scuderia Ferrari Marlboro, and Gilles Simon, Head of the Engine Department, started a series of meetings with the press on the day of the preview of the new F2007.
Aldo Costa: “The methodology of the project and the development of the car has been under the sign of continuity. Last year we adopted an aggressive approach and this year we will work with the same rhythm in development as in 2006. This was our aim and we hit our target.
The aerodynamics have been completely remodelled; above all the front suspension, the air inlets on the main body and the rear axle are tighter and more tapered, to benefit also from the new architecture of the gear box. We worked a lot on the chassis considering the new crash tests, which are much more severe. With satisfaction we can say that we have reached excellent results in terms of safety. The suspension has been revised also under the aspect of new tyres, while the gear box has a new quick shift system, which will avert time loss during gear-changes. This system lowers the time of gear change, works for all gears and in every condition. We have also modified the disposition and the inclination of the radiator. As far as the rear suspension is concerned, it is continuing to evolve.
At the chassis department there are around 200 people working: an exceptional and enthusiastic group. They work with determination and respect; without a doubt producing great team work. Obviously I can’t name everybody, but I have to mention Nikolas Tombazis, our Chief Designer; Tiziano Battistini, Head of the Technical Department, John Iley, Head of Aerodynamics, supported by Marco De Luca; Marco Fainello, Head of the Car Performance Division; Simone Resta, Head of the R&D Department and last but not least Davide Terletti, responsible for the crash tests.
Today’s car is the one that will debut and has the same wings as the one in 2006. The car, which will go to start at the first GP, will have optimized wings, while this is just a provisional version. The F2007 is however definitive in its structure.
In constructing and developing this race car the FIAT research centre is of very high importance, as it gives us a huge amount of support. We have worked a lot with the simulator they developed over the last couple of years and we will continue on that road.”
Gilles Simon: “As according to the rules the engine 056 has remained the same. But we were able to adapt it to the rev limits of 19,000 rpm. We have revised the combustion chamber, the valves, the crank shaft and the piston, to optimize the available output before arriving at the rpm limit. Further we have worked on the integration of the engine into the car: the water and oil inlets have been revised, as has the positioning of some accessories, to adjust to the very compact rear axle of the 658.
We have collaborated strongly with Shell, and we are continuing to work on the fuel development. As far as the fuels are concerned we have been continuously progressing. The lubricants have been helping us for a long time in terms of reliability, while from March onwards we also want to work on bettering the performance.
On the 1st March we will hand over a sealed engine, to which we can’t do anything else. We will then try to work on the accessories, the air inlet and, as I just mentioned, the fuel and the lubricants.”

Preview New Ferrari F2007 – Press Conference with Kimi Raikkonen

Maranello, 14th January 2007 – After Aldo Costa and Gilles Simon Kimi Raikkonen took questions from the media present in the afternoon in Fiorano. The Finn held his first press conference at the race track of Fiorano, after his debut last week with the Scuderia Ferrari Marlboro in Madonna di Campiglio.
Kimi Raikkonen: “I’ve just seen the F2007 in the plant and it is very beautiful and it will be exciting to see it on the track tomorrow. I can’t wait to start the new season and I expect it to be a very challenging one, even though I think we are up for the Championship. I have been received here in a very nice way and I have a good feeling. It is nice to be with Ferrari and I do not want to make any comparisons to the past. It’s a completely different story. Let’s put it like this: In Maranello it is just as I expected it to be.
That I had some spare time over the last months hasn’t been bad, even though a forced brake doesn’t help to get back into the rhythm easily. Now I will get back into the car and start my phase in which I will adapt to the car. We have to work together and we have to give it our all. I will be here tomorrow to see the F2007 run. It is always very interesting to see a new race car on its first laps. The most important thing to go fast is to have a good feeling with the car. Here everything is different to what I have seen until now in my career. This is a team that welcomed me in a very warm hearted way; I think I have made a good decision when I decided to come to Ferrari.
I will definitely learn Italian because it is very important to adapt as much as possible to the environment. Obviously it will take some time. Little by little I will also arrive there, but anyway there won’t be any problems because everyone in the team speaks English.
In the year 2007 the car and the tyres will be different, but I have my way of working and I will adjust to new conditions. I already changed team, car and method, so I have some experience in this field. Here you work to the maximum but the climate is more relaxed. For me it is a perfect environment.
I don’t know exactly when I will drive the new car; tomorrow after the shakedown we will know more. I don’t think that Bridgestone as sole tyre provider will be a real advantage for us, because the tyres are anyway different compared to the last season. In the upcoming season the tyres will be the same for everybody and I expect us to get the most out of it. As far as I am personally concerned, I expect that the first test will give me some more precise information on that subject.”

