Luca di Montezemolo: “The team worked with great determination and unity I haven’t seen for a long time”
Source: Ferrari

The presentation was very emotional, because I was excited. For me, Ferrari, together with my family, is the most important thing in my life.” With these words Chairman Luca di Montezemolo opened the press conference held in Fiorano at the presentation of the F10 this morning.“This is a very emotional moment I’m confronting with anticipation, but I won’t know where we stand before the Saturday of the qualifying in Bahrain. The team worked with determination and unity I haven’t seen for a long time.”The numerous journalists present at the press conference asked him about his point of view regarding Schumacher’s comeback and the Chairman replied: “I like Schumacher and I’m this misdeed’s author. It was me who woke his desire to come back to racing and honestly I never thought I’d see him in a car that wasn’t a Ferrari. He’s a competitor, an opponent, like many others. I’m not worried about the possibility that he might have taken material from our development.”Regarding the situation of the Scuderia Ferrari drivers the Chairman confirmed: “When Ferrari decided in 2005 to take Raikkonen the alternative was Alonso, who now finds himself in a fundamental moment of his life. He’s matured, young and strong; he has won two World Championships, one in 2005 and one in 2006, beating us 100%. We don’t have any problem as far as our drivers are concerned. We have Massa, who is back with further enthusiasm, we have Alonso I just told you about and then we have Fisichella as the third driver and two very experienced test drivers: Marc Gene and Luca Badoer.”The journalists asked many questions regarding renewals and stability for Formula 1: “Formula 1 needs a season of great renewal with three main objectives: technology, because it has to become the avant-garde to anticipate extreme and innovative technology for road cars; it has to regain credibility and it needs justice to guarantee stability. Furthermore the cost is an important factor – I don’t want a Formula 1 with lower performance – and also stable rules.As far as the rules are concerned the Ferrari Chairman said he was “very much in favour of qualifying without full tanks like in the past and the choice of tyres. This is a start, with the collaboration from all of us. I think that teams and Federation can look ahead and do many things.”One journalist asked about Valentino Rossi’s possible arrival at Ferrari: “I want to be a little more general: I spoke about the possibility of a third car, but I didn’t say that Ferrari needs to have three cars. I’m well aware of the objections coming from the small teams. I was talking from the point of view of the interest of Formula 1 and of potential new entries in Formula 1. The third car could also be helpful for young drivers, to let them grow. It’s not right that a boy, who has never driven in Formula 1 starts into a race without training and tests. Here’s the idea: I would happily give a Ferrari to an American, German or Australian team and let the car be managed by them. They would definitely spend less than if they had to build a car on their own from scratch. They could hand it over to a talented and strong driver or try it with a young driver with a certain potential. I told Domenicali to work on the possibility that some teams, like ours, could hand over cars to other teams.”Talking about Valentino the Chairman said: “He’s a friend and an undisputed champion, from Emilia-Romagna, a great fan of Formula 1 and engines, and also a potential Formula 1 Champion. If there was the possibility in 2011 and he wanted to do it and had the possibility for testing and adapting to F1, then why not?”

