Circuit Autodromo Jose Carlos Pace – Interlagos
Date 15.11.2015
Laps 71
Distance 305,909 / 190,124 miles
No Driver Ferrari S/N Team Result
5 Sebastian Vettel SF15-T 313
Scuderia Ferrari 3.
7 Kimi Raikkonen SF15-T 311
Scuderia Ferrari 4.


Brazilian Grand Prix – Interlagos, 15 November 2015

Posted: 15.11.2015
Source: Ferrari

Maurizio Arrivabene: “Our pace today was good: on some laps we were close to the Mercedes, on some other stages we were matching their lap times and on some occasions we managed to be even quicker. Overall, though, they were quicker than us on more occasions. Looking at the data, we see that despite having no safety car period in this race, we were closer at the end than in most other races this year. And our cars were the only ones not to be lapped! With Seb, we switched from two to three pit stops, fitting Options on his second stint for purely strategic reasons, a three stopper would have allowed Seb to be more aggressive. He really pushed throughout the race. With Kimi, we stayed on the two stops to cover every possible situation, and this explains why he had more tire degradation than Seb. Much of the credit goes to our car and all the people who worked on it all year. Now we move on to Abu Dhabi and the last race of the season. We said we wanted to end up this year in style, and that means we’ll be trying everything we can to achieve a brilliant result!”

Kimi Raikkonen: “Not much happened in my race today: the start was kind of ok, I had some wheelspin but I managed to keep the position and I could follow Seb down the corner. We had enough speed to keep the fourth position easily, but I had hoped to have a better feeling with the car. I was struggling a bit with the Soft tires and then again with the Mediums. They were ok for a few laps, when they were still new, but afterwards I was not so happy with the handling. Still, I don’t think my race result would have been different if we had switched to a three-stop strategy, so we stuck to the two stops as planned in advance. My last stint was probably the best but obviously there was not much I could do at that point, as we were already too far away from the guys in front. We tried to make the best out of it, and fourth place is fine.”

Sebastian Vettel: “It was a good race! We were close as we had never been before, which is a massive achievement, considering that Mercedes was pushing all the way, as they had nothing to lose. For sure it is not the most exciting race when you are a little bit alone, but it is still a very nice track, enjoyable on every single lap. It’s not easy to get everything right, looking after the tires but still trying to go to the limit. Overall I’m very happy. We know Mercedes have a very strong engine and Power Unit, a very strong car, and that both drivers are doing a good job. So that made their package very difficult to beat, but if you look at our Power Unit, the Motoristi have done a miracle this year and the same goes for the car. Also, let’s not forget there was a lot of changes in the team, and that usually takes time to digest. We got into the right rythm straight away, achieving some podiums and winning already the second race of the season, and I think we improved more than anyone else. Now in the winter there is a chance to make a big step but that is also true for the other teams. Our target has to be, again, to make the bigger step compared to everyone. I am told I had more podium finishes than any other Ferrari driver at his first season with the Scuderia: so I hope I can turn all of these 13 podiums into victories next year!”


Pos. Time Gap Laps FL L
RAIKKONEN 4th 1:31:56.633 + 47.543 71 1:15.416 48
Pit-stop 1st stop Lap 12 New Medium
2nd stop Lap 46 New Medium
VETTEL 3rd 1:31:23.334 + 14.244 71 1:15.046 57
Pit-stop 1st stop Lap 13 New Medium
2nd stop Lap 32 Old Soft
3rd stop Lap 47 New Medium

Weather: air 25/27 °C, track 33/44 °C. Overcast


Brazilian Grand Prix – Vettel on the podium, Raikkonen fourth

Posted: 15.11.2015
Source: Ferrari

Seb third for thirteenth podium this season, ahead of Kimi

Sao Paulo, 15 November – At the end of a race in which the top four finished in grid order, the Ferrari duo of Sebastian Vettel and Kimi Raikkonen brought home important points for the championship. The German and the Finn ran third and fourth from lights out to chequered flag. Third place for Vettel means he has been on the podium 13 times from 18 starts this year. Raikkonen’s fourth spot is a welcome result, following on from two races that didn’t go well for him. Nico Rosberg won for Mercedes.


