F1 testing at Montmelò – 25 February 2016

Posted: 25.02.2016
Source: Ferrari

Kimi Raikkonen: It was a normal test with different kind of tyres, but it is always different from what you see at the races. We have a new car here and there is always something to try, to test. So it is necessary to check everything. Testing time is painful, but it is better to do checks beforehand than having big problems during the Championship. I don’t know if this is going to be a good car, no one can tell, but it seems to be a good car even if there are still many things to try out. We don’t look at what the other teams do, we do our stuff and get ready. It’s up to us to make sure we are in a good position. There is a good potential but we can still improve.

Circuit: Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya – 4.655 km
Driver: Kimi Raikkonen
Car: Ferrari SF16-H
Weather: Air temperature 7/21°C, Track temperature 8/23°C. Sunny
Laps/Km completed: 80/372
Fastest time: 1:23.477
Tyres used: Medium, Soft, Supersoft, Ultrasoft
Programme: Setup test and compound test, long runs

Fastest times – 25.02.2016

Driver Team Tyre Time Laps
1 Raikkonen Ferrari Ultra-Soft 1m23.477s 80
2 Kvyat Red Bull Ultra-Soft 1m24.293s 92
3 Celis Force India Super-Soft 1m24.840s 75
4 Magnussen Renault Soft 1m25.263s 152
5 Verstappen Toro Rosso Medium 1m25.393s 110
6 Nasr Sauber Soft 1m26.053s 121
7 Rosberg Mercedes Medium 1m26.187s 86
8 Hamilton Mercedes Medium 1m26.295s 99
9 Massa Williams Soft 1m26.483s 54
10 Gutierrez Haas Medium 1m27.802s 89
11 Haryanto Manor Soft 1m28.266s 51
Alonso McLaren No time 3


F1 testing at Montmelò – 24 February 2016

Posted: 24.02.2016
Source: Ferrari

Kimi Raikkonen: “The atmosphere in the team is quite nice even if, honestly, we’re still working on different things and still find something new to work on, but I am sure it’s going to be a better car than last year’s. There are always small changes between one car and another, they are never the same. We had improvements in many areas from the past season. These are early days, especially for me with this car. We are happy so far, even if we know that there are still a lot of things to do. There were tricky things and it takes time to fix them. It was painful losing time today, but we always try to do our best. There are always mistakes but we always want to improve and learn from them.”

Circuit: Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya – 4.655 km
Driver: Kimi Raikkonen
Car: Ferrari SF16-H
Weather: Air temperature 8/18°C, Track temperature 10/23°C. Sunny
Laps/Km completed: 78/363
Fastest time: 1:25.977
Tyres used: Medium, Hard
Programme: Engine mapping, aero and setup test


Montmelò Test – Kimi’s debut

Posted: 24.02.2016
Source: Ferrari

Raikkonen’s first day in the SF16-H

Montmelò, 24 February – Kimi Raikkonen managed a total of 78 laps on his debut at the wheel of the SF16-H in this the first winter test session, having taken over driving duties from his team-mate Sebastian Vettel. The Finn took to the track after a long wait while the team carried out a series of important checks. He then continued with the programme which, apart from the usual set-p work, focused on engine mapping and aero testing.
Raikkonen will be back on track tomorrow for the fourth and final day of this inaugural session at the Catalan circuit.

Fastest times – 24.02.2016

Driver Team Tyre Time Laps
1 Hulkenberg Force India Super-Soft 1m23.110s 99
2 Grosjean Haas Soft 1m25.874s 82
3 Raikkonen Ferrari Medium 1m25.977s 78
4 Magnussen Renault Soft 1m26.014s 110
5 Rosberg Mercedes Medium 1m26.084s 74
6 Sainz Toro Rosso Medium 1m26.239s 161
7 Nasr Sauber Soft 1m26.392s 115
8 Hamilton Mercedes Medium 1m26.421s 87
9 Kvyat Red Bull Medium 1m26.497s 74
10 Massa Williams Medium 1m26.712s 109
11 Button McLaren Medium 1m26.919s 71
12 Haryanto Manor Medium 1m28.249s 77


Montmelò Test – An installation run for Kimi

Posted: 24.02.2016
Source: Ferrari

Third day gets underway with a busy programme of checks

Montmelò, 24 February – By lunchtime, Kimi Raikkonen had yet to set a time on his first day of testing at the Catalunya circuit. His track debut was delayed as the team needed to carry out a time consuming check on the fuel supply system. Kimi went out for a run to check everything was okay at 12.13 just prior to the lunch break.