Massa: “I expect that we’ll rapidly learn the race strategies and how to manage the car”
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Maranello, 28 January 2010 – A serene and motivated Felipe Massa spoke to the press during the conference at the presentation of the F10. The first question was about the 2010 rules, which alter the approach to the races noticeably: “How do you think the races will look like with the new rules?”“We’ll start with less petrol into the weekend, while we will start into the race with enough petrol for the whole distance. Then there are other details, such as the points assigned to the first and second in the races. Having all these changes in mind we have to pay a lot of attention and learn rapidly in terms of strategy and, as far as I am concerned, regarding driving the car to be immediately competitive.“Felipe should have driven the F10 at its debut in the afternoon, but the weather conditions weren’t right. So the Brazilian driver spoke about his enormous contribution to the single-seater’s development: “Many things happened in 2009, resulting in difficult conditions for us to work on the car. We started very early thinking about 2010. We were asking for many modifications not just regarding aerodynamics, but also the engine and the tank. Everything was really important considering the 2010 rules. What’s very important is that every single detail can bring tenths of a second.”Another topic were the great expectations regarding his teammate Fernando Alonso: “The expectations as far as my teammate is concerned I’ve been living for many years now. When there’s a new driver at Ferrari there are great expectations and the goal is to work well as a team, to be complete. I’ll have a very strong teammate. I’ve always done good work, learned a lot, shown many times that I’m able to win and fight, whoever my teammate was. Michael is a friend and I learned a lot from him, but on the track we’ll be competitors. Although we’ll have a good relationship, as always. I’m happy that he’s cheering for me.”The journalists also wanted to talk about Massa’s accident last year: “I had a really unbelievable accident. But naturally safety is something we’re working on every single day. We have to continue like this and there will be much more work to do also amongst us drivers and on the tracks to improve. On a personal level I’m happy that with everything that happened nothing has changed in my work.”In the end there was a private question: what is more exciting: the baptism of the F10 or the upcoming one of your son?“Felipinho was born in November and it was an incredible feeling. I’m so proud and happy. This here today is a different child: the F10; we have to let it grow rapidly and lift it to a higher level. What we can see here today is the result of many months of hard work on the car, let’s hope that we’ll be competitive right from the start.”
Alonso: “We have the best technicians in the world ”
Source: Ferrari
Maranello, 28 January 2010 – Fernando Alonso arrived at the convention centre for the press conference at the presentation of the F10, the new single-seater for the 2010 season, in the afternoon to answer the journalists’ questions. The Spanish driver’s first impressions of the new car were positive: “Regarding its comfort it seems to be more or less on the same level as last year’s car. There’s always something to improve in the cockpit – seat, elbows, pedals, which have a different inclination compared to the standard set up, while we’ve been working on the steering wheel mainly in November and December to simplify things a little compared to the past.”Alonso was extremely calm regarding the possibilities of the F10‘s development: “I’m very calm regarding the work done by all the technicians at Ferrari. We have the best technicians in the world. The work we’re doing in February, with Felipe’s and my suggestions on the car, makes me really confident as far as the first race is concerned. We have a team that is able to set up the best possible car for you in a very short time. What raises our confidence are the technicians, the data from the wind tunnel, the suspension, the mechanics and the engine. It might even happen that the data on the track will be even more encouraging.” The Spanish driver has no doubts about his relationship with his teammate: “Felipe and I both race for Ferrari. It is important that a red car wins. We’ll both give it our all to improve our performance, we’ll both give 100%. I’ve always had strong teammates and I never had any problems with then. I have a great relation to all of them and it won’t be different with Felipe.” The role the simulator will play will be pretty important: “The simulator serves more and more every year, because the rules allow us less and less tests on the track. But reality is always different.”The journalists were then mainly asking about the 2010 rules and especially about the fact that refuelling won’t be allowed anymore: “The new rules will also lead to some changes in our driving styles. The drivers have to adapt to every situation, especially during the first laps in the race. Without a warm up on Sunday we’ll have slower cars at the first brake points.” According to the Spanish driver more details will be available soon: “We’ll have a more precise idea after the first test; with the petrol load we can put into the tank we’ll all have a different load on board. We’ll concentrate on our work during the tests, without considering the lap times; we’ll see if we’ll be satisfied with the car or not.” Alonso also commented on the new points system: “It’s the same for all. Although as far as I am concerned, I’m a traditionalist; we’re losing a little bit of the statistics. Today in the top ten I’m on place four in terms of overall points in the history of F1. The statistics will get lost over time, because the drivers will earn more points. But the sport has to renew itself and they decided like that because they think that this is the best possible way.” Answering the question if there will be more or less overtaking manoeuvres Alonso said: “Nothing will change this year, you always have to take every opportunity to overtake, although, knowing nothing about the strategies of the other teams, the qualifying will be really important.As far as the traditional predictions are concerned, Alonso commented: “Every season is exciting and interesting at the start; even last year I was very confident. It’s the same this year, although there are the expectations regarding Schumacher’s comeback, which is very good for F1, which might be well received by TV viewers. I think that there will be two teams fighting for the Drivers’ Title and two for the Constructors’ Title. Let’s hope we’ll be there. Winning the title. I’m not making a bet here, right now everything is too open.”In the end the Spanish driver spoke about his dreams he wants to make come true with Ferrari: “All my dreams in my career came true: now the one to become a Ferrari driver. 10 years ago I met Ferrari managers, but back then it was about racing for a client team, like Prost.Now the feeling is different, I can almost feel the car in Valencia, it’s very exciting. I hope to stay here for many years, because if you don’t win the Championship one year, you don’t have to consider to change the team.”
