General data  
Year/s of production 2010
VIN 167108
Number produced 1
Design Scuderia Cameron Glickenhaus
Manufactured by Scuderia Cameron Glickenhaus
Technical specifications
Chassis Aluminium space frame with high strength steel roll bar – original chassis from 430 Scuderia
Length 4676 mm
Width (at front wing) 1994 mm
Width (at rear wing) 1996 mm
Height 1100 mm
Wheelbase 2600 mm
Front ground height 80 mm
Front ground height 102 mm
Front suspension Front and rear systems with overlapping quadrilaterals. Assembled by means of single-nut hubs, front and rear stock absorbers, compression and extension adjustable
Rear suspension Independent wheel suspension, articulated double wishbones with antidive-antisquat geometries, push-rod system with opposed dampers, continous damper control, anti-roll bar
Front track 1669 mm (1490 mm)
Rear track 1640 mm (1480 mm)
Front tyres 12“ x 18 “, O.Z. light alloy wheels Tyres: 325/650 R 18 Pirelli P Zero
Rear tyres 12,5“ x 18 “, O.Z. light alloy wheels Tyres: 325/05 R 18 Pirelli P Zero
Front brakes Brembo steel brake discs, 380 x 35 mm, 6-pod callipers
Rear brakes Brembo steel brake discs, 330 x 35 mm, 4-pod callipers
Weight 1230 kg
Body material Carbon fibre
Body type Racing Coupe
Type Mid-engine – longitudinal installed – based on F 430 GTC – F 136 GT
Number of cylinders V8– 90 °
Displacement 3996 ccm
Bore and stroke
Camshaft 2 overhead per cylinder bank with contiuos variable timing on both inlet and exhaust cams
Valves 4 per cylinder
Compression ratio
Lubrication Dry sump lubrication
Maximum power 450 hp/ 330, kW
Maximum torque 600 Nm
Fuel management
Weight distribution 40% front, 60% rear
Gearbox Hewland sequential gearbox with 6 speeds + reverse, mechanical self-locking differential, cooling by means of air-oil exchanger


The P4/5 Competizione is built on a Ferrari 430 Scuderia, under the supervision of a management team led by Paolo Garella. The car has been manufactured by a pool of three Torino companies: LM Gianetti, N Technology and Pro.To. On the 25th-26th of June 2011 P4/5 Competizione will race in the Nürburgring 24 Hours.


The P4/5 Competizione reflects Jim Glickenhaus’ passion for cars. In 2005, the American investment professional and car collector asked Andrea Pininfarina to build a one-off sports car with a retro design to pay homage to great endurance cars of the past, particularly to Ferrari “P” series. This was a fascinating challenge entrusted to engineer Paolo Garella (responsible for special projects at Pininfarina and now independent consultant). Ferrari P4/5 by Pininfarina thus came to fruition. Following the presentation of the new car, Glickenhaus proposed Garella to produce a second prototype intended for races. In 2011 the P4/5 Competizione arrived on the scene. Under Paolo Garella’s supervision, the new race car was designed and manufactured by two important names in the racing world, LM Gianetti and N’Technology who created a venture named Pro.To. Under the technical direction of Andrea Adamo, the car was developed from a Ferrari 430 Scuderia and a Ferrari 430 GT2. P4/5 Competizione team is getting ready to participate in the Nürburgring 24 Hours, showing a vintage automotive spirit which combines passion and competence, craftsmanship and industrial culture. A spirit which returns authenticity to motor racing, focusing the attention both on the sports challenge itself, but also on sharing, through social networks, this unique experience with fans from all over the world. The P4/5 Competizione represents a return to the roots of motor racing, when races were not affected by business.