Circuit Circuit Gilles Villeneuve – Montreal
Date 07.06.2015
Laps 70
Distance 305,270 km / 189,727 miles
No Driver Ferrari S/N Team Result
5 Sebastian Vettel SF15-T 311 Scuderia Ferrari 5.
7 Kimi Raikkonen SF15-T 312 Scuderia Ferrari 4.


Canadian Grand Prix – Montreal, 7th June 2015

Posted: 07.06.2015
Source: Ferrari

Maurizio Arrivabene: “If we look at the race pace, it was good, but a lot of circumstances occurred which prevented us from getting a better result. Sebastian drove a great race, making up thirteen places from the grid position. The upgraded engine gave us a positive feedback, but the weekend just wasn’t a good one. As for Kimi, he was scheduled for a one-stop race, then we switched to two tire changes when he fell behind Bottas. His spin at the hairpin is something we haven’t fully understood yet, it may be a case of contributory negligence as he said the same thing happened last year. It would be wrong to blame either him or the team in any case. He was pushing hard, too, but some issues slowed him down at some stages in the race. We must remain humble and try not to let the podium slip off from under our feet as it happened this time. We’re still the second strongest team, but we must look ahead instead of behind us”.

Kimi Raikkonen: “The result of today is not ideal, we expected more than what we got in the end. My start was pretty good but then I did not have enough speed to go through and try to pass the Mercedes at the first corner. The tires were working pretty much ok, but in this kind of circuit fuel saving plays a big part and this obviously limited our speed today. My spin is exactly the same story of last year, I had no problem in any of the sessions during the weekend, but for some reason today in both the outlaps something odd happened with the throttle, and I could not control it . It’s a very unfortunate thing. Then we tried to recover from that but we found ourselves on different tactics than the Williams. Overall we had a pretty good weekend, we definitely improved in certain areas but of course this is not the result that I was expecting this morning. We’ll keep on working and improving things”.

Sebastian Vettel: “It was an entertaining race and I had a good recovery, but obviously there was not much more we could have done. In the opening laps I was not very happy with myself, I was very aggressive but I could not find the gaps, I wanted to go crazy but there was no room, so I had to be patient and it’s a shame because these are the moments when if you are lucky you can gain easlily five, six , seven or eight seconds in total race time. It did not happen so we had to fight back afterwards, but the pace was good, I felt happy in the car and especially toward the end the speed kept coming. I lost time at the first pit-stop and I am not sure it was totally on me, something went wrong at the back of the car, but the guys have done a super job so far and they shouldn’t be blamed if sometimes things go a bit slower. About the move on Hulkenberg, I noticed that I was already ahead of him on the outside, and I think he braked too late and could not make the corner. We did our best today and I am quite content with 5th, but it’s a bit of a shame because around here there is a very nice podium and without the penalty I think we could have had a shot at it.”


Pos. Time Gap Laps FL L
RAIKKONEN 1:32.38.770 + 45.625 70 1.16.987 42
Pit-stop 1st stop lap 26 New Soft
2nd stop lap 40 Old Supersoft
VETTEL 1:32.43.048 + 49.903 70 1.17.105 59
Pit-stop 1st stop lap 7 New Soft
2nd stop lap 35 New Soft

Weather: air 24/25 °C, track 34/35 °C. Sunny


Canadian Grand Prix – Raikkonen and Vettel finish fourth and fifth

Posted: 07.06.2015
Source: Ferrari

Montreal, 7 June –Kimi Raikkonen was fourth past the chequered flag at the end of the Canadian Grand Prix, finishing 5 seconds ahead of Sebastian Vettel. The Finn was third for much of the race, until he spun at Turn 10 on lap 28, handing the position to Valtteri Bottas.

Sebastian Vettel put in a gritty drive, starting from 18th on the grid. The German worked his way up to fifth at the end and at times he was the quickest man out on track. The race was won by Lewis Hamilton in the Mercedes while Vettel and Raikkonen lie third and fourth in the Drivers’ Championship classification.


Canadian Grand Prix – Montreal, 6th June 2015

Posted: 06.06.2015
Source: Ferrari

Kimi Raikkonen: “The car has been feeling good all weekend. We had no problems, apart from the one Sebastian had in qualifying, and everything ran smoothly. We have been making sure that all the small details were correct, we have learned from the past difficult races how small things can make a big change and enable you to get the result you want .We still have some work ahead, obviously we are not happy to finish third in the grid but in the race we’lll try to do better. It’s hard to say what will happen tomorrow but at least we did a better qualifying than normal and we’ll be in a better position for the race. So far it has been ok but tomorrow is the big day. I expect that we can be stronger and challenge for a competitive race . The weather has been tricky these days, so it will be a bit of uncertain tomorrow. Tonight we are going to analyse a lot of data and will try to make the right decisions”.