The technicians: “We have a common goal: get back to winning”
Source: Ferrari
Maranello, 28 January 2010 – In the afternoon Scuderia Ferrari Marlboro’s technicians met the journalists who were curious about the F10’s technical details and main characteristics.The first question was about one of the unknown factors of the new season: the tyres. Aldo Costa, the Scuderia Ferrari Marlboro’s technical Director, said: “As far as the tyres are concerned it hasn’t happened very often that we came to the first test with a new car with tyres we’ve never seen before, never used and never tested. This year we’re racing after only four tests. We’re confident that Bridgestone has done some excellent work, but with changing the compound four tests might not be enough.”Tombazis added: “We also worked to speed up the change of tyres. In the last years the refuelling limited us, but this year this is different, so we worked, regarding the pit stop, on the change of tyres.”Later on there were questions regarding safety, still referring to the tyres, which are now different in size with different compounds. An Italian journalist asked: If there was a safety problem, would you ask the FIA for more test sessions?Costa answered: “Bridgestone is very interested in the tyre tests and they will analyse their behaviour after the long runs. More weight on the tyres has changed the single-seaters structure; and it’s very unusual to start in that sense.”What could be the reason that the F10 will be a very strong car? Costa and Tombazis, the Scuderia Ferrari Marlboro Chief Designer, replied: “We analysed the reasons why we weren’t strong enough last year – car, organisation, approach. The development data regarding aerodynamics, simulator and test stand makes us think that lots of development has been done.”Tombazis was asked about the aerodynamics and the fundamental role the weight displacement played: is it always the best solution to have more downforce in the back? “In aerodynamics rear downforce is harder to find. We’re always looking to improve the car’s efficiency to improve the performance. As far as the car’s set up is concerned we do have some doubts about it, due to the fact that we haven’t used the new tyres yet. The KERS is gone, but the minimum weight has been raised. There’s more ballast to adjust the weight in case there were problems with the distribution.”“Let’s get back to the KERS for a second, In reality last year it worked very well, although it did create a certain deficit on the car’s overall package. That fact that it’s gone made us lose a performance delta, but by space-saving we gained what we lost with the KERS. The volume of the tank is much bigger than of the KERS.”Luca Marmorini is debuting as the Head of Eniges and Electronics for the Scuderia Ferrari Marlboro: a journalist asked him how to recover performance while the engines can’t be modified anymore:“Nobody ever went beyond a certain level with the engines. This year we won’t have any refuelling and the motor mechanics went to use the engines in ranges they hadn’t thought of before. That’s an interesting challenge in terms of performance research in the light of the 2010 rules. The motor mechanic’s intervention can be found in the engine’s use, because the rules don’t allow modifications of internal parts, so it will be really interesting to see the results.”How much does last year’s decision – interrupting the development of the 2009 car to start working on the F10 – be an advantage and how much of a responsibility? Costa: “We think that it was necessary to interrupt working on the F60’s development, also because we didn’t have the possibility to win the Championship. Now we’re trying to forget last year and concentrate on 2010. But the decision was strategic, agreed on by the technicians and Stefano Domenicali.”A last question regarding aerodynamics: “A Formula 1 car’s Cx can be adjusted much more compared to a road car. The consumption parameter is part of the equation you set up to find the best set up for the perfect downforce, the relation between slow and fast corners; this had that greatest influence on this decision.”