Brazilian Grand Prix – Interlagos, 14 November 2015

Posted: 14.11.2015
Source: Ferrari

Kimi Raikkonen: “I don’t think it’s ever going to be easy but you know, today it was not too bad. I went sideways in the last lap in turn 11 and this also affected the run into the last corner. So the end of my lap was not ideal and I lost time, but apart from that the car has been working well, so let’s see what we can do tomorrow, trying to make a good start and moving on from there. The balance of the car was ok, it has been behaving pretty well, although obviously not fast enough for beating the Mercedes. For sure we could have been a bit higher up the time chart, but I think it was not too bad. I’ll start from fourth anyway tomorrow and maybe the weather will be different from today. I heard about Paris this morning, it’s very sad. Unfortunately, in the world these odd things seem to happen.”<br/>
Sebastian Vettel: “I would have loved to be a lot closer to Mercedes, but that was our maximum today. In Q2 it looked like we could reduce the gap a bit, particularly to Lewis. I saw that Nico’s lap wasn’t clean so I expected him to pick it up in Q3. But then both of them did improve, and that was a bit too much for us, we couldn’t follow. Let’s see tomorrow, usually in the race we are a bit closer. In order to get in front of the Mercedes we need a rocket start, it is not a very long way down to turn one, and a good start always helps. Then in the race trim we are usually a bit better than in qualifying, close enough to put some pressure on them, then I think we can play around with strategy. Interlagos is a crazy place, lot of things can happen, you never know what a GP can bring. It was supposed to rain when we arrived, but then we had sunshine all day, there was rain as well but at different times. Our target for tomorrow is to give everything and it is our aim to create a miracle. The chance is there and we believe in it.”


Brazilian Grand Prix – A red second row

Posted: 14.11.2015
Source: Ferrari

Vettel third in qualifying at Interlagos, while Raikkonen will move up to fourth

Interlagos, 14 November – The Ferraris of Sebastian Vettel and Kimi Raikkonen will both start tomorrow’s Brazilian Grand Prix from the second row of the Interlagos grid. Come the end of qualifying, Seb was third with a 1.11.804 and Kimi was fifth in 1.12.144. However, with Valtteri Bottas, fourth fastest, having to take a three place grid penalty, Raikkonen moves up one place to start alongside his team-mate. Nico Rosberg took pole with a lap in 1.11.282.


Brazilian Grand Prix – The track comes to life

Posted: 14.11.2015
Source: Ferrari

Ferrari on the tail of the quickest

Interlagos, 14 November – The Ferraris were third and fourth yet again in the final free practice session at the Interlagos circuit, while the Mercedes duo switched places, compared to FP2, at the front of the field, with Lewis Hamilton fastest in 1.12.070 ahead of Nico Rosberg (1.12.193.). Sebastian Vettel took his SF15-T round in 1.12.760, while Kimi Raikkonen did a 1.13.096. Both Ferrari men worked on the usual qualifying preparation work and they had good things to say when it came to the track conditions. There’s a noticeable performance difference between the Medium and Soft compound tyres being used here in Brazil.


Brazilian Grand Prix Interlagos, 13 November 2015

Posted: 13.11.2015
Source: Ferrari

Kimi Raikkonen: “In general, the two sessions were quite confusing: a lot of things happened and I don’t think we have got a clear picture. In the morning we spent the first half an hour to do some aero testing, then we had one run followed by a small issue with the set up and I spun off. In the afternoon a lot of things kept happening, always when we went out. We had some laptimes but it was quite messy in all ways. I haven’t seen what the others did in the long run, our race pace felt ok but we’re still struggling a bit. Now we have to look at what we did today and then try to fix certain issues for tomorrow. For sure we have some work to do.”

Sebastian Vettel: “Overall it was a difficult day. We didn’t get the best timing for our run, so now we look forward to the analysis of our laps. Hopefully we can make a step forward for tomorrow and improve the car. Today everybody struggled quite a lot with the tires: they seem even more tricky than last year, but then I think it was slippery for everyone. I tried to do the best I could, but maybe I wasn’t quick enough. The car was moving around and sliding quite a lot. Hopefully tomorrow we will be in better shape.”

RAIKKONEN – chassis 311

VETTEL – chassis 313

First Session P5 1:14.549 20 laps P3 1.14.168 27 laps

Weather: air 29/30 °C, track 35/37 °C. Sunny

Second Session P4 1:13.500 43 laps P3 1:13:345  41 laps

Weather: air 28/29 °C, track 33 °C. Overcast


Brazilian Grand Prix – On the “second row”

Posted: 13.11.2015
Source: Ferrari

Seb and Kimi round out the lead quartet in FP2

Interlagos, 13 November –Sebastian Vettel was third fastest, in 1.13.345 and Kimi Raikkonen was fourth with a lap in 1.13.500, in the second free practice session for the Brazilian Grand Prix. Quickest was Nico Rosberg who posted a 1.12.385 in the Mercedes, ahead of team-mate Lewis Hamilton (1.12.843.)

The Ferrari men shared a workload based around set-up work and a comparison of the two tyre compounds, ending with long run testing. Once again, the data gathered was compromised by tyre graining caused by the track conditions. Bad weather had been predicted, although rain fell at Interlagos only at the start and end of the session, so that some parts of the track were wet, but it had no effect on the work plan.


