1000 Good Deeds for 1000 Orphans by Ferrari Owners Club Indonesia

Posted: 11.06.2017 / Source: Ferrari

Jakarta, June 11th, 2017 – It’s a beautiful Sunday especially for the orphanage located in Priok, North Jakarta. More than 20 Ferrari owners visited their home, bringing gifts, money and food.

The Prancing Horse convoy started from the Ferrari Jakarta showroom, cruising through the highway to the northest side of Jakarta. There were 1000 orphans ready to welcome them. Since it’s Ramadhan season, a holy month for moslems, the community also hosted break fasting with the children and the local citizens there.

“ Our organization’s foundation is based on friendship as we share the same passion and dream for Ferrari. One of our Club’s mission is to transmit this passion by giving back to society.  By donating to these orphans, we hope to do our small part in bringing some joy to the lives of these children.  We would like to give them hope and a better future. What we did today is a part of our commitment to humanity. “ said Hanan Supangkat, The President of Ferrari Owners Club Indonesia.

Arie Christopher, CEO of Ferrari Jakarta added, “Helping these children is an excellent way to uphold the Club’s commitment to the values of compassion and generosity.  Ferrari Owners Club Indonesia strives to be the role model to society and we at Ferrari Jakarta are proud to support them.”