Ferrari F10 -Technical specification
Source: Ferrari

Carbon-fibre and honeycomb composite structure
Ferrari longitudinal gearboxLimited-slip differential
Semiautomatic sequential electronically controlled gearbox – quick shiftNumber of gears: 7 +Reverse
Brembo ventilated carbon-fibre disc brakes
Independent suspension, push-rod activated torsion springs front and rear
Weight with water, lubricant and driver: 620 kg
BBS Wheels (front and rear): 13”
Type: 056
Number of cylinders: 8Cylinder block in sand cast aluminium: V 90°
Number of valves: 32
Pneumatic distribution
Total displacement: 2398 cm3
Piston bore: 98 mm
Weight: > 95 kg
Electronic injection and ignition
Fuel: Shell V-Power
Lubricant: Shell Helix Ultra
New F10’s presentation live on the internet breaks record of previous editions
Source: Ferrari
Maranello, 28 January 2010 – The new Scuderia Ferrari’s single-seater already broke its first record: the connections to the website.More than three million users were connected to watch the presentation, which let the website freeze for a couple of seconds in several moments.


Ongoing final details for tomorrow’s debut of the new Ferrari F1 single-seater
Source: Ferrari
Maranello, 27 January 2010 – On the second floor of the new assembly lines for Ferrari road cars in Maranello, the building designed by the world-famous French architect Jean Nouvel, the last details are being defined for tomorrow’s presentation of the new Scuderia Ferrari Marlboro F1 single-seater. The debut of the new car can be seen live at 10:30 am on and RAI 2.The choice of using this building for the single-seater presentation underlines the close connection between the two souls of the company and the constant technology transfer from the race track to the road, but also the fact that Ferrari is the only car manufacturer still in Formula 1.The Scuderia Ferrari Marlboro, the only team which has been participating in every Championship, is getting ready for the challenge of the 61st Championship. This year the Scuderia Ferrari is represented by the Spanish driver Fernando Alonso and the Brazilian Felipe Massa.Although due to different motivations, the two drivers can’t wait to get onto the track. Fernando Alonso is eager to drive the red car three months after the announcement of him joining the team of Maranello as of this season, while Felipe Massa will be back racing after his long absence after the dreadful accident during the qualifying at the Hungarian GP.Felipe will drive the new single-seater on the Fiorano track for a promotional video, weather conditions permitting. Otherwise Felipe will drive on Friday and, shouldn’t the weather conditions improve, the debut on the track will happen on Monday at Valencia’s Ricardo Tormo circuit on the occasion of the first official test session in Formula 1. The test session’s programme will see Felipe on the track on the first day, followed on Tuesday and Wednesday by Fernando Alonso behind the wheel of the new single-seater.

Ferrari’s new single-seater debuts at 10.30 tomorrow morning live on
Source: Ferrari

Maranello, 27th January 2010 – Enthusiasts worldwide will be able to discover, live tomorrow morning at, the name and look of the new Scuderia Ferrari Marlboro single-seater for the 2010 Formula 1 World Championship.The car will be unveiled at 10.30 am at a ceremony in the New GT Assembly Line pavilion attended by the Scuderia Ferrari’s sponsors and partners, and the world’s media.Stefano Domenicali, Fernando Alonso, Felipe Massa and Ferrari Chairman Luca di Montezemolo will all speak at the ceremony which is being broadcast live. The press conference featuring the Scuderia’s technicians and drivers, and, weather permitting, the first footage of the new car lapping at Fiorano for a promotional video, will also be shown live in the afternoon.The single-seater’s technical specifications and first official photographs will also be posted on Enthusiasts can also stay in contact with the Scuderia through the Ferrari pages on YouTube, Facebook and Twitter.Ferrari has been involved in internet communication for many years now. In fact, the unveiling of the Formula 1 single-seater was first broadcast online in 1996. Such is our web involvement now that for the first time the new single-seater will sport the logo alongside those of its sponsors.