General data  
Grand Prix season/s 1974
Racing drivers Niki Lauda, Clay Regazzoni
Race numbers Niki Lauda: 12 Clay Ragazzoni: 11
VIN span 0014 – 0016
Number produced 3
Technical Specifications  
Chassis Steel monocoque with riveted aluminium sheets
Length 4335 mm
Width 2056 mm
Height 900 mm
Wheelbase 2500 mm
Front track 1625 mm
Rear track 1605 mm
Front suspension Independent wheel suspension, delta wishbones at the bottom, wishbone at the top, shock absorber unit, anti-roll bar
Rear suspension Independent wheel suspension, delta wishbones at the bottom, one wishbone at the top, traverse member for shock absorber unit, double trailing links per side, anti-roll bar, shock absorber unit
Front tyres 13“, 9.20 x 20.0 x 13“
Rear tyres 13“, 14.0 x 26.0 x 13“
Tyres Goodyear slicks
Wheels Campagnolo alloy rims – 5 spokes design and central locking
Front brakes Lockheed ventilated disc brakes
Rear brakes Lockheed ventilated disc brakes, mounted on differential
Weight Approx. 578 kg, including oil and water
Fuel tank 2 fuel tanks seitlich montiert, with Approx. 230 litres total tankage
Body material Fiberglas
Type 001/12 – mid-Engine
Number of cylinders V12 – 180°
Displacement 2991 ccm
Bore and stroke 80 x 49,6 mm
Camshaft 2 overhead per cylinderbank
Valves 4 per cylinder
Valve control Valve springs
Compression ratio 11,5:1
Lubrication Dry sump
Ignition Magneti Marelli electronic ignition, type AEC 104
Fuel management Lucas indirect injection
Maximum power 485 hp – 12.500 rpm
Gearbox 5 gears + rev., longitudinal installed at the end of the engine
Clutch Borg & Beck multi disc clutch
Engine weight Approx. 170 kg
Team manager Luca di Montezemolo
Design engineer/s Mauro Forghieri, G. Bussi
Engine Mauro Forghieri, Franco Rocchi
S/N 0014, 0015, 0016
Good to know:

  • Fix race numbers were assigned to the drivers
  • 4th version of the 312 B3
  • 2nd place Constructors World Championship 1974 with 65 points
  • 2nd place Drivers World Championship 1974 by Clay Regazzoni with 52 points
  • 4th place Drivers World Championship 1974 by Niki Lauda with 52 points
  • 2 Grand Prix victories by Niki Lauda
  • 1 Grand Prix victory by Clay Regazzoni