Brazilian Grand Prix – 2016 comes early

Posted: 13.11.2015
Source: Ferrari

Seb third and Kimi fifth in first free practice

Interlagos, 13 November –The penultimate race weekend of the season got underway at Interlagos this morning with the first free practice session. On a Paulista track which still needs rubbering in to provide better grip, Sebastian Vettel was third fastest for Ferrari in 1.14.168, behind the Mercedes duo of Lewis Hamilton (1.13.543) and Nico Rosberg (1.14.062.)
The German worked on race preparation, trying different mechanical set-ups to adapt the car as well as possible to the track, while team-mate Kimi Raikkonen, fifth in 1.14.549, did some aero testing, using flow measurement tools, to gather data that can also prove useful for next season.


Brazilian Grand Prix – Hope to finish the season well

Posted: 12.11.2015
Source: Ferrari

Kimi thinks positive ahead of Brazilian GP

“This is the track where I won my World Championship title in 2007 but I don’t think it would be fair to measure our performance here in reference to the past. In comparison to last year, there have been so many tracks where we have proved to be much better. In the past season we lacked the speed, this year we have it: it’s only a question of tidying everything up. I’ve made some mistakes myself, and on other occasions, I’ve had some issues with the car, but what’s important now is that all changes made for this year were in the right direction. I hope to finish the season well, and it was nice to enjoy the support of our tifosi last weekend at Mugello”.


Brazilian Grand Prix – The chance is there

Posted: 12.11.2015
Source: Ferrari

Seb determined to maximum attack on a “difficult” circuit

It’s nice to come to Brazil after the last weekend at Mugello. That was a great event for all of us, for the whole team, thanks to the fan, that have been supporting us for the whole year. It was a unique day. I still want to get the second place in the championship rather than third, we have two races to go and the target is to do well, maximum attack. I would like to win both races but we know it’s difficult because we know we are not the favorites and the only way to do that is to beat the Mercedes. The Mexican result didn’t help for sure, but the chance is there, so we have to keep pushing. We have to do our job and look after ourselves, not to stress too much about what the others are doing or not doing. I think we have a great car, this year we proved that the car works on all kind of tracks. I also think it will be a difficult weekend here, Brazil is always a bit special, because the weather can be anything and change very quickly: so we have to be sharp and focused. I like the circuit, it’s a nice place in general, there’s not a particular corner that I like the most, overall is the rhythm you get that makes me happy at last, once you cross the line you want to go again. It’s a great place to race, there’s always a big crowd coming here, a great passion for racing so it’s great to race in front of them. Usually there are a lot of Ferrari fans, in the past they were against me, this year I think it’s the other way round… so I’m looking forward to it.


Brazilian Grand Prix – A special experience

Posted: 11.11.2015
Source: Ferrari

Gutierrez: “The weather is the biggest challenge”

Maranello, 11 November – “Without a doubt, the biggest challenge in Brazil will be the weather,” is the opening remark from Esteban Gutiérrez as he describes the Interlagos track to “The Brazilian track has plenty of history and tradition and all the drivers are happy to race there. The teams might be a bit less pleased about it, because the paddock is rather cramped, but this year there’s been some rebuilding work so there should be nothing to complain about. Both technically and in terms of the atmosphere, this track has a special feeling all of its own, down to the fact Brazil is a great country with wonderful people. The shape of the track is quite special, different to all the others: you need a good level of aerodynamic downforce, while it’s not demanding on the brakes. My favourite part is the one that includes the Ferradura corner, because you come to it at high speed and then there’s immediately a climb. It’s not that easy to overtake here, but the Brazilian race always has a few surprises in store.”


Brazilian GP – Penultimate round of the championship

Posted: 10.11.2015
Source: Ferrari

Kimi: “Fun to drive”

Maranello, 10 November –Formula One flies off to South America for the penultimate round of the championship, at Brazil’s Interlagos circuit. The Sao Paulo track is an unusual one, the shortest on the calendar after Monaco and Mexico, but that doesn’t mean it’s any less enthralling in the eyes of the drivers. Speaking after joining the rest of Scuderia Ferrari at last weekend’s Finali Mondiali event in Mugello, Kimi Raikkonen has special memories of Brazil, as it was there that he secured his world championship title back in 2007.

“What I remember most about that weekend is the determination with which the team set about securing the goal it had set itself going into the event, namely winning the championship,” he told “I like this track, even though it’s very short, because if you tackle it properly, it’s great fun to drive. Last year, the track was resurfaced and the grip level was high, something drivers always like as it means you can be more aggressive. The fact it’s a short track doesn’t mean it’s easy to set up the car. There are many factors to take into consideration, not least of which is the weather.”