Sebastian Vettel: “Right from the start we didn’t have the full power available, so when I went out for the first run we tried to fix the problem, but we couldn’t. Due to the lack of power we couldn’t make it further. For sure we have to investigate but I don’t think that there’s anything to do with the engine. I think it has more to do with the electronical side, but I am confident that we can fix the problem in time for tomorrow’s race. We have plenty of tyres and anything can happen. We have a strong car and a strong pace, so I should be able to score good points. The problem we had this morning in FP3 was completely unrelated.”

RAIKKONEN – Chassis 312

VETTEL – Chassis 311

Q1 P6 1:16.259 New Soft – 7 laps P16 1:17.344 New Soft – 2 laps
New Supersoft – 4 laps
Q2 P4 1:15.348 New Supersoft – 3 lapsNew Supersoft – 3 laps

Q3 P3 1:15.014 New Supersoft – 3 lapsNew Supersoft – 3 laps

Weather: air 20 °C, track 35/36 °C. Sunny


Canadian Grand Prix – Raikkonen third

Posted: 06.06.2015
Source: Ferrari

Montreal, 6 June –Qualifying produced mixed fortunes for Scuderia Ferrari today in Montreal. Kimi Raikkonen secured third place with a lap in 1.15.014 at the end of a very closely contested session held under sunny skies at the Gilles Villeneuve circuit. Pole went to Lewis Hamilton, who produced a 1.14.393 in his Mercedes.

Sebastian Vettel was out of luck this afternoon in Canada. The German was stopped with an electrical problem at the start of Q1. The engineers managed to get him out on track with a few minutes remaining, but Sebastian encountered further issues with the electrical system, which meant he could do no better than 16th place with a time of 1.17.344.


A scrappy session

Posted: 06.06.2015
Source: Ferrari

Kimi and Seb end free practice in second and eighth places

Montreal, 6 June – The final free practice session for the Canadian Grand Prix ended with Nico Rosberg’s Mercedes topping the time sheet with a 1.15.660, ahead of Kimi Raikkonen in the Ferrari, who posted a 1.16.233 and Romain Grosjean who lapped in 1.16.772 in the Lotus.

In the other SF15-T, Sebastian Vettel was eighth, courtesy of a lap in 1.17.197. The session was red flagged after Felipe Nasr ended up in the wall at Turn 12 and then again when Jenson Button parked his car at the side of the track, with just a few minutes remaining. The team completed the programme that had been left half done yesterday because of the rain and also carried out qualifying simulations, in preparation for the session that gets underway at 1pm local time, to decide the grid order for tomorrow’s race.


Canadian Grand Prix – Montreal, 5th June 2015

Posted: 05.06.2015
Source: Ferrari

Kimi Raikkonen: “Today everything worked as we expected, we went on with our program trying as always to improve and we are quite happy with the way things worked. The weather was a bit tricky: the rain was expected in the afternoon, then we had to change a bit our program and decided certain things to be done in the morning. It’s hard to say where we are, because we did not get enough running, but it was all fine. It’s only Friday and we have to wait and see. There’s still a lot of work to be done to do well in qualifying, for sure here is easier compared to Monaco, but it will depend on many things, the weather conditions first of all. Tomorrow we’ll see where we are and then we’ll do the best over the weekend.”

Sebastian Vettel: “The rain reminded of me the race on Sunday four years ago, back then we had also massive rain for a long time, it was a bit like that today. It’s a shame that we couldn’t get out anymore, but we did the maximum to prepare for Saturday and Sunday in a very short amount of time, I think we had only just half an hour. We didn’t have so much running this morning, but everything went according to plan. This morning we had a look on a bit more fuel, trying to get an idea for the race: we didn’t know when the rain would come this afternoon, this is maybe the reason why we didn’t run so much like the others. About my race pace, I haven’t seen much of the others yet but the car felt right, now we have to see where we are. I think we can still improve. I am not entirely happy with the runs I had, but I think anybody was with the short amount of time we had today.”

RAIKKONEN – chassis 312

VETTEL – chassis 311

First Session P12 1:18.439 26 laps P5 1.17.905 25 laps

Weather: air 20/22 °C, track 22/30 °C. Sunny

Second Session P3 1:16.310 20 laps P2 1.16.304 19 laps

Weather: air 21/25 °C, track 21/30 °C. Rain


Canadian Grand Prix – All about the rain

Posted: 05.06.2015
Source: Ferrari

A storm hits second free practice

Montreal, 5 June –The action on the Montreal circuit in the second free practice session for the Canadian Grand Prix only lasted a little over 20 minutes, as a storm arrived exactly as predicted by the forecasters.
Sebastian Vettel managed 19 laps in the brief dry period, setting a time of 1.16.304, the second fastest of the session, in his SF15-T, fitted with the Supersoft compound. In the other Ferrari his team-mate Kimi Raikkonen finished right behind him in third spot with a 1.16.310, completing 20 laps running first on the softest compound before switching to a new set of Softs. 1.15.988 was the fastest time of the session, set by Lewis Hamilton in the Mercedes.