Preview New Ferrari F2007 – Press conference with Felipe Massa

Maranello, 14th January 2007 – After Kimi Raikkonen it was Felipe Massa to answer the questions from the press at the convention hall in Fiorano, at the centre of the race track, where Ferrari runs its tests of the road cars and the ones for competitions, on the day the new Ferrari F2007 was previewed.
Felipe Massa: “I’ve already seen the car in the wind tunnel before Christmas and I’ve seen it again today in the plant. The car is very beautiful and has many more details than the one from 2006, such as the front suspension. There are many positive elements and I am really motivated to drive the car.
This car has many aspects, which are the fruits of the work that has been done at the end of the last season. The driving angle has slightly changed, I already tried out the seat and I must say that there will be no problem to adjust to it, because the change is minimal. As I drove a lot with the 248 F1, in the beginning I will have the responsibility to give a lot of feedback to the technicians. We will already see by tomorrow if everything works and then we will take the car to Mugello and continue to further develop. Continuity is certainly important.
I have always had good team-mates on the squad and the best thing is to have a fast team-mate to be able to compare myself to. I have learned a lot from Michael and above all during the second part of the year I grew enormously. On the other hand it is nice to work with Kimi; we will work together to make the car victorious. We still have to get to know each other, because we just met last week: He looks like someone with whom I can work very well. To come to a new team is never easy, because you need to build confidence, but here I was immediately able to arrive at a high level of competitiveness. It is just a matter of wanting and lots of motivation to work together, and this is what Kimi is doing.
The new tyres will radically change the way of driving. There is much less grip and I think that I have already adjusted myself to this new kind of situation, thanks to the teams’ work, with whom we studied the new setups. It will be different for all of us, as we all start from the same set of conditions.
Michael will be helpful to Kimi and I. He is happy to be able to help the team. For all of us the collaboration of someone like him will be very important. Obviously Kimi and I have to think about winning, to put our cars ahead of everybody else. It is important to be consistent in every single race, from the beginning of the season, especially considering how it went last year. There will be lots of competitors; there are many teams working hard; there could also be some surprises. We should not only think about the actual world champion. We also have to see how Renault works without Alonso. It is important to continue working well, just as we are doing right now.

Preview New Ferrari F2007 – Press Conference with Jean Todt

Maranello, 14th January 2007 – Ferrari CEO Jean Todt concluded the press conference of the preview of the new Ferrari F2007, which was held with journalists in Fiorano in the buildings at the private race track of the Prancing Horse in Maranello. With him there was Antonio Ghini, Director of Communication at Ferrari, and Luca Colajanni, Head of Motor Sport Press Office.
Jean Todt: “The year 2007 is different to the last years for many reasons. Usually this first greeting of the year it is held at Campiglio, but last week I remained here to work on other things within the company. This fact is a symbol of the new cycle at Ferrari. Yesterday we did some shopping in Milan with Michael and we talked about many things. Right now he is in the garage to have a look at the car, but he is not the driver. I had a strange feeling seeing Kimi dressed in red, because until now we had to hide when we spoke to each other, while now we can do it in a normal way. Ross Brawn is fishing; you met the new Technical Director Mario Almondo in Campiglio and today you got to know also Aldo Costa and Gilles Simon, as heads of their respective departments.
The upcoming championship will be a difficult battle, because we have strong and ambitious competitors. We have always been ambitious, we also try to be strong. Obviously we have to reply with facts and right now we have the elements. The car is ready and tomorrow Massa will drive it if the weather allows it. It will be a working day also for our customers, as the day will be concluded with the prize giving for the Corse Clienti season 2006.
As far as the new organization of the Scuderia is concerned, I have to underline that Ross Brawn was the Technical Director excluding the engine, while Almondo is Technical Director of the chassis and the engine. This organisation is interesting, because Almondo has ample experience at Ferrari; he has different responsibilities and a different role than Ross. At the race track Baldisserri will be the boss; it is a different distribution of roles; the responsibilities are divided differently.
Kimi’s team will be the one that was Michael’s last year; there will be no modifications. As far as the competitiveness is concerned we can see an improvement at all levels in the simulations. We have to confirm that on the race track, because what counts in the end is the stop watch. There is the big difference concerning the tyres, which will be new and different for everyone. We do not expect an advantage. We’ve already seen that there are around two to three seconds difference, as compared to 2006. Last year we were competitive but not reliable enough. So we absolutely have to get back to the levels of the years 2000 to 2004 when we were victorious.

Luca di Montezemolo: “The aim is to win the Championship”