F1 testing at Montmelò – 23 February 2016

Posted: 23.02.2016
Source: Ferrari

Sebastian Vettel: “So far the first thing that matters is that the car is reacting and doing what I asked for. Now obviously it is crucial that Kimi has a similar impression. About the engine, I can say it is nice to have a bit more sound coming back, it is still not as loud as it could or should be but it is a lot better than it was, now sounds a bit more like Formula 1. We worked on a lot of things, it’s a brand new car, which means there are a lot of new bits and things are in a different place. We tried to understand how the car reacts, obviously we had an idea and certain expectation, but when you run the car on track it is always a bit different, you are then dealing with temperatures, cooling etc. Sometimes you have to stop a bit longer than necessary or than you really want, just to check, other times the driver goes off track, like I did this morning. But these things happen. Overall we are happy, but we know that we need now a lot of mileage, so there is a lot of work ahead of us.”

Circuit: Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya – 4.655 km
Driver: Sebastian Vettel
Car: Ferrari SF16-H
Weather: Air temperature 10/17°C, Track temperature 10/20°C. Sunny
Laps/Km completed: 126/586
Fastest time: 1:22.810
Tyres used: Medium, Soft, Supersoft, Ultrasoft
Programme: Aero mapping, tyres compound and setup test


Montmelò Test – 126 laps for Vettel at Montmelò

Posted: 23.02.2016
Source: Ferrari

The learning process continues with the SF16-H

Montmelò, 23 February – On his second and final day at this particular session, Sebastian Vettel completed 126 laps. In essence, the work involved continuing with the learning process relating to the characteristics of the car in various configurations, running different tyre compounds and various fuel loads. Right at the end of this programme, the SF16-H failed to complete its last lap, as it stopped out on track.

Testing continues tomorrow, when Kimi Raikkonen will take over driving for the next two days.

Fastest times – 23.02.2016

Driver Team Tyre Time Laps
1 Vettel Ferrari Ultra-Soft 1m22.810s 126
2 Ricciardo Red Bull Ultra-Soft 1m23.525s 112
3 Perez Force India Super-Soft 1m23.650s 101
4 Rosberg Mercedes Medium 1m24.867s 172
5 Ericsson Sauber Soft 1m25.237s 106
6 Gutierrez Haas Soft 1m25.524s 79
7 Bottas Williams Soft 1m25.648s 134
8 Wehrlein Manor Soft 1m25.925s 71
9 Alonso McLaren Soft 1m26.082s 119
10 Palmer Renault Soft 1m26.189s 42
11 Verstappen Toro Rosso Medium 1m26.539s 121



Montmelò Test – Ultrasofts on track

Posted: 23.02.2016
Source: Ferrari

Sebastian tries the new Pirelli compound

Montmelò, 23 February – Sebastian Vettel was back in action at the Catalunya track this morning, for the second day of the four day session. His programme concentrated on mechanical set-up work and a look at the softer end of the tyre compound range, as he did runs on the Supersoft, new Ultrasoft and Soft. The German completed 46 laps prior to the lunch break, the best in a time of 1.22.810, set on the Ultrasoft tyres.


Montmelò Test – First day of testing in Spain

Posted: 22.02.2016
Source: Ferrari

Vettel begins shaking down the SF16-H

Montmelò, 22 February – This was the first real day of testing for the SF16-H and it marks the beginning of a busy development programme. In the morning, the team ran some aerodynamic checks before continuing with fine tuning the car’s baseline set-up. This involved constant speed runs and function tests with various different fuel loads. Sebastian Vettel completed 69 laps, with a best of 1.24.939 coming in the morning. That’s the first step taken for the new car, but the work is only just beginning. The Scuderia will be back on track tomorrow, with Vettel again at the wheel.

Fastest times – 22.02.2016

Driver Team Tyre Time Laps
1 Vettel Ferrari  Medium 1m24.939s 69
2 Hamilton Mercedes  Medium 1m25.409s 156
3 Ricciardo Red Bull  Medium 1m26.044s 87
4 Bottas Williams  Medium 1m26.091s 80
5 Celis Force India  Soft 1m26.298s 58
6 Button McLaren  Soft 1m26.735s 84
7 Sainz Toro Rosso  Medium 1m27.180s 55
8 Ericsson Sauber  Medium 1m27.555s 88
9 Wehrlein Manor  Soft 1m28.292s 54
10 Grosjean Haas  Medium 1m28.399s 31
11 Palmer Renault  Medium 1m29.356s 37


Montmelò Test – Vettel kicks off Spanish test

Posted: 22.02.2016
Source: Ferrari

Sebastian gives SF16-H its debut

Montmelò, 22 February –The Catalunya track, the only venue for this year’s Formula 1 winter tests, was damp this morning as work got underway. All the teams are present for the first of the two sessions to be held in Barcelona and Sebastian Vettel took to the track today for Scuderia Ferrari. This morning, when a single red flag interrupted the action, the team’s programme focused on aerodynamics and set-up work. Vettel completed 36 laps, the quickest of them on Medium tyres, in a time of 1.24.939.