Canadian Grand Prix – It’s go in Montreal

Posted: 05.06.2015
Source: Ferrari

Sebastian fifth and Kimi twelfth in first free practice

Montreal, 5 June – Sebastian Vettel took his Ferrari to fifth fastest with a 1.17.905 and team-mate Kimi Raikkonen was twelfth in 1.18.439 at the end of the first free practice session for the Canadian Grand Prix, the seventh round of the Formula 1 World Championship. On the Montreal circuit named in memory of Gilles Villeneuve, on the Ile Notre Dame, the two Mercedes were quickest, Lewis Hamilton lapping in 1.16.212, ahead of Nico Rosberg (1.16.627.) Romain Grosjean was third for Lotus with a 1.17.721. Set-up work and long runs were on the day’s menu for the two Ferrari men, who did three runs using two sets of the Soft tyres.


Canadian Grand Prix – A good car for every section

Posted: 04.06.2015
Source: Ferrari

Montreal, 4 June – “In every race we try to improve, it’s part of our program, bringing upgrades  to make things better and do the maximum we can. For this race we have some ‘normal’ stuff, but obviously we have to wait and see how they work. Tomorrow, when we start, we’ll see where we are.Here it’s important to have a good car in every part of the track, the layout is very different from the last one or the others we’raced on so far this year, so it’s difficult to say where you are going to be. The tire compound is the same we had in Monaco but the circuit is much different so it should be fine for us, a lot will depend on the weather. We know what we are lacking, we have to improve qualifying, our aim is to improve certain areas, because this will make our life easier on Sunday. We’ll do our best to build up the weekend and we’ll see what happens.”


Canadian Grand Prix – The hunt goes on

Posted: 04.06.2015
Source: Ferrari

Montreal, 4 June: “We have some engine upgrades here, some small updates that should help us get a bit closer to our main competitors. This does not mean we come here as favourites, we just hope it’s a step in the right direction. Having said that, we’ll have to consider  the circumstances, if it’s hot or cold, if the tires work well or don’t. Between one race and the next one, for all team, there are ups and downs. Of course we always hope to have an ‘up’, but we’ll find our soon. If I have to recap my months with Ferrari so far, I would say that at the beginning it was difficult to have expectations, but the season so far has gone very well, with a number of podium finishes, and it’s nice to see that things are shaping up. But we’re here to win, so there’s still a lot of work to do”.


Set-up for Montreal

Posted: 03.06.2015
Source: Ferrari

Maranello, 3 June – “Montreal is part street circuit and part permanent track,” Scuderia Ferrari’s third driver Esteban Gutiérrez tells, when discussing the features that characterise the race in Canada. “Everyone knows how close the walls are, which means drivers have zero margin for error, but it is precisely this which makes racing there even more thrilling for the drivers. “At this track, it’s very important to work out how much aerodynamic downforce you want in the corners, because there are several chicanes that can be tackled at speed, being more aggressive than usual over the kerbs, as they are flatter here than at the majority of the tracks and so can be cut more.

However, this has to be balanced against the need for speed down the straights. The track surface is not very abrasive and it’s difficult to get the tyres up to temperature. The weather, which can be very changeable in June, also affects this aspect, as well as the car set-up. Therefore you have to work with a flexible strategy and be ready for anything. The most technical section is definitely Turns 1 and 2: especially coming out of Turn 2, where the surface is quite slippery, the cars are using plenty of power and the track is bumpy. However, this is another aspect the drivers enjoy a lot, because it highlights your ability, not just the strengths of your car.”


Montreal: speed and precision

Posted: 01.06.2015
Source: Ferrari

Maranello, 1 June –The Formula One championship now takes a quick break from the European part of the season to tackle the first North American round of the year. Kimi Raikkonen talks about some of the salient points of the Canadian track. “It’s true the Montreal circuit is famous for the fact one gets very close to the walls, but compared to Monaco or Singapore, it can be considered quite wide. There are two key requirements for getting the very most out of the car at this track and they are speed and a reliable braking system. The ideal set-up is one that allows for these two elements to be combined as well as possible. That way, the driver can feel comfortable when pushing to the limit. Montreal is notorious for being very tough from a fuel consumption point of view, but this is another area where we have made a lot of progress compared to last year, but as usual, it’s only the track that will provide the answer. There’s an especially positive vibe in Canada, with a young crowd and we have a lot of fans there. Unfortunately, we don’t get much time to visit the city that hosts this event, as our race weekends run to a hectic schedule and mainly, we just get to go from the hotel to the track.”