Maranello, 15th January 2007 – On the day the new F2007 had its debut on the race track, Ferrari President Luca di Montezemolo met the journalists who came to Maranello for the preview of the new Ferrari, number 53 in the history of the House with the Prancing Horse, which has been built to compete in the Formula 1 Championship.
“I am glad to be able to share with you one of the first laps of this new car. I am extremely satisfied with this kind of presentation, because for us it was important to have a working day immediately, to be able to collect some precious data on this completely new car. I am glad that we were able to keep the timeframe that we had set for ourselves. For me this, as every year, is a day of big emotions; it is the beginning of a new adventure.”
Montezemolo underlined that this year Ferrari is a complete new team, which knew how to conserve the experience gained over the last years: “This is a complete new Ferrari, and I don’t speak just about the car but about the whole Scuderia. There is a new driver, who is succeeding a driver that has been with us since 1996. It is a very important substitution; not only because Michael has won more races than anyone else in our history, but also because he created a personal relationship with the company and the men. It is true that Massa is here for his second year and so we can say that he is still young. But he already has some experience and he grew a lot over the last year. There are two young managers – Stefano Domenicali, Sporting Director, and Mario Almondo, Technical Director – who come from the school of Ferrari. Over all those years we put all our resources in internal growth, which is a very important fact.”
“From 1997 until today – apart from 2005 – we always won. And if we didn’t win it was because we lost the Championship in the last race. This shows that Ferrari has always been, for many, many years, at the top. The competitors have changed, but we have always been the ones to beat. This year,” Montezemolo declared, defining the goal for 2007, “we want to win the Championship.”
So the eyes are on the reliability of the car, considering the new technical regulations and the new systems points are given to teams and drivers in the races, which will reward the constancy of the results: “To win the Championship reliability is needed more than anything else. In the last year we lost because of a lack of reliability at the beginning of the season. The single-tyre rule is good, it eliminates many insecurities and so the performances of the cars will be very close. Victories and pole positions will be matters of tenths of a second. The score will reward the reliability. Think about last year when we could have won the Constructor’s Championship with the old system. It’s easy to understand that reliability is fundamental and I am glad that we start driving the new car today, to collect data to develop and refine the car.”
Montezemolo was also talking about the drivers, as of this year the new couple with the Brazilian Felipe Massa and the Finn Kimi Raikkonen will drive the “Rosse”: “We had Raikkonen on our agenda since the race in Magny-Cours in the year 2002 and Michael was impressed by him even before then, when he saw him in Mugello on board of the Sauber-Ferrari. The Finnish school has always emitted determined and strong personalities, who have never been impressed by external elements. Kimi is also at the right point in his career to win. He comes to Ferrari at the right point of his maturity and we have to put him in the condition to gain results. Massa had a very good season in the year 2006; he won two races and gained many points. He is fast and very concentrated. He is preparing himself physically very well. The two drivers start on the same conditions, as always in the history of Ferrari. They are young, fast and determined; but with a greater experience than many young drivers, who started in the Formula 1 over the last years.”
At the President’s press conference there was also room for Michael Schumacher, who already feels very well in his new position. “Michael has already adopted a new mentality; I’d say even a new dimension. This morning he was at the box and listening to the comments of the drivers. I really enjoyed seeing him enthusiastic like that. He could have done something else, but he decided to stay, to contribute to the team. This shows not only his personality but also what kind of relationship he has with Ferrari; it is very personal and reaches very deep.” “This year we celebrate the 60th anniversary of Ferrari,” Montezemolo went on and pointed out the celebrations for this important anniversary. “I remember many things: 1974, when we won our 50th race with Ferrari, 1991, when I came back to Maranello and 1993, when Jean Todt joined us. We had lots of cars, technology and people over all those years. We won the prize ‘Great places of work’ and this means quality of life in general; not just quality of the work environment. The people who work at Ferrari are the base of the commercial successes: the workers, the technicians and the drivers. We will beat every sales record in the year 2007 and with the Scuderia we will stay on top of the Formula 1.”
“Determination, passion, the wish to work well and hard: these are the elements characterizing the upcoming season,” Montezemolo concluded. “I have another intense year as the head of Confindustria, but my life is here and I hope that I can still give something to Ferrari.”

Shakedown of the F2007 at Fiorano for the Scuderia

Maranello, 15th January 2007
Circuit: Fiorano track, 2.976 km – short course 1.413 km Driver: Felipe Massa Car: F2007 Weather: air temperature 4/6°C, track 6/9 °C. Fog.
Scuderia Ferrari Marlboro gave the F2007, the race car which will compete in this year’s Formula 1 World Championship, its track debut this morning at the Fiorano circuit.
Over the course of the day, Felipe Massa completed 39 laps, all on the long version of the track, the quickest in a time of 58″360.
The Scuderia will be back on track on the 23rd January at the Mugello Circuit, with both its race drivers, Felipe Massa and Kimi Raikkonen in action.

Maiden outing in the F2007 for Raikkonen

Maranello, 30th January 2007
Circuit: “Ricardo Tormo” di Cheste circuit, Valencia – 4.005 km Drivers: Kimi Raikkonen and Luca Badoer Cars: F2007 and 248 F1 Weather: air temperature 8/12 °C, track 9/13 °C. Overcast, rain in the morning.
First day of testing this week for Scuderia Ferrari Marlboro, working as from today at the Valencia circuit.
On a day which began once again with rain affecting proceedings, Kimi Raikkonen and Luca Badoer were the two drivers working for the Scuderia. The Finn had his maiden outing in the F2007, while Luca Badoer used the 248 F1. The day’s programme centred on development of the new car for Kimi, while Luca concentrated on testing new components and set-up. Unfortunately, his work came to a premature end because of a technical problem on his car.
The day in figures is as follows: 47 laps for Kimi (best time 1.13.529) and 48 for Luca (1.16.388.)
The Scuderia continues testing at this circuit tomorrow, when Raikkonen will be joined by Felipe Massa.